Huawei/Honor Smartphone’s Status Bar Notification Icons, What Are the Icons Really Mean?

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To keep track what is going on your smartphone, notification or status bar is pretty convenient and useful information to notify you the current state of your Huawei or Honor smartphone including signal connection, type of network, Wi-Fi connection status, battery level and much more icons you have seen it but may not know what it means.

Do you really recognize all the notification bar icons on your Huawei’s Android OS running EMUI user interface, also the Honor’s Smartphone running Magic UI user interface? To help you identify and understand all the icons and their meanings, we compile and present you with the list of notification icons for you to know much more detail and better.

Notification Bar Icons Meaning:

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What Is The Status Bar Icons Meaning?

If you have been scrolling down the slider from top with many icons, especially the Wi-Fi icon that you are very familiar with, and there are few added status bar icon feature that could be new to you. Check out below status’s icons meanings so that you will understand what you have turned on:


Eye Comfort Icon:

eye comfort icon

If you noticed and eye icon that appears at your notification icons, then this icon is the, Eye comfort mode. Eye comfort mode when turned on, it helps to effectively reduce blue light as well adjust your phone screen to warmer colour that helps to relieve eye from fatigue and keep your eyesight protected.


Screen Recorder Icon

screen recorder icon

If you would like to record your screen on your phone, there are no need to install any other apps, because your Huawei’s phone have included this feature at the status bar. Once you click on it, it will start recording and you can select the microphone settings on the spot.


Wireless Projection Icon

wireless projection icon

By turning on this “Wireless Projection” feature, you can connect your phone to an external display such as a TV via wirelessly with your external display that supports Miracast or via wireless HDMI adapter. This feature is absolutely simple if your devices are connected through the similar Wi-Fi network.


NFC icon

nfc icon

This ‘N’ icon, known as NFC (Near Field Communication), is a type of wireless connection that capable used to transfer information to and from your Huawei smartphone. You can as well use NFC feature do payment for groceries, connect to website page, or call phones and much more by holding you phone near to an NFC tag or reader.


Navigation Dock icon

navigation dock icon

By turning “Navigation Dock” on, your screen will appear with a small joy-stick that functions to let you navigate your screen including sliding screen pages, act like a home button when press and hold and let go, act like a back button when pressed once.


Dolby Atmos icon

dolby atmos icon

Dolby Atmos smartly identify the audio content played, and automatically adjust the immersive sound surround experience by tuning the audio quality.


Huawei Share icon

huawei share icon

Have you been having difficulty in sharing files via Bluetooth of other document sharing apps? You should not worry more, because with Huawei Share simply easily allows you quickly share files to nearby Huawei/Honor smartphones via mix of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


Ultra Power Saver icon

ultra power saver icon

When you Enabled Ultra power saving mode, this restrict and limit controls of background apps and save more battery consumption, that includes disabling all system apps except Wi-Fi and mobile data.


Do-Not-Disturb icon

do not disturb icon

When the Do-Not-Disturb mode has turned on, you can prevent from any interruptions when necessary. This do-not-disturb (DND) feature will mute calls and messages including banner notifications will not be displayed.


If you have discovered the weird icons you have long seen but didn’t know what it means, then help yourself with below icons and respective description accordingly. Else please feel free to comment below to let us help you out if you have more icons or symbols you couldn’t understand and would like to turn off, ring us a bell, and we will help you out now.

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