Android Icons Notification On Top of the Screen, What Do They Means? For Android Phones & Tablets.


Have you ever experienced that your Android Smartphone shown up with an unfamiliar icon that usually located on the top left or right corner that you could not understand and could not remove that either.

In order to help you identify what is the unfamiliar icon really means, thus here we have prepared the list of all icons that will appears on your Android smartphones or tablets to help you identify the notification whether it signify anything is important or not.

Take note that to reduce the time taken for you to scan the most unfamiliar icons, we organized the most unfamiliar one first as following with the least familiar one that everyone should understand the meanings very easily but just scanning through the icons. Despite the vast amount of icons, don’t worry that because we will explain all the icons with words to make sure that you are well equipped with full meaningful knowledge of the list of Android’s notification icons.

Here Are The Android Icons List Meanings:




Battery level
  • The battery signal bar will inform you about the level of battery level range from full till lowest level such that from colour Green, Yellow, Orange, to Red respectively. You should notice the thunder icon on the battery which means the battery was charging.


Sim card with exclamation mark icon.
  • This means there are not yet any sim cards you have inserted inside the sim tray of your phone.




No signal sign (No parking sign).
  • This no-signal symbol may be different for some phones, however they usually shows at the signal bar right corner, which tells you there is no network access or no cellular connection on the mobile device at the moment, that also means your phone could not make any calls or sends text messages.


Signal bar icon
  • This signal bar tells you how what is the strength of your cellular connection is.


The 4G (LTE) symbol:
  • This symbol informs you the availability of 4G LTE connectivity with the SIM Card you have inserted into the Android device.


The 4G/LTE symbol:
  • Mobile data on your Android phone has enabled, thus you are having connectivity of 4G LTE.


The H signal symbol:
  • The H signal connectivity actually stands for HSPDA (High-Speed Downlink Packet access), also known basically as 3G, however it is a bit faster.


The H+ symbol:
  • H+, known from HSPDA+ connectivity representing 3.6G symbol, which is slower than 4G but faster than 3G.


The 3G symbol:
  • This symbol will appears when you are connected to the 3G network band, your phone will automatically change that only if 4G signal is not available in certain region.


The E signal symbol:
  • The E signal icon actually represents for Edge or eGPRS (Enhanced Global Packet Radio Services). This also means the E signal is known to be one of the weakest data signals you can get on your phone, because the E signal known as final version of 2G signal, representing it as the slower signal than 3G, however faster than GPRS.


The G Signal bar icon:
  • The signal G came from abbreviation of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), known as the slowest speed of internet data speed in your mobile phone. As you notice your phone is getting G signal bar, this means your internet connection is now working at the slowest speed.


The Aeroplane icon
  • This signifying that your Android device is in Airplane mode or flight Mode, which also when activated, all connectivity for cellular voice and data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and location-based services will be disabled.


Signal wave icon with small up and downward icon.
  • The Wi-Fi network symbol with upwards and downwards arrow that shows WLAN or Wifi was connected and showing active upload and download status over the connected wireless network.


The handset call symbol with Wifi icon
  • This symbol represents the enabled feature of Wi-Fi Calling on your phone, literally means you are calling using your Wifi data instead of cellular network, very useful especially if you don’t weak cellular signal. You can turn it off in the Wifi-Setting.


Signal bar with letter ‘R’
  • You android device is connected to a cellular network outside of your operator (Roaming) usually you may use this while abroad.


The Blank Triangle Icon
  • Also known as billiard triangle icon, some phone will display this icon that also meanings Roaming, the R symbol, usually will shows on older Android devices.


Triangle shape with exclamation point inside!
  • This means system Alert notification or general notification, so check on your notification panel to find out what it is stated there. *We can help you identify this by just comment below this page regarding what problem you encounted on your phone.


The Circle Icon with Plus inside.
  • This specific icon tells you that you can save on your data consumption by going into the data settings on your phone. This also known as the Data Saver icon that commonly found in Android devices with Nougat 7.0 version.


A Phone Headset Icon with Keyboard
  • This symbol notify that the TTY accessibility is turned on, which normally used for person having difficulty in speaking or hearing, but you can type messages in order to make the communication much easier and possible. You can find this inside your phone setting, under Accessibility.


Speaker with a slash and sound wave icon.
  • Vibrate only mode, you will not listen any ringtone if you are now set to vibrate mode, so your phone will only vibrate when someone is calling or messaging you.


Speaker with a slash icon.
  • Silent mode enabled will turn your phone to silent or to mute your phone.


The headphone icon.
  • The icon indicates that a set of headphones are connected to the Android device through the wired audio port.


Phone microphone mute
  • If you have pressed the mute button during a call with someone, this will mute your microphone where the person you are calling will not be able to hear you, so to unmute, press again the mute button to unmute and so the person you call can now listen to you.


Green handset icon.
  • Means you have picked up the phone call and is currently you should be talking to someone, if not, then you probably forget to hang up the call yet, check the notification above and press the red phone handset icon to hang up the call.


Speaker icon.
  • Speakerphone is enabled during calling on the phone with someone.


Red handset icon with a cross symbol.
  • You missed a call from someone, so check the notification or recent call list to identify who is the caller calling you.






Satellite Dish With Signal

  • GPS is turned on.

Round crosshair (circle shape with a cross)

  • Also indicate GPS is turned on.





Satellite Dish With Signal

  • GPS is turned on.

Round crosshair with shaded in the center.

  • Receiving location from GPS


Square shape icon rotated 45° with a cross in center (GPS E911).
  • GPS E911 only: E911 location is active.


Square shape icon rotated 45° with a cross in center with signal wave beside (GPS E911).
  • GPS Location Active: One or more GPS location services are active.


The map marker icon
  • The map marker icon on the status bar indicates that the GPS or location service on your Android device is active. There are some apps that will also trigger this icon to show up since those apps requires the use of GPS to be active, so you may noticed some apps will turned on this GPS icon.


Sharp pretzel looking symbol
  • This symbol indicates that the Bluetooth feature is enabled on your phone.


Sharp pretzel looking symbol with arrow pointing inwards.
  • Bluetooth is connected to a device.


The Star Icon
  • The star icon means that you have turned on a Priority Mode. This mode will let you to receive only notifications from contacts that you have added as favorites.


A text bubble icon
  • This symbol means that you have a new Message received.


Binocular looking icon (or cassette tape icon)
  • This icon means that you have a voicemail message received and pending that you have not yet listened.


The N icon
  • This N icon generally means the NFC (Near Field Communication) feature is enabled on your Android phone which is capable to do mobile payments, file transfer, and more.


Two Arrows Inside Rectangles
  • This icon generally means that your NFC Android Bean is turned on, which allows you to transfer files via wirelessly quicker.






Vo LTE icons
  • This is the symbol for the Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) service that enabled and will let you to improve the calling quality when connected to an LTE-supported network.

Two Horizontal Arrows Icon (Similar)

  • Similarly, this 2Horizontal arrows icon also basically means using 4G to make voice communications, alike to what VoIP (voice over IP) is. At the moment, this technology is being tested by most cell phone carriers, but it is already implemented by few of them.


The Key icon:
  • This key icon notify on the status bar when the device is connected to a VPN service.


Heart rate icon (line graph icon)
  • This icon means that there is a background process running on your Android device system and extended running on could leads to increase in battery usage.


SD Card icon
  • This icon indicated that there is a new SD Card has been inserted into the device and system is recognizing it, thus will automatically disappear after some time.


SD card removed
  • This icon indicated that the SD Card has been removed from the device, thus may also will automatically disappear after some time.


Eye Symbol:
  • The symbol will most likely appear on Samsung phones with the Smart Stay feature enabled.



Eye with Eyelashes Symbol Icon on some android phones, especially Huawei branded phone:
  • This eye symbol represent that you have turned on the Blue Light Filter (some phone called as, Eye Comfort, Samsung notify as ‘B’ icon) to lower down the intensity of blue light displaying from your phone, with that turned on, you should be able to protect your eyes more from the blue ray/light coming out from your phone. To turn it off, you can find the blue light filter setting to turned it off inside the display setting.


Square Screen and Wi-Fi Icon
  • This status bar icon indicates that the Cast feature of your Android phone is active. You are either already casting over a supported display device, or the mobile is ready to cast.


The Gallery or Photo-Like Icon
  • After taking a screenshot on your Android phone, this symbol should appear in the status bar.


The alarm icon
  • The clock symbol indicates that an alarm is set to go off in the next cycle.


The USB icon
  • This icon notifies you that the Android device is connected to a computer or any other supported device using the USB cable.


The Phone/Rectangle with orientation rotated
  • The icon symbolize that the auto-rotation was enable on your phone, thus your display will automatically adjust your screen orientation based on your phone rotation.


3 quarter signal wave icon.
  • Indicates that the mobile hotspot (tethering) feature is active on your mobile device.


2 Clockwise Rotating Arrow with Downward Arrow in the center.
  • If you were notified with this icon, it tells you that a software update is available for your device.

Icon Look Familiar To You?

Is the notification icon looks abit familiar, but you don’t know what that icon is?

If you have noticed familiar notification icon, which means you have installed that application before, thus the notification coming from that applications probably could be happening. There is no need to worry about that because you can turn off that notification so that you will not see it from your notification panel.

Check out here on how to turn off your notification icons that you do not want to appear on your notification panel.

Did You Still See Any Unfamiliar Icon?

If you have notified with unfamiliar icons which even not listed above, do feel free to leave us a comment below this page and we will assist you to identify that icon, then explain to you what that icon really mean and solution to turn it off.

If there are still any issues your phone is facing, you are free to let us know in the comment section below so that we can proceed to help you identify.


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