Do You Need A Smartphone Insurance Plan When Buying A Smartphone? Is Smartphone Insurance Worth It?

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Should I get a smartphone insurance or protection plan when buying a new smartphone? Insurance can sound scary for some people, especially when buying new items with an optional cost which is a difficult decision to make. To make a wise decision, we first let you know why we need and don’t need to get the insurance or protection plan when buying a new smartphone.

Why Do We Need To Buy Smartphones With Insurance?

It is true that all of the new phones that we buy come with warranty, however it only covers the internal parts faulty instead of physical damage done by phone users. This is why you should reconsider buying an insurance/protection plan whenever you are getting an expensive phone or buying a phone using an installment method. This protects you from any expensive repair cost if damage happens to your phone.

  • If You Want To Buy A Phone With Cash (One-Off).

If you buy the new phone with cash one-time-off, then you should consider not buying an insurance plan, because you should have expected that you can afford the repair cost if anything happened to the phone.  However if you bought an expensive phone, for example if the phone was priced at 1000$, the price to fix some specific damages, eg the screen, it could cost around 200-250$ which can be pricey for phones that are expensive. This brings in the benefits to take the insurance or protection plan down the road until you decide to change to a new phone. You may also check on the phone which is more reliable, sustainable, and durable to reduce unexpected damages or faulty parts that happen on some branded phones.

  • If You Want To Buy A Phone With Installment Method.

If you are buying a phone via installment or zero installment method, then you probably have not enough to pay for the repair cost if it gets expensive depending on damages done to the phone. Let’s say if you don’t have enough money to pay the repair cost, then you end up having no phone to use for work and still pay your phone installment fee monthly with a broken phone.

In this case, it is pretty logical to make a decision to invest into the insurance or protection plan to avoid someday your damaged phone leaves you couldn’t to access work and ends up affecting your daily life unnecessarily. This is why it is very important to count in insurance/protection plan options whether you can afford the bundle before you proceed with the installment payment method while buying a new phone.

What Are The Types Of Insurance/Protection Plans Available For Smartphones?

Generally, there are four types of insurance available options when are are buying a smartphone that comprised of smartphone’s  company protection plan, carrier bundle protection plan, credit card insurance plan, and aftermarket protection plan. In the following individual plans, we are going to bring in the detail of each plans available so that you can choose them wisely according to your needs.

1)  Smartphone’s Protection Plans When Buying A New Phone.

We take examples for the popular Samsung branded phones. Samsung has their own insurance company, Asurion insurance company.

Samsung Care+ provides protection when buying a new Samsung phone = Samsung Care+ Protection and Support at around $11/month depending on phone’s model price and which if you wish to cancel anytime without contract is possible. At least get it covered when the phone is new for about 6 months.

Contact Samsung Care+ if your phone is damaged and need to get customer care service by calling their center contact number at their website, they will send you a new similar model of smartphone to you in about 48 hours and then you need to return your damaged phone back within 2 weeks time.

Samsung Care+ also provides protection after buying a new Samsung phone = Samsung Members to check if your device was eligible for Samsung Care+ of the device.

Do other branded phones that come with an option for insurance protection plan when buying a new phone?


2)  Carrier Bundle With Insurance Plan

Let take example of the carrier network of T-Mobile, allows you to pay with a 360 protection plan for extra insurance with the data packaged plan. Deductible or fee to pay to claim for the damaged or lost phone, and would receive a new phone from them.

Still, there are reviewers who think that option 4 (Aftermarket Smartphone Insurance Plans Company) can be cheaper than the carrier’s insurance plan.


3)  Get Credit Card Insurance Plan When Buying A Smartphone

You can get free smartphone protection from credit cards and don’t have to pay the redundant protection plan. You can check which credit card available locally that offers you this free smartphone protection plan that will pay to replace your stolen or damaged smartphone.

Cover protection plan for damages/stolen only instead of loss phone, is around $600 per claim with 200$ deductible. Ensure to use Credit card auto pay, so that you will never forget to pay to get the smartphone protection.

Take note that not all of the credit cards will do, Wells Fargo American Express for coming with this benefit. So, you should check the types of credit cards available locally so that you can apply to bring you benefit for FREE smartphone insurance protection plan.


4)  Aftermarket Smartphone Insurance Plans Companies.

There are few famous aftermarket smartphone insurance plan companies called Square trade, AKKO, Protect Your Bubble, Geek Squad, and more.

Take the Square trade insurance protection plan for example that covers the majority of damaged phones, and it is 50% cheaper than a carrier plan. You can add an insurance plan at any time without doing it at the time of purchase.

We do know what you want to ask, yes, SquareTrade works internationally with Worldwide Coverage. SquareTrade offers wide coverage no matter which part of the world you are in right now. If you need a repair while abroad, send SquareTrade a valid repair receipt for your digital item and they will quickly reimburse you accordingly.


Can We Reduce Damages For A Smartphone To Avoid A Protection Plan?

Yes, we can indeed reduce damages done to our smartphone by ensuring the following steps to keep away from extra repair cost and protection care plan. You can secure your phones with extra protection that comprise of applying a screen protector, use heavy duty smartphone case, choose to buy a waterproof feature smartphone, and be extra careful with how your treat your smartphone in everyday use.

1)  Apply A Good Screen Protector.

Did you know the most damage commonly happening to smartphones is the cracked screens. Studies show about 74% phone screen cracks are due to phones dropped on the ground and phones falling from pockets to the ground. This is why you should protect your phone by applying strong screen protection.

However, there are so many types and brands of screen protectors, and which one is the strongest and best? To answer this controversial question, we could only suggest the best and strongest tested brand of screen protector so that you can buy from the trusted company for your specific smartphone brand as follows.

FAQ: What is the best and strong brand of screen protector for smartphones?

Ans Top 1. FLOLAB NanoArmour

Ans Top 2. Otterbox Amplify

Ans Top 3. Shellrus Sapphire X

Ans Top 4. Rhinoshield 3D Impact

Ans Top 5. Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Elite

FAQ: How to buy a good screen protector?

FAQ: Are all screen protectors the same?

FAQ: Should I buy a cheap or expensive screen protector?


2)  Get A Heavy Duty Strong Phone Case.

What type of phone case is strong and durable from dropping? There are numerous strong phone cases and here are great choices of phone case brands for your own model search based on the brand of smartphone case you want as follows.

  • Mous Limitless
  • Rhinoshield Crashguard
  • Spigen Tough Armor MagSafe
  • Otterbox Defender XT
  • Catalyst Vibe Influence
  • MagBak
  • Urban Armor Gear Metropolis LT
  • Casetify Ultra Impact
  • Ghostek Iron Armor 3


3)  Choose A Phone With Waterproof Feature

We do agree that we bring our phone even to the toilet or bath room for media consumption, while waiting for a phone call, and else which can allow water moisture to easily enter the phone unexpectedly.

Water can be a disastrous factor in causing our phone’s jacks, ports, and speakers which can go in our phone and affect the circuit’s board. Since water can act as a conductor to cause circuit shorting, which leads to overloading the phone and frying the board is a big headache. This is why it is crucial to have a waterproof smartphone.

What is the best smartphone that has waterproofing features?


4)  Do not be aggressive with your phone.

This is obvious that many people would be aggressive with their smartphone by slamming their phone on the bed, couch, table or anywhere when getting emotional. Studies show 3 billion users are accessing the internet on a regular basis which shows this activity could lead to anxiety and depression especially for those who are utilizing technology to escape from stress. This eventually could lead to shortness of temper, depression, anxiety and more.

Which smartphone model is strong and durable for heavy duty usage?

Therefore to avoid being aggressive on your smartphone, you should schedule or allocate a time for digital detox to stay away from the light up screen and internet.

Is digital detox easy to perform?

Though it can be not easy at first, but as long as you are starting small it will lead you to success. Those who responded to the benefits of digital detox within 24 hours is their ideal goal, but for some people even undergoing digital detox within a half-day would help them to keep stress away effectively.

Why do we need digital detox and ways to do it easily?

Digital detox can improve your overall physical and mental health, keeps your attention at top focus, improves problem solving skills, and increases your creativity level. The most common response benefits from digital detox are a great way to lower stress easily.


Should I extend the warranty period longer if available?

Since it also helps to reduce the repair cost of unexpected damages happening to the phone, the original warranty has expired. However, warranty extension can be allowed when buying a new device, or smartphone, so making the decision to buy the extension warranty can be difficult during the payment stage.

Many retail stores provide warranty extensions which can be beneficial at first thought, however for smartphones which we eventually would get a new one about in 3 years’ time makes warranty extension quite redundant. For eg: If you are paying for an extended warranty, which is quite different compared to insurance or protection plans in terms of protection and warranted parts. You should check here to understand why you shouldn’t get a warranty extension and you should get a protection plan instead of warranty extension if you were to choose one.


The importance of either smartphone insurance or protection plan was beneficial when dueling with damages done by smartphone user’s or accidental causes especially for smartphones that are expensive. You only need to pay a deductible to get a whole new phone from Samsung Care+ protection plan, repaired damaged phone from aftermarket smartphone insurance plan, credit card protection plan, and Carrier bundled Insurance plan. However, when you buying a cheaper phone with cash, it is why you do not buy an insurance plan because the repair cost would be cheaper. However if you bought an expensive and installment phone, then it is wise to get an insurance or protection plan to secure your’s from any possible damages.


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