Carbon Fiber Samsung Galaxy S5

CarbonFiber can make the Samsung Galaxy S5 Lighter!

Youve heard it right the new Carbon Fiber Samsung Galaxy S5. All of the earlier gossips about Universe S5 having a plastic or metal body happen to be demonstrated wrong. The most recent report indicates the device will include a graphite finish.

What is the news originates from the Korean company, because they have just bought half the shares from the SGL Group and the large graphite creating firm. It has been completed to inculcate carbon finish within the approaching Samsung Universe items new Samsung S5 and Universe Note 3. Lets take a look in the possible benefits of using graphite over plastic or aluminium.

Carbon Fiber Samsung Galaxy S5 the all new light smartphone

1. The Smartphone will end up lightweight and therefore, convenient to carry, use and operate.

2. The GS5 Smartphone can give a clean shiny, posh style and look.

3. The consumer will feel confident as the effectiveness of carbon is much more than steel, therefore the Universe SV is going to be strong. Could thid really be the real Carbon Fiber Samsung Galaxy S5 below is another image concept from Samsung.


4. Last, although not minimal, the smartphone could be molded into any design and shape, thus dont be surprised unique and engaging design features for that device.

So, are you currently excited and wish to check this out material to feature in Samsung Universe S5 body? Well, we would like to get it too. The truth that Samsung itself has recognized the plastic body in S4 would be a large mistake stresses on the necessity to rectify it this time around. If this only drawback is enhanced and also the device is stuffed with user-oriented specifications, it needs to conquer the hearts from the fans.

Carbon Fiber Samsung Galaxy S5 the all new light smartphone

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