How to check signal strength on iPhone 13?

How to check signal strength on iPhone 13?

To check the signal strength on your iPhone 13, follow these steps:

Step1: Open the Phone app on your iPhone 13.

Step2: Dial 3001#12345# and press the Call button. This will launch the Field Test mode.

Step3: You will now see the Field Test screen, which displays various information about your iPhone’s cellular signal.

Step4: Look for the signal bars in the top left corner of the screen. The number of bars indicates the signal strength. More bars mean a stronger signal, while fewer bars mean a weaker signal.

Step5: You can also check the numerical signal strength by looking at the number next to the signal bars. The number ranges from -40 dBm (excellent signal) to -130 dBm (poor signal).

Step6: To exit the Field Test mode, press and hold the Power button until the slide to power off screen appears, then release the Power button and press and hold the Home button until the Field Test screen disappears.

Note that the Field Test mode is a diagnostic tool and should be used with caution. Be sure to exit the Field Test mode when you’re done, as it can affect the performance of your iPhone if left running.


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