All Samsung Phone EASY and FAST SECRET Tips & Tricks, 27 Secret Features You Didn’t Even Know It Exist.

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What should I do if I just bought a new Samsung smartphone? I am clueless about what to do with this Samsung smartphone and can anyone teach me a little tips and tricks about this thing?
Have you been curious about what are the cool secret tricks that were available on your Samsung phones? There are tons of secret tips and tricks available on Samsung smartphones, but we are now only going to uncover the simplest and easiest one that you can instantly learn.

For those who are existing Samsung phone users, there are numeral features below that have existed for quite some time, but you didn’t even know they were there. This list of tricks saves you tons of time when you are doing work using your Samsung smartphone.

Well lucky you that we have summarized the majority useful trick and tips secrets we are about to reveal on this Samsung smartphone. Below are numbers of secret tips and tricks you are free to learn and pick up your Samsung smartphone and learn them instantly like a pro.

1. App Switcher Button

At the bottom of your screen, also called as navigation buttons, there are app switcher button, back button and home button. For the app switcher button that we want to emphasize closely, it is very convenient for multi-tasking especially when switching between previously opened apps by pressing the app switcher button 2 times.

2. Camera (Document Scanner)

By enabling the scene optimizer in your camera’s setting, this helps you to scan any document with text clearer.
Camera > Setting > Scene optimize > Enable document scan.

3. Camera To Take Photo or Selfie with Palm

It is sometimes best to take a selfie/wefie with a remote button without using your thumb. Now in Samsung Phones, this great feature allows you to take a photo by showing your palm gesture to your camera, and it will trigger 5seconds countdown before it snaps a photo of you.

Camera > Setting > Shooting Method > Turn On Show Palm.

Once the palm gesture feature is activated, show your palm to the front camera and the device will automatically take a photo after a few seconds.

4. Samsung Gallery option to edit picture and videos:

Swipe from left to right to select the category fast easily. You can also style your photos with tools that you have with many effects conveniently. This is pretty impressive because you don’t need to install other 3rd party apps such as photo editor or video editor apps.

5. Samsung Keyboard Swipe To Undo / Redo:

By swiping two fingers to the left, it will perform an Undo function for you. If you swipe two fingers to the right, it will perform a Redo function for you. This is very convenient if you know this hack.

6. Samsung Keyboard Accuracy Cursor:

By touching and holding onto the Space bar button, you will get a cursor control. You can also set space bar touch to speech-to-text feature without having to type so hard.

7. Data Saver

Data Saver is great to help you save data by turning off apps from running behind the background if you are using data more often without wifi. You can choose to select the list of applications to allow unrestricted data at your preference. You can also set a data limit to cut off your data limit when it reaches a certain GB to save you data and cost.
Setting > Connections > Data Usage > Turn On Data Saver.

8. Samsung “Note” apps:

It is very easy and convenient for most users who are always using note apps to write important minutes, and you can convert your written text to share it in words, pdf & etc which is crucial for users who are often documenting.
Samsung “Note” > Share > words, pdf & etc.

9. Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpaper:

This great feature, Dynamic Lock Screen, will always show you different lock screen wallpapers. That is a great feature only available in Samsung phones.
Setting > Wallpaper> Wallpaper service > Enable dynamic lock screen > Save > Select Landscape, food, pet, art & etc.

10. Tap on the Notification Panel Icon’s text:

The related icon text will lead to expanding the settings. Hold down the icons will also expand the settings of that icon.

11. Notification History:

Have you ever accidentally deleted the messages you had sent out? Even the messages your friend had sent to you if they have deleted it, the history message is inside the notification history by clicking on the apps of messenger you want to trace back.

Setting > Notification History > Turn On.

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12. USB C cable as phone charger power bank

By connecting the USB type-C cable from one phone to another for charging the phone to act as a power bank.

13. Samsung Wi-Fi QRcode share

You can now easily share wifi without having to request a password if you have connected to that Wi-Fi before.
Setting > Connection > Wi-Fi > Select Wi-Fi name you have connected > Share.

14. Dual Messenger:

You can set up a second messenger, or call it a dual messenger. This feature is such as by installing 2nd WhatsApp messaging apps if you have a 2nd sim card especially for separating business or between work and personal use.

Settings menu > Advanced features > tap on Dual Messenger.

15. Double Tap to Lock/Wake Screen:

Were you concerned about not overworking the power button too much? There are ways to reduce pressuring the power button when you want to lock or wake up your phone screen. The method is by double tapping the screen, and you can lock or wake up your screen. You can set this feature as follows.
Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and gestures > Toggle on or off Double tap to turn off screen.

16. Palm Swipe To Take A Screenshot:

By swiping your palm from left to right or vice versa will perform a screenshot.
Settings > Touch Advanced features > Palm swipe to capture > Turn ON.

17. Contact Fast Swipe To Call and Message

Find the person’s contact name you want to perform action, then you can Swipe left to Call, Swipe Right to Message them.

18. To Silent A Phone Call Received:

By placing your phone facing down or palm to cover the screen by silencing the ringing tone without panicking what to do.

19. Navigation Bar Swipe Gesture:

Navigation Gestures (Navigation Bar) suitable for user switching from iPhone and will be much familiar for iPhone users.
Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Choose “Navigation buttons” or “Swipe gestures”.

20. Recover Deleted Images

You can in fact recover your deleted images inside your phones, just ensure to turn on the setting of the recycle bin.

Camera > Menu > Recycle Bin > Recycle Folder.


Gallery Menu > Trash (Recycle Folder).

21. Live Captions and Google Subtitles

The additional feature was sure interesting. It allows you to change language from English Language speech to text while you are playing videos with speeches.

Settings > Accessibility > Live Caption > Turn On.

22. Customize Side Key

If you are aware there is one button that is specifically used to wake up, the Bixby feature. Don’t worry, you can customize that key to perform other features as well.

Settings >search for Side key > select your desired settings.

23. Show Battery Percentage in Status Bar

You can show your Samsung smartphone battery percentage inside the status bar setting.

Settings > Notifications > Status Bar > turn on “Show battery percentage”.

24. Power Saver Mode (Battery Saver)

Samsung’s power saver mode will limit the performance, limit background data usage, and reduce things like vibration in order to extend more battery power.

Settings > Battery > Power Saver Mode.

25. Samsung Kids

If your kids are using your phone for entertainment consumption, make sure to turn on the Kids feature. It allows you to set the playtime limit, control permissions, and provides usage reports so you can keep track of what your kids are learning.

Drop down menu > Samsung Kids.

26. Light Mode or Dark Mode:

The bright screen especially during night time can get very bright and be not good for your eye if you are using your phone in a darker environment. Turn on the dark mode so that you can use it much more comfortably at night.

Swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers to open the Quick settings panel > enable the Dark mode or Night mode icon.
You can also schedule a light and dark mode inside the setting.
Settings > Display > Dark mode settings > Turn on schedule.

27. Calculator (METRIC Feature)

Unit converter is just inside your calculator, but you probably haven’t noticed it. just choose the type of metric you want to convert and easily without having to download a 3rd party metric converter to look around at the website so hard.

If you have any questions about the above tips and tricks for your Samsung smartphones, feel free to ask us in the comment below. We are more than reluctant to help you out with any questions that you face with your devices.

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