How To Check If My iPhone Has Viruses or Malware? FIX It Now Before It’s Too Late!


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You probably have realized that your phone has been behaving suspiciously weird which is not as normally it is. Perhaps you have unintentionally allowed a malicious process to leak to your iOS system. Even Though iOS is very unlikely to be vulnerable to viruses and malware, there are certain actions that can cause breach of the security of iOS. 

Can my iPhone get infected with viruses?

Definitely they can, however it is very unlikely they would infect with viruses all thanks to the impressive iPhone system iOS which is a closed ecosystem or sandbox that prevents viruses from spreading across your Apple devices or stealing data. As long as you iPhone is not Jailbroken, they would still be protected by Apple, otherwise your Jailbroken iPhone is susceptible to any viruses since the iPhone will not be updated by the iOS system regularly.

Why does my iPhone screen have a suspicious pop-up that looks like a virus?

This kind of suspicious looking pop-up could be encountered while you are browsing on the web, which suddenly shows that your iPhone has been infected with viruses. What came across your mind is whether this kind of pop up warning is real or not? We will help you reveal the possibilities.

Fake Pop-Up Warning About iPhone infected with Viruses.

There are fake pop-ups from some unknown website which would want to get more information from your phone either by calling you or without your knowing via software bypass. This kind of fake pop-ups commonly surface you should never click into it because what lies inside the pop-up could be viruses or malware or any other tactics that the unknown side would want to get your iPhone’s information or data. 

There are 2 ways to deal with this fake virus pop-ups:

Method 1: 

Do not waste your time trying to exit the fake pop-ups because no matter how hard you try to click it will lead you to the unknown pages or traps. 

To easily exit from the pop-ups:

Step 1: You can just close down the safari tab where the pop-up appeared at. (OR) just tap the home button to exit the whole Safari app.

Step 2: Go to iPhone Settings > Network and Internet Option > Airplane Mode (toggle left to enable airplane mode to stop any malicious apps from receiving or sending data through your network)

Step 3: Go to iPhone Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. This will clear all the fake pop-ups.

Step 4: Lastly ensure you enabled the Block Pop-ups or Fraudulent Website Warning so that next time you will be warned by the iOS about suspicious websites. 

If you have set all above, then you are fine to disable the Airplane Mode and then return to safe browsing normally. However if the above issues did not solve that for you, then probably there are hidden apps that are causing this pop-ups. To prevent the fake pop-ups completely, you should install Internet Security to help your iPhone prevent all possible malware attacks. 

Method 2:

Even though if your iPhone is very unlike getting viruses, however all iPhone or smartphone is rather still vulnerable to other cybersecurity threats. There are few types of threats where an iPhone may fail to protect from which is malware, phishing, ramsomware and data breach.  

Malware: Malware is known as a malicious software specifically created to steal your information, data, or send spam or harm the iPhone owner directly or indirectly. 

Phishing: This is a fraudulent or fake message pop-up or prompting a victim to provide valuable information or trick owners to click on malicious links. 

Ransomware: This ransomware is another type of malware which spreads to iPhone or any system to lock your data, and then threatens them by blackmailing for valuable accounts, money or more. 

Data breach: Data breaching is an illegal bypassing iPhone or systems to attempt crawling to get their personal account or information. 

This is why it is very important to get internet protection from AVG INTERNET SECURITY to help you protect your iPhone from all above mentioned malware attacks.

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Protect your iPhone now, or rather your personal business information, financial accounts, and important data from cyber threats which you have no control over and even without you knowing when it happens.

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