Apple iPhone 15 Pro is expecting 8GB RAM with prelude additional Periscope Zoom Sensor

The latest new release Apple iPhone 14 has already wildly enters the market, and now the rumours of its successor has already leaks around reported that a new iPhone 15  was expected to comes with RAM of 8GB size and a periscope zoom camera you only can find in iPhone 15 Pro.


The Industry Analysts at Trendforce who have a reasonable record that can predict Apple’s hardware department’s direction of production. 8GB RAM upgrading into the iPhone 15 Pro would greatly improve the new periscope sensor and performances of the spec of Pro and Pro Max variant iPhone 15.

We have heard that Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max down the line is improving in several years to fit the expected 3x optical zoom lenses by allocating enough room for the device to fit in the camera mechanisms with inspiration of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Upgrading of 8GB RAM into the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max would not just boost its general apps switching or  speed of apps, but also to boost the performance of the camera and also detailed graphic processing as well for high quality gaming experience.


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