Best 17 Tips To Spot Original or Fake iPhone Easily Before Buying (Online)!

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There are ever-growing scams of fraudster selling fake iPhones especially in the booming smartphone market. The common scam enticed to lower price offer on the premium iPhone that draws consumers falling into their traps.

We would like to reveal the best and easy tips to keep away from those scam artists while you are trying to buy an original iPhone anywhere. You might be advertised with stranger about the expensive iPhone’s is now offered with huge amount of discounts, that can be fishy deals which is fake and require you to do more checking before you fall to their traps. It can be very easy to lure by scammer online nowadays if you did not check before your buy your iPhone online as following methods. We will reveal the best and easy tricks for you to determine whether the iPhone you are about to buy is real or fake.

1. Huge Discount Price Than Official iPhone Price.

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iPhone is nearly worldwide available on-sell online at their official website. If you can access to internet, you can always buy iPhone at the official Apple’s website instead of other website or platform. The website will always reveal the specifications and price of the iPhone you are buying. You can compare the price from there and if the price is very drastic in difference, you know that is a scam because an official iPhone website will tells you the truth here.

2. Different Specification Than Official iPhone Website.

You can always ask the selling to tell you about the iPhone’s spec they are selling, and often the specification of the fake iPhone is not tally with the original iPhone. The reason being you should not inform them what specification your iPhone should be, but let them tell you what specification of the iPhone they are selling and make the comparison yourself at the official iPhone’s website or any authority iPhone’s website can be trusted should be the comparison with the fake iPhone seller’s specification.

3. Non-Release Color Of Official iPhone.

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Every iPhone comes with its release of color as per the official Apple iPhone website. The color of iPhone sold by the fake iPhone seller often is not tally with the color of official color sold at iPhone’s website. You should counter-check at the official model of iPhone at its official website here.

4. Fake iPhone Seller Is Selling On Social Media Platform

Fake iPhone seller is often selling on social media platform such as Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Facebook at cheap prices. The reason is because often social media platform as fake iPhone seller can’t get detected easily or verified by other authority and that means you are more prone to fake seller on the social media platform. There are often scammers who are selling real iPhone but will not send u the products after they received your money. This is why you should always avoid from buying on unofficial platform other than the official Apple’s website here. Huge e-commerce such as Amazon or Wal-Mart is well trusted website as well for alternative options to buy original iPhone products.


5. Check IMEI No. on iPhone’s Boxes Before Buying

A genuine Apple products can easily been identify as fake one by cross check its serial number before your buy through Visiting Apple’s official website. A real product usually can identify with its IMEI number. IMEI is a number of International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI number often shows on the product’s box. Just visit Apple’s website at https// Then click on the option ‘IMEI number’ as shown to type in the number printed on the iPhone’s box. If you did no see any detail there, then it is certain the phone is fake. Often seller will not reveal you the IMEI number when they are selling a fake iPhone, and that is a clear scam where you should avoid from at all cost.


6. Ask About the iPhone’s iOS Version.

If the seller could tell you about which version the iPhone’s is currently in, they you can cross-check on the table as below to ensure it is tally. You should not reveal to them about the is version that phone they are selling should be, instead you should let them tell you about it at first so that you can tell that they are getting fishy or shady at revealing the specification of iPhone that they can’t avoid from the truth.

about ios ver

Here Are Top Ways On How to Spot a FAKE iPhone!

The most vision features of Original and Fake iPhone difference is the external features. Definitely the fake iPhone is getting VERY similar to the common smartphone users. However, these external features you should able to tell whether the iPhone is Original or Fake easily.

7. Packaging of iPhone

The packaging is the first external tips to identify if there is any fishy situation about this unknown iPhone. The packaging box of the iPhone may look similar to the original one, but you always can tell if there is anything missing or cheaper looking material used.

Usually the fake iPhone could be using very cheap materials, that include the easy pull off cover and phone wrap with wrinkly plastic or sort of low quality plastic, whereby the original iPhone is using slow pull off cover box with smooth and clear plastic wrap.


You could also find product instruction manual with huge foreign language options while fake one should be missing that.

The another common tips is the original iPhone product comes with information written on the box with model number, country name manufacture, and serial number (IMEI) codes. On the other hand, the fake one will not include these extra details compare to the original iPhone.

Another common tip you clearly can notice is iPhone tends to weight comfortably, however the fake iPhone feels heavier commonly.

8. Apple Logo At the Back Of iPhone

When you have unboxed and unwrapped your iPhone, the rear of the iPhone will show an Apple logo. Although the fake one can looks similar to the original iPhone, but there are always some slight difference in quality that is distinguishable. The fake iPhone may have a slightly different in size and shape especially the leaf of the apple is not sharp in shape enough. You can clearly see the difference if you have an iPhone behind it.

The fake one also comes with Apple logo at the back of the phone that are more reflective than the original iPhone. Original iPhone’s Apple logo shall not be a too obvious reflective mirror; instead it should be darker and less reflective in the original ones.


9. Charging Port

Another tips by checking the exterior is the charging port which is a different point where you can identify of the iPhone is original or not. From the following photos, you should noticed the fake iPhone has a plastic kind of at border around the charging port. This generally easy to make decision that the iPhone is fake one since the original iPhone will comes with a shiny and engraved line around the port across nearly all Apple’s product.


10. Penta Lobe Screws Is A Must

Just next to the charging port, you can also judge the originality of iPhone if the screw used is the 5 screw head point or called as, Penta lobe screws which are original. The fake iPhone sometimes may not get this kind of screw if you pay attention to this detail.


11. Check iPhone Display’s Bezel

Display Bezel of iPhone can be identified either is real or fake one. This is very easy to identify if it is a fake iPhone, because you just have to look at the border of screen or the bezel care and a fake iPhone will generally have thicker bezel or not uniform bezel which looks not right. These non-uniform and thicker bezel means the iPhone is indeed fake one.


12. Camera Body

The rear camera body or its lens’s border shall build with slight bulge instead of flat looking. The fake iPhone usually comes with less bulge or less height than the original iPhone’s camera body lenses’ border. If you look closer, the fake iPhone has a cheap clear color of lenses while the original iPhone has a darker lens that looks premium


Here are the Internal features of the FAKE iPhone that were Easier to Spot!

When you turn on your iPhone from shutdown state, it will welcome your with Apple’s welcome logo. This Apple logo usually will not appear on the fake iPhones, or rather showing you with different word such as “Welcome” words instead of original Apple logo. This is the easiest way to tell if the iPhone is fake.


14. IMEI/Model Number

You can access to your smartphone’s setting can find out the IMEI number and model of phone in the “About” section that we mentioned before. You should write down the IMEI number shown on the “About page” and see if it is the same with the IMEI at the back of your iPhone or the box it came with. If the IMEI number is not the same, then this is a fake iPhone.


15. Camera Capture Quality

You should open the camera app that it come preinstalled with, and you would want to test how the camera capture quality performs. Usually for the fake iPhone, the camera quality is at worst condition when capture any photo. The worst quality can be compared with the old smartphone’s camera photo at low resolution or standard definition. The reason being that is because the fake iPhone is using the cheap or rather slow type of processor that can’t even process a decent photo. You can easily tell the huge difference in photo capture quality either selfie or rear facing camera, unless you never own a smartphone before.


16. Official Apple App Store and iTunes

The most obvious sign of fake and real iPhone is the different operating system use. The real iPhone is using the smooth iOS system while fake iPhone commonly running with Android and preinstalled and tweaked with skin that looks like iOS’s interface. You can easily check that fake iPhone with Android system DO NOT have any iTunes or APPLE STORE apps. There could be preinstalled with other apps showing this iTunes or Apple Store logo that usually redirect when clicking to other store such as Google play store that only for Android system. If these 2 apps do not do what it supposed to do, then you can proof that this is a fake iPhone with fake software.


17. Vibrant Screen Brightness

As soon you turned on your iPhone, you can easily check the screen color and brightness should be very vibrant and vivid thanks to the amazing OLED iPhone display. The fake iPhone often build with much washed out or low brightness display even when you turned the brightness all the way up.


If you have spot more fake iPhones with different scam tactics, please let us know in the comment section below so that we can protect more people from being scam when buying online or at any stores.

The easiest way to avoid from buying iPhone from the scammers, you should just direct yourself to the official local iPhone retail store or check more deals at Apple’s official original website and enjoy your shopping safely and wisely.

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