Google Pixel 7a successor leak would guarantee BIG up-size of spec camera, battery and display.

Big upgrades from Pixel 6a to Pixel 7a


Beginning to get a much clearer picture of Google Pixel 7a which is about to be released in 2023 with better screen performance, higher battery charging capabilities, and better camera spec thanks to the latest leaks.

Based on various clear information leaks, the Pixel 7a is going to get a main highlight of impressive 90Hz refresh rate for smooth display which is better than previous Pixel 6a at only 60Hz refresh rate.

Pixel 7a is still keeping at 1080p resolution, yet with the refresh rate jump would be on par with the Google Pixel 7 which both is getting a much smoother interface experience while you could get more excited that the Pixel 7 Pro is up to 120Hz smoothness.

Pixel 7a also packs with upgrades on rear camera with a huge 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor paired with a 13MP Sony IMX712 ultrawide camera sensor, which is a big drastic jump from previous Pixel 6a of 12MP+12MP dual lens camera sensor.

In the battery improvement space, you are getting wireless charging for extra simple charging without having to hassle finding cables is a new upgrade compared to its predecessor Pixel 6a. Although there is no word yet on the battery capacity increase, however we may yet to expect a possible upgrade from the 4,410mAh of Pixel 6a.

Google may announce Pixel 7a in 2023 during the Google IO event, but we have yet to know the exact dates of the next IO conference it is going to conduct. Many would expect to have a possible buying chance on Pixel 7a thanks to its premium level spec and performance while getting offered with lower price which is going to be an interesting that many would want to know how much it is going to appear soon.

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