How To Buy The Right Smartphone: The Best Buying Guide!

How to buy a right smartphone

You should consider the number of things while planning to buy the right phone for yourself, your partner, your parents, your siblings, or for someone you know.
The key thing to keep in mind while buying the phone is to identify what the smartphone’s owner is using the smartphone for.

As numbers of smartphones keep increasing, choosing the right phone might get more confusing, so we ( will assist you to narrow down and make a guide which assists you to choose the best smartphone to buy into.

Here Are Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone!

1. Understand the smartphone user would be who?

A. Are You Buying A Smartphone For Yourself?

If you are the smartphone owner and are buying the phone for yourself, then you should just proceed to step No.2. Else, go through the list below if you are buying for someone else.

B. You are buying a smartphone for your partner?

If you are planning to buy for your female partner, then you should look into smartphones that are suitable for females. Eventhough gender does not pose too much difference in terms of requirements, but sometime female smartphone users may look into the design built and color of the smartphone as a part of their requirement of choice as well.

If you are planning to buy for your male partner, then you should look into smartphones that are suitable for male. Even though gender does not pose too much difference in terms of requirements, but sometime male smartphone users would look into more on the specifications and performance of the smartphone.

C. Are you buying a smartphone for your parent?

Perhaps your parents did not know that you were planning to buy for them, but you could often notice them using their old phones and probably slow smartphone without wanting to get a newer one. We all want to be a loving son or daughter who are being dutiful to their parents, by providing a small gift for them. To make sure the smartphone is suitable for your parents, we listed down new smartphones that are ranging from top suitable smartphone for your parents as well as the smartphone suits the demand of everyone’s parents.

D. Are you buying a smartphone for your close one?

If you are buying smartphones for your close one such as your siblings or relatives, then you probably have noticed their desired choice of smartphone you have heard from them including brands, specifications and color they prefer. Ops, have you not remembered the color they prefered for their smartphones?

Probably there are more details they prefer to choose, so check the smartphone buying guide here to walk you through questions you can think of next time and ask/listen from them before you make your decision to buy a smartphone for them.

Even though that may ruin the surprise, but you some people love a good surprise, while others are very particulate about every little things as personal as their smartphone. So consider asking them what they do like and don’t like about their current phones to dig up more hints before you go into the store to purchase one.

E. Are you buying a smartphone for someone who you are not so close to?

If you are buying a smartphone for a friend, customer, an employee, or just an ordinary person, what kind of smartphone you should be buying can be the long thinking question of yours.

Since you are not so close with the person you are buying the smartphone for, so try to understand what is the reason you are buying this phone for such as, the company is buying a smartphone as a gift for an event, so the phone should be based on the budget available from the company.

For instance, if you are buying a gift for your friend, then you should know them quite well sometime, so try your best to ask them what they like or don’t kike about their current phones to grab more hints before your buy them the smartphone. If you have gathered the hints, you can go to step no.2 to determine which phone you should narrow down and to get one for them.

If you are really unsure about what kind of phone they want, just get one that you think could be the one and ask to find the places that offer extended return policies which is a fail-proof method if you ended up in a situation where that may require a quick smartphone swap is a huge lifesaver.

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2. Research on specification of the needs/requirements of the smartphone owner.

There are always easy questions you can ask yourself or the person you are buying for, about what you do and don’t like about your current smartphone, and to check what phone your friends have, also have a read about models of smartphones to narrow down what’s available one out there.

A. Smartphone’s Price:

How much you are willing to invest or somewhat to buy the best model of phone you can find, or you are quite tied up but needing a phone urgently and want something as well that can fulfill all your requirements at a cheap price and yet efficient one. Check out our ongoing updated guide for listing of the best and budget smartphones, or discover the guide list of flagship and high-end expensive smartphones available for this year you should not miss.

B. Design, dimension and shape:

You are getting a new phone that you are going to use it a lot, so ensure you like holding the one you are choosing. Ranging from shiny glass, cute compact phones, sleek metal, enormous phablets, colorful plastic appearance and unique looking one. The dimension and shape should be of your consideration such as you desire a larger screen, thin and sleek phone, good grabbing size sensation phone, gaming shape design, compact one for portability and various more.

C. Type of Brand:

Some one are really into brands that they have experienced over the past and are really confident about that especially things they are concerned about. If you are an iPhone user, you definitely would choose the iPhone as your new phone again if your past experience is good while using it. Otherwise, you would be confident that it’s gonna be the last time using it, so switching to another brand is your priority.

D. Operating System of Smartphone:

You are pretty familiar with iPhone IOS or Android right? Either one of them has their own pros and of course cons. Such as an iPhone’s IOS system has flawless connectivity and productive syncing with your iPod, iPad, or MAC, while not as customizable as desired by some users. On the other hand, Android system are widely customizable in various aspects, yet having a unique user interface on every phone could be hard to tell.

Too bored with iPhones and want to switch to an Android, read our favorite guide before you do so.

But if you desire to switch to iPhone for its premium look and flawless smooth system, check out a complete guide here before you do so.

E. Specification:

Those who are into great performance do require to look into the flagship specifications especially the high end processors, RAM and etc. Major flagship phones come with the latest technology which is very ideal if you are those who usually use a lot of apps at one time capable of multitasking, play high end games and watch top quality video. In contrast, if you didn’t usually the kind of heavy duty usage of smartphone user, you will normally not get the top shelf spec phones.

F. Internal and external storage size

Internal storage is build in storage size on your phone which you usually use to store files such as applications, system files, messages, photos, videos, and other files. Some phones does has the capability to expand storage size with external SD card, that usually get to store more files you desire. However, smartphone such as iPhone does not comes with expandable storage, but by getting a larger internal storage size can makes the phone very smooth, except if you bulk up the storage till it is fully used. As current application files kept expanding in size, you should not surprise when an apps can get as large as 1GB in size easily, so make sure to not choose phone storage size that are small, especially the internal storage.

G. Display Quality

There are some phones that come with displays ranging from amazing quad-HD or Super AMOLED quality at premium price to the budget phone at standard quality LCD display quality. If you prefer reading small text from your phones, including watching videos or playing games, the best display with a quad-HD display capable of displaying with optimum clarity, especially small text.

H. Camera Quality

Smartphone’s cameras are advancing at competitive speed, which varies quite significantly in terms of quality while taking photos from phone to phone, though the namely lens type would be fairly the same. You also get to choose phones with single, dual, triple, or even quad rear cameras with single or dual front camera type ranges differently up and down depending on current technology penetration. There are also types of lens blend into the phones including the standard/main camera, ultra-wide camera, telephoto or periscope zoom camera, macro camera, monochrome camera, and depth sensor or 3D ToF sensor. If optimum camera quality is your checklist, we suggest you look into our top 10 latest camera phones for excellent choice to not miss.

I. Features Available:

Do you want a 5G network, heart rate monitoring, IR blaster, gaming buttons, LED notification light, NFC, removable battery or etc. that packs in various ranges of phones. If there are features which are considered important and must not be missed in your phone, then you can just search in our website ( top right corner “search bar” for your essential features.

J. Phone’s Color:

If you are particulate about phone’s color and care about showing off without any case covering your phone, then you should be aiming for a model of phone that has the available color of yours. You can search your desired color at the top right corner search bar.


3. Shortlist the Smartphone and Choose the RIGHT ONE!

After you have reviewed and shortlist the phone you like, then it is time you pick your favorite phone. If you are having difficulty narrowing down into one phone, then choose two or three that are your favorite choice to own, and compare the great deal you can get from each of the phones.

By any chance you would want to change from Android phone to iPhone, or the opposite way, you can understand here how to smoothly make the move between the 2 different systems.

4. Where to buy the smartphone that I chose with a GREAT DEAL PRICE?

Once you have finalized the one phone that you like, then you can set out the plan to buy your phone. There are various plans you can choose that you like, and the network provider would give you the stuff you want. If there is a plan & network suits you, then you can sign up through the provider locally or via website. If you prefer to get your phone via cash, you can get them from a local shop or online official smartphone shop such as official iPhone or Android phones.

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