Eye-Scanning Senor in Galaxy S5

New gossips about Samsung Galaxy S5 continue to come every so often now the new Eye-Scanning Senor in Galaxy S5. A week ago, it had been rumored that Samsung will launch balance looked forward to samsung S5 in The month of january, 2014 release date and today you will find more gossips. This time around, sturdy Samsung Galaxy S5’s security measures with no, it isnt about fingerprint checking. When we believe the gossips, Samsung goes in front of its rivals introducing Eye-Scanning Senor in Galaxy S5 in the next flagship. Browse the full report below.

Weve already seen ‘Face recognition’ feature couple of years back in phones like galaxy S5, however the technology wasnt much accurate and never lots of people tried on the extender. This season, it had been the turn of ‘Fingerprint Scanning’ that has been introduced in certain high-finish mobile phones for example Apple apple iphone 5S and HTC One Max.

Eye-Scanning Senor in Galaxy S5

There has been reviews of possible inclusion of fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S5 too, but appears like Samsung really wants to take a measure ahead with the addition of eye-scanning Senor in Galaxy S5 it. Whether it turns into a reality, you’ll have the ability to unlock the telephone together with your eye and also the technology may also help in enhancing features like ‘Smart Scroll’ presented in Samsung galaxy S4. Experts believe fraxel treatments is a lot more secure than Fingerprint checking technology. Many different ways have been discovered already to bypass the fingerprint secure apple iphone 5S. So, Samsung galaxy S5 will catch the interest with eye-checking technology.


Right now, theres no information about how fraxel treatments works, but Samsung GS5 will certainly score greater when it comes to security. The gossips came from from AndroidSaS.com, which claims it has gotten the data from the sources and Korean reviews. Based on the report, Samsung has began focusing on this selection and Samsung GS5 would be the first phone out of this South Korean tech giant to feature it. However, we all do suggest that you are taking these gossips with pinch of salt at this time around.

Although, it appears as though something in the science-fiction movies, but technologies are really moving fast that nothing appears impossible today. If Samsung includes Eye-Scanning Senor in Galaxy S5, most people will welcome it. However, you will find some, who loves to make it simple as well as for individuals, nothing can beat the traditional 4 digit pin code to unlock the telephone.

Eye-Scanning Senor in Galaxy S5

So, do you want Samsung to incorporate Eye-Scanning Senor in Galaxy S5 or fingerprint checking technology within the Samsung S5 or otherwise? Have you got something better still to point out? Tell us within the comments box below. Remember to become listed on us on Facebook for up to date updates.

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