Galaxy S5 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S5 release Date Rumors: Next-Generation android Smartphone with a 13 MPix Camera; At MWC 2014?

There has been no word – rumour or otherwise – about when we are going to be ready to get our grubby very little hands on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

However, Samsung is typically consistent once it involves launching new models of its phones. As such, its a reasonably safe bet that Samsung can unveil the Galaxy S5 in March 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date

As for once you’ll be ready to get your hands on it? If we tend to were indulgent individuals, we’d say the last weekday of Apr – therefore Friday, April 25th.

he rumor mill is setting out to work in high for the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date claiming that the new device could arrive early next year.

A post from International Business Times urged that the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date could occur throughout the Mobile World Congress event next year (MWC 2014), happening significantly from Feb 24 to twenty seven. However, the post additionally mentioned that Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is also set throughout its own official unveiling event.

Moreover, as according by Latinos Post, Samsung Galaxy S5 release date might also be scheduled  for March 2014 and itll be on the market within the market on Apr.

The rumor regarding Samsung Galaxy S5 release date set for March next year was supported the release schedule of Samsung Galaxy S4. it absolutely was declared March 2012 and have become on the market within the market successive month. However, the Samsung Galaxy S5 unleash date rumors rising of late ought to still be smitten a grain of salt, particularly since Samsung isnt better-known to strictly adhering with a launch pattern once it involves unveiling their flagship smartphones. Aside from Samsung Galaxy S5 release date speculations, reports regarding its specs are rife and also the most up-to-date ones urged that the smartphone could feature a thirteen MP camera sensor. other than the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Note 4 is additionally reported to possess this new 13MP sensor from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date


The 13MP sensor, as posted on style & Trend,sensor will be able to capture images of eight times brighter than those captured by the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4, which might rival the HTC One for low light capability.

Moreover, the camera additionally has an improved anti-shake practicality and a lot of power-friendly. there is also a anti-shake feature that will be able to correct an angular quality of up to one.5° (digital cameras will fix errors up to zero.7°).

Citing Patent Bolt, the post said that the thirteen MP sensor imagined to be featured on the Samsung Galaxy S5, are going to be place into production throughout the primary 1/2 2014.

For tech fans thirstily excited to grab the new smartphone, it might be safer to assume that Samsung Galaxy S5 unleash date is also set at Q1 or at the newest, Q2 of 2014.  Expect a lot of news and updates regarding Samsung Galaxy S5 within the coming back months.

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