Best 26 More iPhone Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed – Hidden Secret Must Learn Now!

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Perhaps you have just bought a new iPhone or have been using an iPhone for quite some time, you probably has not known there are hidden tips and tricks for iPhone to boost your productivity and efficiency when it comes to handy task savvy and simple method to reduce your valuable time. If you have or have not listen from your friends or from any YouTube video’s about iPhone tips and tricks, then you should even take your as little as few minutes to learn the hidden secret tips and tricks for iPhone that we have compiled numerously for your productivity and efficiency gain for future tasks. Check below are our compiled hidden secret tips and tricks for iPhone:

1. Fast Switch Between Apps in iPhone

If you constantly swipe up and then swipe left or right to switch between apps, then actually there are much faster shortcuts. You can switch between apps by swiping left and right at the home bar without having to swipe up next time.

Normal Switching

Fast Switching

2. Switch Between Homepages Faster

If you have more than 4 homepages on the home screen and you want to switch between them faster, you can just swipe between the 3 dots (more dots, more homepages) to navigate to the homepages faster than swiping page per page.

iphone switch between homepages fast

3. Swipe Left On Calculator To Undo Digit

You can undo or delete per digit in the calculator app by swiping LEFT on the digit panel in the calculator.

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4. Silent Unknown Caller

You probably feel annoyed by strangers or people who wrongly called your phone, and there is a way to stop that from annoying you with your iPhone. You can silents unknown caller or person who is not in your phone list by going to the setting below:

Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Caller > toggle right to enable.

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5. Zoom in/out in Maps with 1 finger

Just open Maps on your iPhone, then double tap with one finger and hold, then slide your finger up or down to zoom in or zoom out respectively. This secret tip is way too convenient when your hand is full.

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6. Apple TV Remote On iPhone

Your iPhone can turn into an Apple TV Remote. Just go to the Settings >Control Centre > Add “Apple TV Remote”.

Then you can find the “Apple TV Remote” icon can be found inside the Control Center by swiping the top right corner of the screen.


7. Use iPhone Camera To Scan PDF

You can easily scan PDF on your iPhone without requiring a third party app. Just go to the “NOTES” app, then tap on the Camera icon on top of the keyboard, select “Scan Documents”. This will scan & crop and convert the document into PDF that you will be able to share.

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8. Lowest Brightness on iPhone Screen

You can set your iPhone’s screen brightness to the lowest level until you can’t see any dimmest brightness in the darkest room as the following: Settings > Accessibility > Display and Text Size > Reduce White Point.

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9. Hide Homepages

You can easily hide homepages for privacy concerns. Just enter jiggle mode by long press on the homepage, then tap on the dots at the bottom, you can then select which homepage to hide by “UNCHECK” the small tick.

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10. Move Multiple Apps Between Homepages

You probably have a hard time moving one app per time from one homepage to another. There are in fact ways to move multi apps between home pages easily, but you need both hands or rather two fingers, to be simple, we’re gonna use Right and Left Index Fingers. Tap on the homepage to enter jiggle mode > then tap and hold one App you want to move with Right index Finger > tap again another more Apps you want to move by using your Left Index Finger now > then move your Right Index Finger to the homepage that you want to move to.

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11. Command Siri using Keyboard or typing

You can command Siri by pressing the side button, then you can ask Siri anything by using keyboard or typing without having to talk, especially when you are in places where you can’t use speech. You can enable this feature by at the following iPhone Settings > Accessibility > Siri > Type to Siri > toggle right to enable.

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12.  Replace iPhone Keyboard with Google Keyboard

The reason to replace iPhone keyboard with Google keyboard is because iPhone keyboard does not come with haptic feedback. Therefore, to make iPhone’s keyboard works much perfect at a million ways, you can easily just install a Google keyboard on your iPhone.

Go to the Apple app store and download the “Gboard – the Google keyboard” app. Then open it and replace it with your iPhone keyboard as default for way much perfect keyboard experience.

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13. Multilingual typing options keyboard

If you are using the multilingual typing option on your iPhone’s keyboard, then I suggest you try using Gboard – the Google keyboard because it offers you simple and automatic switching to another language even when you are in mid-sentence of typing in order to use the right language. You would be amazed with this Google keyboard after using it for quite some time.

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14. Earphone act as speaker for elderly

Perhaps if you have elderly, or facing hearing problems and need a hearing aid, then you can utilize this simple iPhone tricks to boost a person’s hearing performance. You just need a pair of AirPods and go into iPhone’s settings > Control Centre > add “Hearing” icon. To enable this hearing aid, you just have to tap on the hearing icon in the control centre you just added. Once enabled, you can start hearing from the AirPod’ sound that pickup the sound via your iPhone’s microphone.

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15. Two way authentication

iPhone is now coming with two way authentication without having to download and use any third party apps. Just go to settings > Password > Setup Verification Code. You can now authentify using two way system which is safer especially any banking apps.

two way authentication iphone

16. Easily Copy and Send Image on iPhone

You CAN SIMPLY just hold an image you want to copy for example in a browser, then use another finger to switch from browser apps to messenger apps > drop the image on messenger apps in order to paste the image you have copied.

copyimagetomessnger drag&drop iphone GIF

17. Copy image into text on iPhone

Open a camera app > tap on the icon at the bottom right of the screen > your camera apps will analyze the text inside the photo and turn it into text format that you can copy and paste. You can then easily send the image as text using your iPhone’s camera.

copy text in image on iphone camera 1

18. LED light notification on iPhone

You probably wonder if the iPhone has any LED light notification? Yes, in fact you can enable it on your iPhone easily. Just go to iPhone Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > LED Flash on Alert. So whenever you get a notification, you will get an LED Flashing which is super cool.

led flash for notification on iphone

19. Background sound on iPhone

You can enable background sound (eg: ocean or raining sound) on your iPhone in order to help you work on your task if you wish to do so. Just go to iPhone Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background Sound > toggle right to enable. Choose the type of sound just below it for different sounds to calm you down if you wish to.

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20. Triple Tap on “Power Button” To Access iPhone Shortcuts

If you would like to quickly access to iPhone’s shortcut, then you can triple tap on the power button to access that. You need to setup in the iPhone Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcuts > tick types of shortcut function you want to trigger by Triple Tap On the Power Button.

tripletappowerbutton on iphone setting

21. Enable iPhone Kids Mode

If you plan to let your kid use your iPhone, then you can enable this feature to avoid them from accidentally messing up your settings on your iPhone.

Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access > toggle right to enable.

You need to add Guided Access to accessibility shortcuts so that you can trigger it with a triple tap on the power button. You also need to set a password on this in case you enable Guided Access, you need the password later to unlock. To trigger Guided Access (Kids Mode) on iPhone, you need to open any apps such as “YouTube Kids” first, then triple tap on Power Button and tap Guided Access to enable. With this enabled, your kids will not be able to exit from certain apps (YouTube Kids) unless you unlock it with a triple tap on power button and with password.

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22. Tap On Your “iPhone’s Back” For Shortcuts

You can open certain apps (such as Camera) or functions (such as LED Torch Light) by just simply tapping on your iPhone’s back.

Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap > Double Tap or Triple Tap.

tap 3 times at back of iphone feature 1


You can download Apple Shortcuts in the App store. This Shortcuts app allows you to do any kind of automation at certain conditions. For example, you can set your iPhone to Play Music automatically when you are at your Home.

appleautomation 1

24. Custom ICONS on iPhone’s App

You can create custom icons with this Apple’s Shortcuts app, then you can set what this custom icons will operate when you tap on it (such as opening certain videos or etc). You can get more iPhone’s amazing and premium icons at here.

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25. Homepage for Home or Work

You can create a homepage and that will switch between when you are at Home or at Work. Therefore, you need to set two profiles at the ‘Focus’ setting page as following:

Settings > Focus > tap (+) icon to create ‘Home’ > home screen > custom pages > set your homepages and also set;

Settings > Focus > Work > Automation > Location > your Work location.


Settings > Focus > tap (+) icon to create ‘Work’ > home screen > custom pages > set your homepages and also set;

Settings > Focus > Work > Automation > Location > your Work location.


With both automation Home and Work you have set, you will get different homepages when you are at home or at work.

set homepage for home or work

26. Shazam (Music Recognition)

You probably have been scrolling on TikTok and wonder what is that certain background song used in some video right? You can now use the Shazam shortcut in the iPhone’s control center which can help you identify what songs are currently playing in your iPhone’s app or any physical songs playing at your nearby speakers. You can enable this Shazam (Music Recognition) feature in your control centre at Settings > Control Centre > tick on Music Recognition.

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These hidden secret tips and tricks are compiled from majority of impressive iPhone users, so that we love to share it with you to improve the user experience of iPhone at full advantages. We also understand that the settings we explain above are typically sufficient for you to follow, however if you have more question, please comment below so that we can help you out as soon as possible.

You are more than welcome to comment and share the hidden secret iPhone tips and tricks as following because we would love to let more iPhone users expose to these so that more are going to know the huge advantages of using iPhones compared to its competitors.

If you have any iPhone’s related issues or problems, please comment below so that we can help you out instantly.

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