15 Ways To Fix Samsung Phone Battery Draining Fast

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There are various problems that could caused your Samsung phone’s battery to drain faster than usual. Perhaps you would not want to change to new phone due to the difficulty of transition from old to new phone. To help you solve most of your Samsung phone’s battery draining issue, you should go through the methods of battery draining fixes below and get them fixed at the best options available without having to change a new phone everytime you faced this kind of battery draining problems.

Samsung Battery Draining Overnight While Not in Use

If your Samsung phone’s battery is remaining at 60%, then after overnight for 8 hours and discovered the battery life is now only remaining at 15% which is a drastic drop overnight. You should then try again by Turn ON “Airplane Mode” that can determine whether your phone’s battery life still drops drastically or not. If your battery did not drop after turning ON Airplane mode, then the issue should be caused by the mobile network signal searching for the best signal quality that caused the battery life to drop drastically overnight.

Therefore to fix this battery draining issue overnight, you should go to the Settings > Connection >mobile network > network operator > Select OFF > then choose the right network that your SIM card is with.

If you are not sure which network operator you should choose, then just search online about your SIM card network operator is which one and sometimes it is a new network operator which could be a subsidiary of a big network operator company which is why you did not see the new network operator name. You can ask your nearest SIM card network operator if you are not sure to choose which one manually.

Samsung Battery Drop From 100% to 0% Very Fast:

Another common cause for battery draining overnight very fast from 100% to 0% is due to the battery being worn out overtime especially for older Samsung phones. This is why it is completely normal if your older phone’s battery is draining faster eventually over the years. Another cause is when your Samsung phone’s battery could be in bad condition if water has gone directly through the charging port despite the phone being water resistant. Therefore, if you are certain that your battery is the cause or issues of draining fast, then you should look for a Samsung repair shop or local phone repair shop to get them to replace a new battery on your phone. You can get the estimated price of replacing your Samsung phone’s battery here.

Samsung Battery Draining While Charging:

Your Samsung phone is charging but the percentage is going down which looks like you are charging the phone, but actually it’s rather discharging. There are a few reasons why your phone battery is draining or discharging even while you are charging. There few possible reason for battery draining while charging are:

  1. Check if your charger and cable has any problem or use another charger or cable to try if the problem is solved.
  2. If there is not a problem with your charger or cable, then it should be the charging port of your Samsung phone. This is because the charging port of the phone is plugged in/out thousands of times which can lead to loosening of the charging port in the phone. Either the soldering of the charging port is loose or the terminal leg is broken due to worn out after long repeat plug in/out which happened to most phones. Just get to your closest phone repair shop to help you change the charging port into a new one.

The reason for battery draining is often due to the loosening of the connection causing supply to not go through, or rather acting to discharge the battery being drained drastically.


Samsung Battery Percentage is Not Increasing While Charging:

Common problem of battery percentage not increasing while charging is due to the charging port being clogged with dust or the metal connection of the USB cable/port is broken. Even when your charger cable is plug-in to your phone, but if there are no charging shown on your phone could means a few thing to check as follows:

  1. Check whether your charging cable or charger is faulty or not by replacing it with another one that you have in your home.
  2. Check by visually inspecting your charging port is it normal or not for cable port type (micro-USB and type-C should look like in this article here). Otherwise if not normal, meaning to say the charging port of your phone is faulty and required to get it fixed at your closest phone repair shop.
  3. Check by visually inspect whether the charging port of your phone is clogged with dust or not. You can use the method here to unclog your phone easily and fix the phone battery percentage not increasing while charging.

Samsung Battery Drain Code (Reset Battery Stats)

There are useful code to fix your Samsung phone’s battery drain problems. You can now get your Samsung phone’s battery drain issue fixed by using these code tests working 100%. Follow the guide as follows to fix your Samsung phone’s battery drain issue with easy codes:

  1. First of all, restart your Samsung phone.
  2. Open Dial Pad and dial *#0228# and then tap on the “Quick Start” and tap “Ok”.
  3. Then turn ON “Airplane Mode”.
  4. Repeat step 2 (Open Dial pad and dial *#0228# and then tap on the “Quick Start” and tap “Ok”).
  5. Then Restart your Phone again.
  6. Once restart is done, turn OFF Airplane mode.
  7. Then open Dial pad > dial  *#9900#   > then tap on “Copy to SD Card (Including CP RAM Dump)” > Tap OK when Copy success.
  8. Finally, you have to charge your phone now to 80 or 90% of battery life.

After you have charged your phone to 80 or 90%, then your Samsung battery phone drain problem will be fixed.

Samsung Battery Drained by Google Play Service

You have checked the Samsung phone’s battery stats and have noticed the battery usage stats shows Google Play Service app was draining about 20-30% of battery which is not normal in most cases. This draining problem could be some bugs existing in the Google Play Services which would be fixed after a Samsung’s System update. However, you can fix them yourself without having to wait for the next Samsung’s system update by following the guide we are going to show you now.

To fix Samsung phone’s battery drain by Google Play Service, you need to:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Apps
  3. Look for “Google Play Services”
  4. At the bottom, press “Force Stop” and tap “OK”
  5. Then go to “Storage” in Google Play Services.
  6. Tap on “Clear Cache” at the bottom and done.
  7. Finally just restart your phone and the battery drain issue will be fixed.

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Samsung Battery Draining Problem After Update

Usually after the Samsung update, you may notice some changes affecting your Samsung Phone’s battery drain issue. Although there are no major updates, but some changes to the default settings have applied which are no longer the previous setting you have set. Therefore, you have come to the right place to get fixed if your Samsung battery drain problem happens after a Samsung System Update. You can follow these guide of solutions or fixes to the Samsung battery drain problem after system update as following:

  1. Find out apps that are heavy battery usage
  2. Turn On Adaptive Battery feature
  3. Limit Background Data Access for each apps
  4. Turn Off Automatic Wi-Fi
  5. Enable Dark Mode
  6. Disable GPS feature if not in use
  7. Lower display brightness level
  8. Reduce screen timeout duration
  9. Lower display resolution
  10. Reduce refresh rate
  11. Turn off Always On Display
  12. Disable edge lighting
  13. Disable Dolby Atmos
  14. Turn Off Bluetooth
  15. Enable power saving mode
  16. Check device syncing data necessities
  17. Switch to dark wallpaper
  18. Avoid using dynamic lock screen live wallpaper
  19. Disable some app’s notification that you don’t need
  20. Disable data roaming service
  21. Disable google assistant
  22. more tips over here.

Samsung Battery Expanding/Swollen?

I’ve got my Samsung phone swollen leading the cover or screen with a gap in between like a sandwich. Some of my friends said that my Samsung phone is pregnant which is not funny at all for this case, reason being that the swollen battery of the phone may cause fire hazard anytime. This is why you should be very careful while seeing your phone battery or suspecting that your phone battery is swollen whenever your phone cover or screen is having a gap in between.

The instant question that pops out from my mind is “Can I get my Samsung phone’s swollen battery fixed?”. The answer is Yes, you can get your swollen or expanding phone battery replaced at your nearest phone repair shop that provides battery replacement service. You should also find a phone repair shop with good reputation that provides this service and can advise you with third party(aftermarket) or original Samsung battery replacement options.

battery swollen to FIX!

What is the replacement cost of Samsung phone’s battery?

The average cost for Samsung’s battery with a third party (aftermarket) type typically cost cheaper to replace around $40-60. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Samsung battery cost is slightly higher at around $70-90.

Samsung battery percentage does not reach 100% even charged overnight.

Some Samsung phone owners may experience their phone battery charging never reaching 100% even being charged for a whole night. If you are those who experienced the phone battery would only charge up to around  70%, 80% or 90% and then get stuck there, this probably is because of your system update software glitches or charger problem only.

If you phone battery charging stuck at below 100%, then use these steps to fix it easily:

Method 1: Clear battery stat by following the steps here.

Method 2: Update your Samsung phone’s system in the Settings > Software update > Download and Install.

Method 3: Switch OFF phone, Charging, and then Reboot your phone with problem fixed.

Method 4:  Settings > Battery & Device Care > Battery > More Battery Setting > Protect Battery > toggle left to TURN OFF. Once this setting has been turned off, you will be able to charge your Galaxy device past 70, 85 or 90%.

Method 5: For phones with a removable battery, OPEN the back of the phone cover, and then take out the battery and place it back and Power Up your phone and the problem will be fixed.

Method 6: If you are using different type of charger for your phone, you should check the Ampere that is sufficient for your phone because if not, your phone will be stuck below 100% while charging.

Method 7: Flash your phone with Custom ROMS which claimed by several one would work. Remark that this for advance steps, and if you don’t know how to flash your phone with Custom ROMS, make sure to get the retail shop nearby to help you out if the above methods are not working.

Are Samsung phones with third party battery saver apps really helpful or not?

Indeed this kind of app is not really useful, because third party battery saver apps are only used to stop background processes but increase RAM usage which leads to even more battery consumption. Therefore you don’t have to rely on battery saver apps, but focus using the Samsung phone setting’s Power Saving mode. This Power saver mode in various smartphone brands exists just to save more battery life by lowering brightness and frame rate level, reduce processing speed, lessen background running apps, and more power saving tips  FREE compiled here.

Samsung Battery Drain Fast Even When Turned Off

The longer your phone your Samsung you used, the battery definitely ages along as battery would undergo chemical changes eventually with charge and discharge process. The chemical changes cause the battery’s capacity to store charge degraded, which means eventually wear and tear of the battery can not last long between charges as it used to be.

Battery that aged would also speed up the self-discharge because the battery gradually gets chemically depleted and couldn’t resist self-discharge as it used to be. What an a battery that originally can last for a week, but now it could last a day or less when battery is degraded and was near to its life span.

This is the reason when you are required to replace the battery of your phone which is the only option because the aged battery for all equipment is the same, that reaches its life span when aged. You can check the replacement battery price for Samsung phones here.

Apps are draining Samsung phone’s battery?

There are various apps that you should be aware of that you installed which run in the background of your Samsung phone. Therefore, it is important to keep track which apps are running in the background that drain the most from your battery life.

You can check your Samsung’s battery usage from Settings > Device > Battery > Battery Usage.

Where to change my Samsung phone’s faulty battery into a new one?

A normal new Samsung phone has a warranty of 1 year, which also covers its battery. If your phone is still within warranty period, you should get the phone to replace the battery with problems at Samsung service center.

If your phone is not within Samsung warranty period, then you should get the battery replaced at a local phone repair shop. Your local phone repair shop may be different from my area or country, therefore you can easily find a local phone repair shop by searching in Google for “Samsung phone repair shop near my area”. The battery replacement shop can be done at Samsung authorized repair shops or any local 3rd party phone repair shop at different prices. You can see the battery replacement cost here for more info.

Can I replace my Samsung battery with a new one myself?

Yes, it is easy to replace your Samsung phone’s battery if the battery itself is removable. Just get one original replacement battery here for your Samsung phone model and replace it by opening the back cover of your Samsung phone.

If your Samsung battery is non-removable, we do not recommend you change the battery yourself. There are risks of damaging your phone if you do not have the right tools and skills. Especially if you have no experience in dismantling a Samsung phone, you are prone to damage your phone during the process of battery replacement. Therefore it is wise to get your phone battery replaced by a local phone repair shop to avoid any extra cost if more damages could be done to your phone.

However, if you know that you have some technical skills in replacing your Samsung phone’s battery, you should watch a “Samsung phone model battery replacement” video on YouTube to ensure you have the right skills, and especially the right SKILLS and ACCESSORIES to perform the work smoothly.

Alternatives to fix my battery draining fast?

We do understand that by replacing Samsung phone’s battery is very pricey or time consuming, you can get a phone battery cover and attach your phone to it. This phone battery cover acts as a new extra battery for your Samsung phone’s battery, still draining fast. Especially if you prefer apps running in the background that are necessary for you, then this phone battery cover is the best option to boost your battery life easily without having to hassle with the battery replacement procedure. I use this phone battery cover for my Samsung phone here, and it helps to increase the battery life of my phone easily.


Most Samsung phone’s battery with fast draining issues can be fixed easily with the above steps without having to replace the battery. Even though the battery life span (around 4 years depending on frequency of charging and discharging times) have reached and cause battery draining fast issue, but the phone is still useable and fixing it can be easily by just get the battery replaced at local phone repair shop without having to waste huge bucks in replacing with a new phone. It is common that many Samsung phone user prefer to just replace their phone with new one when they face it fast battery issue, but if you need more help from us regarding your phone’s battery draining issue, just comment below so that we can help you out instantly providing you an appropriate advice to safe your phone battery issue fixing day.

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