Apple going to change the summoning ‘Hey Siri’ word on your iPhone

No more ‘Hey Siri’ soon

heysiri bye1

Apple is taking the initiative to make asking Siri a question a little shorter and easier without having to say “Hey Siri”, by shortening the prase to just “Siri”.

The usual way we summon Siri on iPhone 14, iPad Pro 12.9 (2022), and HomePod mini speaker can be activated in various ways, but simplest one is to use the wake phrase by uttering “Hey Siri” before your command or question to alert or wake the smart assistant to list your instrudction or question.

Though repeating “Hey Siri” over and over again could be tedious everytime you wnat to ask Siri to help you with several task or command. Thus, Apple is reported that taking the feedback by planning to shorten the wake up phrase to a shorter one which can be a first step toward removing it totally.

Though this updates will not happened overnight because of several challenges, which the device’s software required to be correctly calibrated to ensure Siri is activated whenever needed instead of accidentally which could be inappropriate. Somehow the updates will be around soon where you no longer “Hey Siri”, but just summon “Siri” . It is predicted that this will be highlighted at WWDC 2023 or 2024 as an upgrade that will arrive with iOS 17 or iOS 18.

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