2 Amazing Advanced Samsung GS5 Concept Designs

By GS5 Info Mobile Leaks Fans and experts have thought about most of the still rumored Samsung GS5 Concept Designs features, and throughout every rumor, leak, and speculation article released, the data contained within leaves everybody wondering something.

Exactly what the gadget may be like when Samsung really releases it?

Most likely probably the most requested and up to now un-answered questions up to now. Well, rather than awaiting a solution, two gadget experts took the quesiton to their own hands to produce two fabulously advanced Samsung GS5 Concept Designs we seen yet. The concepts are even pretty near to what we should say is realistic.

Samsung GS5 Concept Designs

Samsung GS5 Concept Designs

There’s without doubt about this that every Samsung GS5 concept is sleek on its own, however the one created of by Rahul Sharma is among the sleekest, states Galaxy5Info.com. Searching in the photos online.

Most likely the good thing of the concept design may be the display. In a huge 5.3-inches, the display will completely wrap within the front from the phone, bend for a moment, within the rounded off edges, departing no bezel.  Yes, the idea is really a bendy screen, and would indeed make one truly awesome feature – forget about breaking of shows.

Anothe possible Samsung GS5 Concept Designs


For the energy behind the wonder, this GS5 concept features an Exynos 5 8-core CPU – a couple. GHz at this – and 3GB RAM. Not just may be the concept effective, its beautiful. Even much more than previous device concepts youve seen. Actually, the attention popping, jaw shedding eye chocolate of the concept not just includes a clever body, however it lacks physical buttons, plus they completely remodeled the house screen buttons.

Another “feature” of note may be the profile-switching button that will allow customers to change backwards and forwards between energy profiles – maximum energy usage and Energy Save. This can permit the user to produce different profiles, maybe one composed of CPU intensive tasks, and also the other not.

Fabulous Folding Technique

Galaxy S5 charging Fabulous Folding Technique

Another Samsung GS5 Concept Designs launched that people like is provided up by MobileLeaks, and it is referred to by GottabeMobile as:

“what it might seem like sooner or later later on when technology catches up.”

The look truly does seem like something from an incredible way forward for smarpthones. This design features the bigger display size because the one pointed out above does, however the difference heres that that one doesn’t bend within the sides from the device. It stops just in the edge to create the littlest bezel area I believe anybody has witnessed.

A higher-finish concept, this form of its thin like a wafer, thinner than every other around the real marketplace is. Other greater-finish features out of this concept include dual loudspeakers, display strip/very good music player, along with a complete button redesign where the Home button was moved to the peak, although the relaxation from the buttons remained within the usual place. Below you can see the Galaxy S5 home button touch sensor.


Most likely the best feature of the concept is you can fold it in two, as if you would fold a menu.  However, you will find no hinges, and it is not obvious the way it would fold without playing up the center of the display – lucky it’s merely a concept, yeah?

Regardless, it’s nice to have the ability to take a rest in the usual speculation, which two concept products are the best we’ve observed in some time for just about any rumored smartphone release, not only the GS5. Soon, though, a few of these concepts may be realized – as with March of 2014  maybe?




Exactly what does your Samsung GS5 Concept Designs seem like? Tell us within the comments!

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