Galaxy S5 metal frame

Preferable Specs Over We Thought

Weve got gossip hot off the plant at the beginning of today – and its something we let you know about a few weeks back. Do you recollect when we were discussing the likelihood that Samsung might dump its plastic form and frame energetic about a metal one for the Galaxy S5?

Actually, this talk may end up being correct nonetheless.

Released Galaxy S5 metal frame Chassis Photos


As per an International Business Times report by means of, Samsung is said to be destroying the standard plastic undercarriage energetic about a metal skeleton for an approaching mechanism.  See the sum of the metal suspension photographs at

In spite of the fact that the creator of the report notice (by means of Google Translate) that the break said he is a representative of a firm that agreement with Samsung to make the parts, the hole likewise asserted that Samsung asked his firm to:

Produce an aluminum casing intended to furnish one of its future cell phones without indicating which demonstrate it was about.

Clearly, the casing is booked to make its presentation in February of 2014 – however if it will be joined by a metal case wasnt specified. Assuming that the Galaxy S5 metal frame does get the casing, it will clearly be better built, yet it doesnt mean itll have a metal case as well.

Galaxy S5 metal frame Case Calls for Changes

Metal Frame Photos GS5

Assuming that accurate, a Galaxy S5 metal frame and undercarriage might be diversion changing – you can see in the photographs that the skeleton calls for some strong updates of the units physical characteristic.

Screen  Size

The case itself is 5.66 inches in length by 2.84 inches wide. This implies that the presentation might be at least 5.5 inches provided that you figure on a bezel of in the ballpark of 0.1626 inches on all sides, which to us creases sensible.

The present Galaxy S4 is 5.38 inches in length and 2.75 inches wide, which brings about a 5-inch show. The Galaxy S5 metal frame in the photographs is 5.66 inches in length and 2.84 inches wide, which might as well bring about an inclining screen size of in the ballpark of 5.35 inches or somewhere in the vicinity.

Given these specs, its not excessively far of a stretch to believe that Samsung could be raising the stakes with the S5, particularly since the organization normally builds showcase estimate with every emphasis, as weve seen with the Samsung Note, Note 2, and Note 3 units.

Perhaps the expansion in size is to oblige the expanded pixels for every inch we let you know Galaxy S5 is supposed to get?

A few Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs

Phone camera Change

Once more, If this is an undercarriage assembled for the Galaxy s5, it recommends different changes, for example the way that the lens of the fundamental Polaroid (back confronting) is found in the figures upper focus, yet the suspension change proposes the Polaroid is moving to the forms edge.

Earphone Jack

Consistent with the photographs, the opening for the earphone jack is continuously moved to the base of the figure.

Charging and Data Speeds

Moreover, the change infers that charging and information speeds will be speedier as a result of the space made for a Usb 3.0 port – charging and information exchange times are two characteristics that generally calculate vigorously in purchasers purchasing choices.

GS5 Release to Public Date Pushed Back?

The undercarriages booked processing date is said to be in February as per On the other hand, all signs to date indicate Galaxy S5 being discharged at one of three occasions – Black Friday, Consumer Electronics Show, or Mobile World Congress.

Only remember that Samsung has been quiet regarding any Galaxy S5 specs, in the event that it even retreats in any case, so well obviously need to hold up for official reports – at whatever point they come.

What do you think of the Galaxy S5 metal frame?

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