Best iPhone Secret Codes & Hacks For Hidden FUNCTIONS You Need To Know For Every iPhone’s FULL FEATURES!

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Perhaps you never know that your dialer pad can be used to unlock secret and hidden menus with amazing features that you would need at most cases such as testing the originality of your iPhone to troubleshooting phone issues.

You shall be curious what more secret codes are available tha derived from the manufacturer. There are numerous secret codes which are difficult to track all around different sites, therefore we are pleased to compile all of them and for you to utilize and safe keeping for future use. Following are the best awesome iPhone secret codes that you shall bookmark and even share for those who need these useful secret and hidden features.

You just need to enter these secret codes into your iPhone’s dialer pad for the functions as following table:

Function Secret Code
View the IMEI Number *#06#
View Serial Number (check original iPhone here) *#06#
Field Test Mode *3001#12345#*
Hide Your Caller ID *31#phonenumber







Check the SMS Center *#5005*7672#
Check the Call Waiting Status *#43#
Enable/Disable Call Waiting *43# (Enable)

#43# (Disable)

Check Call Barring Status *#33#
Enable or Disable Call Barring on iPhone *33*pin# (Enable)

#33*pin# (Disable)

Check the Call Forwarding Status *#21#
Divert Calls to Another Number *21phonenumber#
Enable or Disable Call Forwarding *21#
Check Call Line Presentation *#30#
Show Your Mobile Number on Caller ID *82(number you are calling)
Get the Local Traffic Information 511
Use it to check whether the alert system is working or not. *5005*25371#
This one disables the alert system *5005*25370#
Shows the use of information info *3282#
Shows the number of missed calls *#61#
Shows the available calling minutes *646# (Postpaid)
Shows the Bill Balance *225# (Postpaid)
Shows the available balance *777# (Prepaid)

We hope that you can make good use of these secret codes on your iPhone, and do share these to your friends if it helps out. If you have heard of any codes that are claimed to improve the iPhone’s speed and signal strength, or even battery or more, you should comment below and let us know or reveal to you that it is real or fake immediately. We will help you out on your iPhone’s issue that you faced by commenting below, so that we can provide a solution for you instantly.

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