15 Best Battle Royale Game for Mobile (Android and iOS) in 2022.

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Mobile Battle Royale games have the most intense gameplay from first person shooting games to survival mode games and more.

Get ready your finger tips for the intensive Battle Royale mode games we are about to review and the best compiled one for you to join and chicken dinner is your day.

15. Disorder

Futuristic locations introduced from Ruins, Radar Stations, and Missile Silos have been built for war themed battles for any armed faction. There are unique characters composed of Scout, maneuver, defense, support and enhance classes. You get to enjoy the flexibility of upgrade in battle for both the weapon and ability to fit in the varying battlefield. Available modes vary from ULF (team match), Base Battle, Multi-Base Battle are 3 core game modes and more come seasonal modes and ranking system.

Game Genre: Battle Royale Shooter game.

Game Mode: Olympian ULF (team match), Single Base Battle, Multi-Base Battle, Human-Robot Combat and Seasonal modes.

Game Feature: Unique character classes, cool ground slide action, faction to join, flexible upgrades, seasonal ranking system and more.

Game Developer: NetEase Games

Platform: Android and iOS

Rating: 3.8 / 5

14. Knives Out

Survive true the intense gunshots, and footsteps nearby with crisis are everywhere, team up with five players in a group versus a hundred players in a battle till the end. Collide with enemies’ vehicles with various vehicles available around the map to survive the map shrinkage. Win your battle royale crown in any kind of way you like such as sniper battle, team fight ambush, and constantly seasonal updates that suit you best. Being packaged with impressive seasonal Japanese Anime modes, more exciting battle royale matches were to expect ranging from Attack of Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more.

Game Genre: Battle Royale Shooter game.

Game Mode: Team-based multiplayer battle royale, Team vs Team Battle Royale.

Game Feature: Extraordinary variation of insane skins, huge maps and weapons.

Game Developer: NetEase Games

Platform: Android and iOS.

Rating: 3.8 / 5

13. PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State is being enhanced with solid and insane futuristic maps, terrain, features etc to expand every possibility of winning this  battle royale game. You can even now revive your dead teammate or revive your enemy as your teammate. Forward rolling and shield deploying keeps you surviving longer in this game and chicken dinner is your moment now.

Survival last-circle with deathmatch of 7 round, 20 minutes of intensive battle royale, customizable guns to fit your unique style, dodging or rolling, shield deploy, drone calling or support request, futuristic experience in the maps, next generation of PUBG extreme graphics, and new era of PUBG mobile experience.

Game Genre: Battle Royale Shooter game.

Game Mode: Training Ground, Solo or Team Battle Royale (Original and Extreme) , 4×4 Team Deathmatch (Round and Team).

Game Feature:

Game Developer: KRAFTON, Inc.

Platform: Android and iOS.

Rating: 3.9 / 5

12. Apex Legend Mobile

Fast pace game per match leads the game to a much intensive battle royale experience. Port from PC to Mobile gameplay, cause the mobile gaming experience of battle royale shooter to the next level. You should squad up & fight now to survive till the end in this exotic gameplay weaponry & abilities with unique exclusive characters that fits your playstyle.

 Game Genre: Battle Royale Shooter game.

Game Mode: Team-based multiplayer hero shooter, Team Deathmatch, Solo, 2v2, 3v3, Arenas, Rank Battle Royale, Mini Battle Royale.

Game Feature: Play as various characters or Legend with unique set of abilities, and 20+ over weaponry.

Game Developer: Electronic Arts (EA)

Platform: Only Cross-playable between IOS and Android, but not with PC or Console.

Rating: 4.0 / 5

11. Garena Free Fire: Heroes Arise

Garena Free Fire Heroes Arise is the ultimate battle royale survival shooter mobile game with 10 minutes per game on a remote island competing with other 49 survival players. Free fire starts from parachute and survival shooting experience till the end of the game. With that, explore the huge map, drive varying vehicles, wide hiding, ambush, survive, snipe, and the only goal is to survive till the end of the game for victory.

 Game Genre: Battle Royale Shooter game.

Game Mode: Class Squad, Creative Mode, Rush Hour, Lone Wolf, Ranked or Battle Royale Match modes.

Game Feature: Free Fire is Battle In Style where you game in as Survival shooter , 10 minutes with 50 players in an epic survival map, fast and lite game match, 4-man squad team up, Clash Squad PvP 4v4 and Realistic and smooth graphics that promises the best survival battle royale experience.


Platform: Android and iOS.

Rating: 4.0 / 5

10. Creative Destruction

You probably have played with the Fortnite game, which this Creative Destruction is similar to and is a sandbox survival game that features building and destruction through your epic creativity. You can play solo, team, or deathmatch battle royale to survive for chicken dinner in 100 players.

 Game Genre: Sandbox Survival game, Battle Royale Online Shooter, First Person Shooting (FPS) game.

Game Mode: Play Solo, Team, or Deathmatch Battle Royale Modes.

Game Feature: Sandbox feature for building based on your creativity to survive the epic battle royale shooting game match, varying gameplay modes with weather and time level of fun, creative weapons, snowstorms race to the point, and unleash your inner beast to win.

Game Developer: NetEase Games

Platform: Cross-play between Android , iOS, Microsoft Windows

Rating: 4.1 / 5

9. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is a great movement mechanism and futuristic type of PUBG. Cyber Hunter is the new cyber next-generation packs with elements of competitive sandbox mobile games. The most interesting parkour moves and air glide is what you seldom see in the other battle royale games. You can climb trees or buildings with the jump button while parkour or rolling forward with a single roll button. You could deploy a droid to block any shootings like a shield especially during intensive firefights so that you can drop a health recharge station to heal.

 Game Genre: Battle royale game, Action game, Free-to-play, Massively Multiplayer.

Game Mode: Solo or Team-based multiplayer hero shooter, Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale, 5vs5 battle, and seasonal modes.

Game Feature: Air glide, diving into deep sea, building or tree climbing or hopping, forward rolling, drop droid as a big shield, distinct heroes to create, special skills and tactics, and more.

Game Developer: NetEase Games

Platform: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows.

Rating: 4.1 / 5

8. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER packaged the battle royale game in a much amazing unique way than all usual boring battle royale games. In this game, you get to enjoy choosing to play as a warrior, sorcerer, monk,  or ninja class with the option to choose a gun, sword or magic ways to fight against your competitor.

During the battle royale battlefield to gain experience by fighting monsters to power up your skills and raise max HP and upgrade to amazing equipment.

You can fight with various combinations of melee, magic and firearms. The character you choose comes with different strengths and skills whereby utilize combination of Melee, Magic, and Firearms with various styles of unique character skills in iconic locations from FFVII.

 Game Genre: Battle Royale Shooter, First Person Shooting (FPS) game.

Game Mode: Solo or Team standard match, Solo or Team ranked match.

Game Feature: Extraordinary graphics, various fights type and characters with unique fighting combat and skills with powerful classes to choose, fight monsters to power up skill, etc.

Game Developer: Ateam, Square Enix

Platform: Android and iOS.

Rating: 4.2 / 5

7. Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena

Limitless development from best graphic battle royale comes with solid and complex content is a fulfillable battle royale game. You shall see a familiar look of Modern Warfare or Balck Ops. Thus, sit back and enjoy the iconic first person shooter battle royale game all from the tips of your fingers, so get ready for more action by joining the latest seasonal battle pass and rewards now for chicken dinner.

Game Mode: Team-based multiplayer hero shooter, Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale, Optimization of Battle Royale and Multiplayer.

Game Feature: Seasonal new game mode, various maps and weapons, updated with new customizable weapon’s look and character attire.

Game Developer: Garena Mobile Private

Platform: Android and iOS.

Rating: 4.2 / 5

6. Rule of Survival

Have you ever played the battle royale game with 300 players in a single map? Yes with 300 players, you can play in this amazing game called Rules of Survival is a multiplayer online battle royale game. The main objective of this game is to stay alive until the last for chicken dinner with available features to play solo (without teammates), duo (2 players in a team), Squad (4 players), or a Fireteam (5 players).

There are two great playable maps which are Ghillie Island with playable players up to 120, and Fearless Fiord map with players up to 300. Featured with gold mode to collect gold and diamond mode to collect diamond for in game items purchasing.

Enjoy this Rules of Survival battle royale game with cross platform ability especially for operating systems of PC Windows and MAC OS, while also made available to crossplay with mobile Android and iOS.

 Game Genre: free-to-play, multiplayer online battle royale game cross platform ability.

Game Mode: Solo, Duo, Squad (four players), or a Fireteam (five players) up to 120 survivor’s battle or one man standing of 300 massive unarmed players, Pick and Use Mode, Fast and Furious mode.

Game Feature: Team battle royale of 5 players in a single map mode or Fireteam is an impressive and seldom seen type of team setup in other battle royale games.

Platform: Android, iOS, PC Windows, Mac OS.

Rating:  4.2 / 5

5. Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite is a great battle royale game cross playable with all platform online multiplayer PvP game up to 100 players. You can play alone or team up in duo, trio squad or more to win the game to the top. Similar to other battle royale games, you got to attack and eliminate other players to win the game by scavenging for weapons, items, resources and vehicles to travels the map as it shrinks down for players to encounter.

Fortnite Creative is a sandbox game mode which is similar to Roblox or Minecraft. This game is given an indefinite amount of freedom to spawn everything within the game on an island, or even to create games such as battle arena, racing course, platform challenges and much more based on your creativity on all platforms.

Fortnite does come with PvE cooperative 4 players survival gameplay towards the common objective on various missions. This game was cross playable with Windows, Mac OS, PS4, and on XBOX One only. The mission stages up by collecting resources, saving survivors, defending equipment and collecting data on the fluke storms or pushing back the storm from zombie- like attack.

Game Genre: Battle royale game, Survival game, Third-person shooter, Sandbox, Action role-playing game, Nonlinear gameplay.

Game Mode: Different Battle Royale Modes that includes Solo, Duos, Trios, Squads, Arenas (Solo/Duos/Trios) mode, and Party Royale and much more.

Game Feature: Multiplayer video game, Single-player video game, Online Crossplay Multiplayer Battle Royale game.

Platform: Xbox, PS4, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and PC Windows.

Rating:  4.3 / 5

4. PUBG Mobile

Good old classic PUBG mobile game with good battle royale and solid control and content updated ongoingly. In PUBG Mobile, you get to experience new anniversary game mode and upgraded classic mode maps and gameplay with epic battle royal rank, fast and extreme 10 minute matches, tons of maps and battles, smooth control for mobile phones and enjoy PUBG anywhere anytime.

 Game Genre: Battle Royale Shooter, First Person Shooting (FPS) game.

Game Mode: Battle Royale Solo or Team Classic Mode, Payload, fast-paced 4v4 Arena battles, and Infection Mode.

Game Feature: 100 players battle royale match in 10 minutes, huge maps, smooth mobile control, other seasonal modes available to enjoy PUBG any time anywhere.

Game Developer: Level Infinite

Platform: Android and iOS.

Rating: 4.3 / 5

3. Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is the best battle royale game with impressive vehicular warfare and more impressive stuffs combination of battle royale. Free-to-play shooter games with unique character skills and various modes available make this game more impressive than the classic battle royale game.

 Game Genre: Online Battle Royale Shooter, First Person Shooting (FPS) game.

Game Mode: Team Battle Royale and Hunt Mode.

Game Feature: Spectacular Super Vehicles or Robotic, Funky Capsulers, Big Four Weapon Manufacturers, Build Your Owned Home, Air Battle Royale with Jetpacks, Various Game Modes, Ranked Game, and Survival is everything you need to win.

Game Developer: FARLIGHT

Platform: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows.

Rating: 4.4 / 5

2. Modern Combat 5: mobile FPS

Modern Combat 5 is a mobile first person shooting game where you can choose from more than 10 classes to play with. This game has packed with familiar classic first person shooter games and also the battle royale mode which is preferred by many mobile game lovers. You could play battle royale mode with instant drop off at specific chooseable location without any parachute and the gameplay was built with great graphics, more than 10 unique classes, high-powered guns for intense shooting, and intense online multiplayer action matches.

 Game Genre: First Person Shooting (FPS) game and Battle Royale Shooter.

Game Mode: Free for all Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Push the Payload, Thrilling single player campaign, Ranked PvP pub stomps available for pro level.

Game Feature: Customize and level up with more than 10 unique classes for top notch shooting matches consisting of modern combat style such as, Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter mode, Sapper mode, Kommander type, Marauder mode, Morph, or Tracker level.

Game Developer: Gameloft SE

Platform: Android and iOS.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

1. Combat Master Mobile FPS

This is a fast-paced action-packed battle royale combat master game mode, basically the best-in-class quality multiplayer gunfight and innovation that you are looking for. Best multiplayer experience with no auto-fire, no aim-snap, no loot boxes, ads free, no money pulling mechanics, and no everyday update download like others. You get to enjoy impressive movement such as parkour jump, slides, climbs, knives throwing, and high grade animation.

Fast paced loading game is not just the end, you would love this AAA grade of network optimized for traffic usage and low ping for smooth gaming match all the time.

 Game Genre: Battle Royale Shooter, First Person Shooting (FPS) game.

Game Mode: Quick Play, Custom Game, Speed Hunt, and Join Tournament.

Game Feature: Fastest FPS on Mobile, exceptional AAA graphics performance,  fast loading time, optimized for low-end and top-tier devices and will not cause device heating and best battery life optimizations.

Game Developer: Alfa Bravo Inc.

Platform: Android and iOS.

Rating: 4.7 / 5


To really rank the best Battle Royale that I personnel played and amazed with is Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier and Cyber Hunter. The reason for choosing Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is because its wide map and insane unique character classes with powerful skills to choose from and the monster around the map to slash for looting items was intense and fun. Whereas for Cyber Hunter, the reason is obviously its amazing parkour movements capable of dodging gun fights easily and the crossplay between mobile and PC were sharing more fun with different platforms. Although it’s more challenging playing between different platforms especially more advantages with PC, the game was in fact more fun anywhere even with any kind of platform you can enjoy this game.


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