10 Best Cool Backgrounds And Wallpapers Apps For Android Phones and Tablets. (Free Extra Bonus Apps)


Are you getting bored with your old wall paper and background in your Android devices?

In fact, if you desired to look for even free great wallpapers and backgrounds for your Android device isn’t that much difficult.

To simplify your work, you don’t actually go search around from website to another, just get the Android Apps ready to help you find the latest and most awesome wallpaper, backgrounds and more live wallpapers that can be easy found with having you to do the difficult job searching around.

However if you desired to do download free wallpapers and backgrounds without apps, perhaps you can easily use the simple Google image search methods that can also show you tones of unique wallpapers to download directly into your gallery. Thus looking for higher resolution of wallpaper can be quite frustrating using phone’s chrome. Usually it is much common to use you PC to download a higher resolution of wallpaper and transfer to you phone. However getting the latest apps below will keep your life very much simpler and no hassle anymore.

If you are figuring out which apps are the best that provide you with free wallpaper and background, we have at first help you to find the apps work best for you and provide the actual kind of stuff you want to see.

So, let’s get looking into the best free backgrounds and wallpaper apps for your Android devices!

1.   Abstruct


Price: Free / $1.99

Abstruct app was known to be the latest wallpaper apps upon the list here. Despite that, the designer, Hampus Olsson, says he design all of the awesome wallpapers on the premium phones, OnePlus phones. Don’t worry, all Android Phones can run this apps with no issue. This app in fact supplies you with tones of variety abstract wallpapers ranging in variety choices of colors for your taste. If you are looking for 4K resolution background, this app easily back you up with 300 4K resolution backgrounds. This app was expected to skyrocket in amount of Android users, thus generating latest wallpaper for your Android devices. You should easily transform your phone into a premium looking smartphone by using this premium wallpapers designed by OnePlus designer. You should also able to unlock more premium stuff, which only level up to premium version with $1.99 which is totally optional.

Get you famous wallpaper here

2. Reddit


Price: Free / $2.99 per month / $29.99 per year

Reddit apps bring in tones of awesome looking wallpaper. You should be able to discover from subreddits with numerous wallpaper options in multiple resolutions. Featuring with quick search yet easier search results also variety of Reddit users shared the images on Imgur (Internet Image Sharing Website) turning it another apps for wallpapers collection as well even though requiring more advance search. What’s more took for granted, thanks to the Reddit free accounts providing you with various impressive wallpapers. The most recommended page for wallpaper should you visit these link r/ultrahdwallpapers, r/wallpapers+wallpapers, r/wallpaper, and r/WQHD_Wallpaper to enjoy tons of free gorgeous wallpaper.  If you wish to add-on more premium features, try getting the Reddit Gold. If you are using punch hole type phones such as Samsung, this apps does brings you great option especially for the devices.

Click here for Reddit ultra hd-wallpaper download

3. Resplash


Price: Free / Up to $10.99

Resplash also known as another latest gorgeous wallpaper app for Android devices. The impressive storage of full with photography wallpapers that are known to be quite unlimited, all thanks to the over 100,000 wallpapers with the latest wallpapers updated daily. Thanks to the simplicity of this app, huge list of photographs are high resolution suitable for any phone screen size. There are great feature for light customization, which the trendy dark mode also available with cool numerous layout choices. Pouring you with positive experiences once you used with this app as you will not missed the latest photography expert’s productions.

Get your best wallpaper here

4. ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones


Price: Free

Customize your phone with a free HD wallpaper, live wallpaper, alarm sound or ringtone with ease. ZEDGE provides you with free millions of backgrounds, live wallpapers, stickers, ringtones, alarm sounds & notification sounds for your Android phone. Search for Anything – It’s on ZEDGE™

You should no need look for more wallpaper apps, since this comprise of endless selection of free backgrounds supporting the most phone screen sizes from full HD wallpaper to 4K wallpaper right with a touch.

Live Wallpapers in fact able to turn you phone with animated wallpaper using cool video effects as background on your home screen.

Thanks to the very customizable Stickers features, should you don’t like to be the same as other; you are able to create your own personal background by adding stickers to you preferred wallpaper.

Easily download this cool wallpaper here

5. Tapet


Price: Free / Up to $19.99

Tapet to my experience seems to be quite unique wallpaper apps. Although you have not able to choose straight the wallpaper, but you are able to select the design and colors. Then the apps will make the wallpaper from your choices. This could turn out unique wallpaper that suits you only personalized taste instead browsing tones of wallpapers. This app also automatically measure your device’s screen resolution find tune the quality settings and makes you wallpaper selection very easy with not much work required to search around the world web. To top up that, this app gets the job done impressively in wallpaper selection for your phones.

Easily download this wallpaper here

6. Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds by WallpapersCraft | WallCraft


Price: Free

Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds, only scan and display you the wallpapers that suits for your screen size with high quality and various resolutions att the right size for the resolution of your screen.

You are getting thousands of new wallpapers every day thus the wallpaper also served to help you save battery power.

To follow the latest trends in the world, you are getting the latest background pictures here with beautiful places in the world, cities, countries and tones of beautiful wallpapers for any mood and craving.

Set the wallpaper on your phone or tablet screen on android very easily with this app. Even your lock screen able to set with beautiful pictures for helps you to survive the difficulties of life. Photo wallpaper on your phone and tablet keeps your life refresh and stays updated with latest trend.

Here is where you download this wallpaper

7. “Wallpapers” by Google

wallpapergoogle thumb

Price: Free

Wallpapers app by Google supplied your display with beautiful wallpapers and new features. Thanks to the features in this app comprises of separate lock screen and home screen wallpapers, you can also auto-set feature for new wallpapers every day fresh, and you can choose you own photos, even images from the Google Earth collection, even the landscape from Google+, and tones to discover. You get the chance to change your wallpaper easily as often as you prefer, to keeps you phone updated with your personality.

Download this free wallpaper here

8. Walli – 4K, HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds


Price: Free with in-app purchases

Walli was found and reviewed as the excellent wallpaper android app. You are getting tones of unique arts typically from diversity of independent artists. You definitely will discover unfinish kinds of stuff in this gallery, bringing you the most popular stuff includes term backgrounds, abstract stuff, fantasy themes, and individuals. You will also not miss out the simple layout, easy browsing with organized categories, and many more. Many famous artists were found here to able to promote their wares. Thus you should search a lot of really unique arts of wallpaper here that you simply will able to find in other places.

For many reason we have to check our phone more than 100 times a day, being the first thing we see is our wallpaper, so that can be really influential our mood. Thus the great way is to express our unique personality by choosing you preferred wallpaper.

Get yourself this free wallpaper here

9. WalP – Stock HD Wallpapers


Price: Free (with ads)

WalP is known to be a very enjoyable wallpaper app. You could be able to find out tones of stock wallpapers from a various types of OEMs. Mostly comes from premium collections of brands like Samsung, Sony, stock Android, Oppo, and more brands. To get your wallpaper change, you just have to surf through this app with wallpaper of your preferred types. The app brings in with cool features such as a light and dark theme for your viewing favourites, also equipped with blur filter, saturation filter, push notifications for latest gorgeous wallpapers, and an automatically change if you desire you wallpaper to freshen up every day. That is what makes most phone owners looking like owning a brand new phone every day thanks to these features.

Download this cool wallpaper here

10. Walpy – Wallpapers


Price: Free / $1.99

Walpy is another new yet cool wallpaper app to be chosen on this list. Thanks to its huge album of excellent wallpapers that is high in resolution which also allows you to change the wallpaper at numerous points in the day. There are no timers rely on, instead it instantly freshen up you wallpaper with new one while your phone is charging or on WiFi. You are getting most photography packing up with a neat solution with sufficient amount of awesome wallpaper selections.

Download this wallpaper here

11. Bonus: Unique Wallpaper – Wall X


Price: Free

How unique is this app? This Unique wallpaper – Wall X literally packs with excess of beautiful 4k & HD wallpapers. You are getting free source of wide-ranging collection of HD and 4K wallpapers.

Just take few taps in order to get high-resolution HD & 4k wallpapers of based on your favourite genre that will make you fall in love with wallpapers.

This app will display only suits the size of your screen Wallpapers helping your battery power and image quality losing. With all the hard work of high quality and various collections of 4k & HD wallpapers solely made by artists, for your Android phone and tablet that will never been so good-looking after using this Wall X app.

Download this wallpaper here.

12. Bonus: Cute Wallpapers Kawaii


Price: Free

Are you getting boring with the identical backgrounds that everyone is having? Everything tense to gets too serious, probably you should calm your mind down with this cute looking wallpaper offered freely on this app. For those who wish to add some cuteness and kawaii-ness to their life, get this app now.

You are getting huge list of Kawaii Wallpapers in Full HD quality ranging from young, old, kids, grownups, boys and girls. Themes also come in dozens of categories either pink, unicorn, cats, cute face, blushing cheeks, abstract wallpapers and more.

Once you found your favourite wallpaper, just save it to the gallery. To avoid losing image quality, this app helps you to choose only FullHD quality run with no issue in various phones such as Samsung galaxy and note phones, Xiaomi, Huawei or more.

You don’t actually have to connect to the internet all the time since all this cute wallpapers are stored in app memory that are very small in size for your phones.

Download this wallpaper here

13. Bonus: Kawaii Wallpapers | Cute Backgrounds


Price: Free

Are you a fans of Kawaii Wallpapers?

Get this apps because it comprise with a dozen HD cute kawaii wallpapers for you to select and suit your personality and even your style or mood determining whom you are with such as with genre of kawaii unicorn, cutie pie or even kawaii anime wallpaper to impress your besties. There are ways more albums of cute wallpapers for you dig around without getting bored.

The kawaii wallpapers ideas are available ranging food, watermelon, pets, anime, emoji, unicorn, ice cream flower, dress up, cute keychains, otaku, and cuter kawaii wallpapers. Not to miss out this kawaii japanese wallpaper app since this kawaii trend was started in Japan has spark varieties of populations and countries.

Download this wallpaper here.

After we have compiled the top 10 list of best wallpapers for android phones, there are in fact still tones of great upcoming wallpaper android apps which we have not yet uncovered. To top up that, we hope to get your suggest below by telling us about the favourite wallpaper apps you have been using at the comment section below. Thanks for paying attention and love to this awesome Android apps.

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