How to Fix Low Voice-Call Volume on My iPhone? Here Are Best Solution to Increase Voice-Call Volume Louder.

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Are you frustrated about facing low volume or soft sound while listening to a phone call? It probably frustrates you a lot where you sometimes couldn’t really hear what the person you are calling is talking about. The whole conversation was crowded by the word “huh”, till you got frustrated and wanted to hang up.

This low volume or soft voice call was a huge issue especially when a phone call is the primary feature that we must make sure it functions at its best. What more phone calling feature has been around for centuries and the voice call volume has never been an issue where we couldn’t listen to others that couldn’t spark a huge concern why a new or despite latest smartphone, could not function properly especially its primary essential feature of phone calling loudness volume’s feature.

If you are new to iPhone & IOS, or just switching from an Android phone, you probably need to do some troubleshooting steps. You can try to get the iPhone’s volume increase at max where you want it to be and get back to frustration-free conversations.

Curious That Why Is My Phone Voice Call Volume Suddenly Low?

Numerous reasons why iPhone in-call voice volume is suddenly low and soft could be solved easily here. The most common reason is the volume rocker has accidentally toggled while on previous call, or new software or hardware add-on has caused the iPhone to face this issue. There is a high chance that an iOS operating system update could cause this issue to. Therefore, you should proceed with the following solutions and troubleshooting fixes till you find the solution to the problem accordingly.

How Do You Fix or Increase Low or Soft In-Call Voice Volume on iPhone?

1. Increase Voice Call Volume by Pressing Volume Rocker Up Button.

Some iPhone users may not be aware about this issue when they accidentally lowered their voice call volume by pressing the volume rocker down button. By doing something as simple as adjusting the-call volume by pressing the volume rocker up button when you are in the middle of a call can solve this issue as well for those who are new to iPhone. Therefore, if you are in the middle of a call with someone next time, make sure you press the Volume Rocker Up Button on your iPhone and the volume shall go back to a comfortable level to listen to.

volumeup button

2. Speaker Blocked by iPhone case.

There are chances by identify why your iPhone’s speaker blocked by phone case or screen protector. There are some phone case manufacturer comes with faulty design that covers the upper speaker of an iPhone. Therefore, if you realize the iPhone phone case or screen protector has covered the upper speaker, and then the audio sound may sounds muffled or garbled while you are in the middle of voice calling. If you realize that the iPhone case has blocking the upper speaker, then temporary removing the case to test if the voice call volume still persist or not. You can check here for more suitable iPhone phone case.

3. Screen Protector With Wrong Installation.

Another frequently wrong screen protector installation may cover the upper speaker and cause the voice call sound to be muffled. Some of the screen protector manufacturers designed with faulty or wrong model of screen protector installed could cause this issue too. The solution is to remove the installed screen protector by you or at any nearby phone shop to test the voice call volume improvements.

screen protector

There are types of tempered glass screen protectors that come with UV glue type. You may accidentally cause the UV glue covering the upper speaker if you install it by yourself. Therefore, this kind of screen protector could be installed with extra carefulness especially using the provided sticker to cover the hold of your iPhone upper speaker to avoid the glue sipping into the hole unintended. This is why you should let a local phone expert retailer to help you with this kind of installation to avoid damage done to your expensive phones. If you are worried about damage done to your phone due to any possible accident, you can understand more about the protection plan provided by these smartphones.

4. Switch the Silence/Ring Switch on the Side of iPhone.

There is a physical switch on the side of the iPhone above the volume rocker button. This physical switch can use to silence your phone fast and easy. Although this button was to silence your phone, certain iPhone users claimed that after they switch it Off and On for a couple of times, the volume of their voice-call are back to normal with comfortable audible volume. There could be some bug caused by this switch silent/ring button.

silent switch on off

The function of the Silent switch (orange red color), it means your iPhone’s notifications are silent. If your switch to Ringing side (Silver color), it means your iPhone’s is now behave like normal where all sounds can come through. You would want to leave this switch at Ringing side (Silver), to ensure all sound at maximum can come through especially voice call volume.

You may also face problems such as the silent/ring switch not functioning when switching to either mode, here is the solution for this switch if you are facing problems.

5. Enable & Disable Airplane Mode.

Some iPhone users who experienced issues with low volume or soft voice during in-call, they reported that just by Enable & Disable the Airplane Mode a few times, which claimed to have fixed the low volume or soft voice of the in-call. If you face this low volume or soft voice during in-call, just give this a try and make sure your final Airplane Mode has to be disabled so that voice-call can call your iPhone.

airplanemode on off

6. Enable & Disable Bluetooth Mode.

You should Enable and Disable Bluetooth mode is another trick to fix the issue of in-call low volume that is claimed by some iPhone users. The reason behind this is because the Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and Bluetooth headset or vehicle connection can affect the iPhone’s in-call volume issue, whereby lower volume normally preset by default for headset or earphone to reduce too high volume can damage your ear. Therefore, by disable and then enabled the Bluetooth mode back could fix the problem. If this does not fix your issue, try to disable Bluetooth mode and make a voice-call to check if volume has back to comfortable level. If the problem is caused by Bluetooth mode, try to unpair from the existing Bluetooth devices and create a new pairing again with the devices.

bluetooth disable and enable

7. Disable Noise Cancellation Feature.

This impressive noise cancellation feature is an accessibility feature of the iPhone which works great to help some iPhone users to hear more clearly in the noisy environment. Due to this feature filtering some of the in-call voice level, you could end up with a lower volume or softer voice call issue. Therefore, some iPhone users who experienced low volume during voice call, but have reported that by Disabling the Noise Cancellation would greatly improve the voice-call volume a lot. You can turn off Noise Cancellation as following:

Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > toggle left to disable Noise Cancellation.

noise cancellation1


8. Hearing Compatibility Aid to Disable

This hearing compatibility aid is used to improve audio quality with some hearing aids. However, you should disable this setting because it does not aid in any ways if you don’t wear any hearing aid devices. Disabling this should increase more clarity in voice call volumes. You can disable Hearing Compatibility Aid as follows.

Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices > Hearing Compatibility Aid > toggle left to disable.



9. Check Your iPhone’s Audio is not transmitted to Bluetooth devices

There are times where you have connected your iPhone to Bluetooth devices such as speakers, headphone, car audio system or etc. You can easily identify whether your audio is transmitted through your iPhone speakers in the Control Center. To go to the Control Center page, swipe down from the upper-right corner, look for the music box in the upper right corner. If you saw a concentric circle with triangle icon at the top right corner, it means audio is coming from your iPhone correctly.

Otherwise if you didn’t see that icon, then there will be a Bluetooth speaker, headphones or another devices is connect to your phone, just disable Bluetooth mode and the audio will restore to your iPhone whereby voice-call volume should be fixed.

10. Cleaning Upper Speaker of iPhone.

We often place our iPhone screen facing upward, therefore lint and dust could collect and block over the upper speaker causing voice call volume to be muffled. You should clean the upper speaker with a clean soft toothbrush or full guide here, and then try to do voice-call again to test if the problem of low volume still persists.

upper speaker clogged

11. Ensure to Update iPhone iOS System.

For iPhone iOS that is outdated, that could as well be the reason behind the low volume of voice caller. This is why you should make sure that your iPhone is entirely up-to-date for ensuring the speaker’s driver software is latest for fixing this issue.

For users who make phone call using their Bluetooth headphones, a low voice call volume could cause by the outdated driver issue. Therefore, you should update the Bluetooth headphone’s driver to avoid low voice call volume issue.

12. Easily Just Restart Your iPhone.

There are times where some issue caused by an iPhone’s software bug can be the culprit of low volume voice calls. It is a common solution that by doing a simple restart can easily fixes this issue due to software bugs. Your iPhone should have improved your call volume after the restart.

restart button1

13. Seek Professionals Help if All Above Fails.

For every solution mentioned above you have tried and failed to troubleshooting the issue, the next possible culprit could be your iPhone’s internal part physical damages, that includes damages done by submerge into water or hard drop from height damages. These physical damages of ten require professional to diagnose the actual cause for your. Therefore if your iPhone still covered by warranty, then make an appointment with Apple Store or visit local authorize Apple repair store to get their help to fix this issue on your iPhone.

appleretailrepair store

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Should I Factory Reset on My iPhone?

Though, you should give it a try if you know how to backup all of your important files on your iPhone. If you haven’t yet, probably identifying the root cause is the primary objective here. Back to point 13 above, if all other method has failed, you should seek professional help to help you diagnose the actual issue before further to factory reset risking losing all important documents.

2. Is there any reason why my iPhone music playing volume is low?

The common reason of low volume during music playing is due to volume limit set. You can set this to desirable volume level by going to the Settings > Music > Volume Limit sliders is set all way to right.

3. My iPhone volume is lowering every time i move and any advice on this?

The volume of voice call can gets lowering or cutting out at times, which could due to destination you are at is having a poor signal connection. Especially when you are at indoor, try to move closer to window or go outside if possible to check if signal reception improved. You can also enable Wi-Fi calling to improve your call signal here.

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