A Rocket Ship Icon That Keep Showing Up In My Notification Bar of OnePlus Phone? What Is That Icon Means?

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OnePlus Phone Notification Icon (Rocket Ship Icon):

Does anyone know what is the rocket ship icon keep popping up on my notification bar? It appears for couple of minutes and then disappears. What exactly is this rocket ship icon means and how to turn it off?

It is pretty familiar that you are also one who has discovered this rocket ship icon in your OnePlus smartphone?

First of all, there will be no harm to your phone if you saw this rocket ship icon; however it may consume you mobile data once it appears. The reason is it will combine your mobile Data and Wi-Fi speed to boost any on-going downloading speeds to become faster.

Dual-Channel Download Acceleration:

By turning on this option, you will simultaneously use mobile data and Wi-Fi, dynamically allocate network resources to speed up the download.

Simple to say, turning this dual-channel download acceleration will boost your OnePlus phone download speed.

To enable or disable the rocket ship icon, you can go to Settings> Wifi and Network> Dual Channel network acceleration> Turn on or off the options.

Test Conducted On The Download Acceleration Boost Speed:

By turning on Dual-Channel Download Acceleration, you are getting faster download speed compared to only turning on Wi-Fi or mobile Data individually.

Other Notification Icons:

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