How to Change Cell Phone Home Screen Wallpaper

Hello Samsung S5 Lovers the strength of Androids phones are its ability to change home screen wallpaper with ease. With so many different ways to change and modify your hone screen android to suit your needs. So we begin by looking at the most common ways to change the Samsung Galaxy S5 home screen and of course this applies to all Android smartphone devices. What we cover on this tutorials are,

-Change home screen wallpaper

-Shortcut to apps and adding/removing moving

-Browser bookmark or Contact adding on desktop home screen android.

Check out this video for a genral quick look over what we will cover in this article.

Changing home screen wallpaper on android

To change your home screen wallpaper this is fairly simple let’s take a look at some simple process. Simply long-press an empty area on the home screen, then a pop-up dialog will shortly appear that provides you with various wallpapers. Choose the one you like, and then select the wallpaper you like to have.

Android supports unique wallpaper called live wallpaper, which supplies some moving images, for instance a waterfall, as you background. Realize though that live wallpapers can decrease the scrolling on your android and utilize more battery than fixed wallpaper. You can also quite easily change lock screen wallpaper by following the same process. FREE wallpaper Download Here

Remove, Add, move shortcut Apps

Looking for help on how to add shortcut to home screen android? This is an easy process. To include a short-cut to an app simply go to the App Drawer, hold the icon up until the screen changes, then drag it to the position on any of your home screens.

You can likewise move an app short-cut on your home-screen by holding it, then move it to the brand-new position you desire.

how to remove shortcut apps? To eliminate a short-cut simply hold it then move it to the trash-can icon that appears while you hold it. Keep in mind: This will certainly not erase your app, it will simply eliminate the desktop shortcut. how to remove shortcut from Samsung Galaxy? This is the same process with any Samsung Smartphone. FREE wallpaper Download Here

Home screen folder creation

The home screen folder galaxy s5 is a very helpful thing you can do in a lot of Android 4 systems is to develop Folders of icons on your home screen. Simply drag an app icon on top of another, then Android will immediately produce a folder, surrounded by a circle you can follow the same process for all android devise to create home screen folders on your desktop.

You can likewise position an app icon in the Apps Dock (often called the Favorites tray) at the bottom of your home screens. You touch, hold, & slide to move among the Favorites icons from the Apps Dock. Then utilize the exact same method to move a folder or another app icon into the empty slot in the Apps Dock.

Lets take a look at a tablet example. When youre holding an app in the App Drawer the screen will certainly alter and you see your home screen with little grid markers which reveal where you can position the icon for the app shortcut. FREE wallpaper Download Here

How to: Add app shortcut to Android desktop

The Long-Press Method on Android 2.3 and higher you can use the long press method to add your app shortcut to your desktop. With a simple long press on the home screen you will then be shown a pop-up and then you will then select your application to be added to your home screen wallpaper

-Long press empty home screen wallpaper



-Select Application you want for short cut

TouchWiz Android Method with the new Samsung Galaxy S rang you are able to use the simple method with TouchWiz see below screen shot.


From the Image above you can clearly see your first pop-up menu, this is where you are then able to select the Application or multiple apps you want to add to the hone screen.

This same principle is the same for all Android 2.3 systems and above the only changing is the style and design. FREE wallpaper Download Here

How to: change home screen widgets android

I love widgets on my Android but this can slow down your smartphone device so use this with care and it will drain your cell data usage. This is one of the beast advantages of having an Android smartphone devise, to have the ability to use widgets next to application icons. Widgets are always running in the background, they can if needed display live data or just display information you can even set them up to once clicked they launch programs.

Some of the most common widgets are world clock widgets once you click on the icon you are taken to the clock application where you are able to change setting check world current times , alarms, stopwatch and many more all depends on the widget you have. Some widgets let you check mail and even notify you when new mail arrives so the features are endless.  FREE wallpaper Download Here

Adding Home screen Android widgets

Most of Androids 2.3 systems you are able to use the same long-press method as described above. From Android 4. It is more efficient to open the App Draw in the same way as we did before then click tab for widgets and select

But the preferred method is the one used in Android 4, you open the App Drawer in the same way as above when you added an app. On top of the App Drawer you see a tab for widgets, pick that.  FREE wallpaper Download Here

add widget to home screen in Galaxy S4 with Android 5 Lollipop

Widgets come in different sizes and most of these you are able to resize. To add a widget lets take a look at the image below for the easy steps to follow. You can also add widget to lock screen android following the same process above.

-Goto widget draw

-Hold widget you want

-Drag it into position

-Of the home screen you want.

The process to add an app short-cut to your Samsug Galaxy S5 or any other Android smartphone devises is the same. You can remove apps and widgets by moving them to the bin at the top wright corner of your home screen. If you moved a widget to an area where there is no space on your home screen wallpaper it will not be added.

Some widgets you are able to scroll this feature is available on Android 4.0 and above and also resizable widgets are also only available on Android 4.0

You are also able to use the same method to add apps and widgets to your home screen wallpaper. You can also use the Touchwiz feature to do this also.  FREE wallpaper Download Here

Home Screen Add Widget Alternative methods

In the same way that you can use the long-press method to add shortcuts to apps you can also use it to add widgets. Lets start by looking at a Samsung TouchWiz example:

Customizing Android Home screen with Contacts and Browser Bookmarks

A simple method to add contacts and book marks to your home screen wallpaper this will help you be more efficient to contact the people you use most frequently. The process is the same as above but with some minor changes.

How to add contacts to your home screen on Android 4

With contacts in Android 4 you will find this in the widgets section, and then select the contact you want. This way you can see the most used contacts on your home screen with their photo if available.  FREE wallpaper Download Here

How to add Bookmarks to your home screen on Android 4

With Bookmarks you can select a widget with a single bookmark / widget that will display all your bookmarks making your browsing faster and efficient. Android 2.3 versions, this version of Android you are able to use the simple Long-press method as above and also the TouchWiz method also.

-Long Press on Home screen wallpaper



-Choose contact / Bookmarks

Thank you for taking your time to look over this rather long article but I am sure we have covered what you have been looking for the home screen wallpaper on Android devise can be quit complicated at first but rather easy once you know what you are doing.  FREE wallpaper Download Here


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