iPhone Icons Meaning: Most Common iPhone Symbols & The Meanings From Full Guide

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Definitely you have ever wondered about what are some of the symbols appearing on the top of your iPhone screen (normally called as “status bar”) or shown in the Control Center, this is why you have come to the right place for the answers.

Apple gadgets including iPhone and also the iPad’s status icons and symbols appear with many information properly crowded in the small space on screen. You may discover the iPhone’s icons that normally shown are the common icon such as the Network Bar, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icon, however there are few rarely appearing icons such as the Orientation Lock icon, which may indeed visually appear to not knowing what is that symbols by iPhone users. This is why it is super important for every iPad and iPhone user to know what every icon means, so that you are able to fully benefit from the features or at least you have a glance and discover what has turned on or off. These status icons often stay the same for every iPhone generation, no matter if you are having an older iPhone 8, 9, X or iPhone 11, or even the very latest iPhone you are using. Keep looking below for a much complete guide on all of the status icon’s meanings in the iPhone and also the iPad.

What Are The Home Screen Icons That Appear At The Status Bar (The Meaning of Icons located at the Top of Your iPhone Screen)

How To Reveal iPhone Status Bar Icons:

It’s the most straightforward way to signify the icons starting from the top of the Home Screen, which is the status bar. These icons may also be seen within apps which are shown in black icons instead of white.

If you are the owner of variants of iPhone X or 11, then you should know that not all these icons will be shown at the top of your display the same way they do on the older variant of iPhones. To fully shown your current available Home Screen icons on all iPhone X models and newer:

  1. From the top-right corner of your screen, touch and drag down to reveal the icons.
  2. This will show all the hidden icons, and even reveal the battery life percentages. Keep reading to understand more about what these icons really mean.

How To Reveal iPhone Status Bar Icon new

What do the Clock Colors Green, Blue and Red Means?

What do the Clock Colors Green, Blue and Red Means2

For owners of the iPhone X or newer, you should have discovered that there are times when your clock appeared with a colored bubble behind. But, do you know what these colors mean?

If you see the clock with a blue bubble, that tell you few things:

  • an application is now using your location,
  • your iPhone is now using Screen Mirroring,
  • your iPhone is now providing Personal Hotspot to other devices.

When the clock color in a green bubble, then it means you’re on a call.

If the clock color is in a red bubble, that tells you your iPhone is recording sound or your screen.

iPhone Status Bar with The Green or Orange Dot Icons Right Above the Signal Bar Icon, What Is That?

Green or Orange Dot Icons Right Above the Signal Bar Icon2

This is a new icon coming in with iOS 14, you will be notified with a small green or orange dot in the upper-right corner of your display which is just above the signal bar.

  • The orange dot tells you that an app is using your iPhone’s microphone.
  • The green dot tells you that an app is using your iPhone’s camera or camera with microphone.

Wi-Fi Symbol

The Wi-Fi signal icon located at the top of your screen tells you that your Wi-Fi is turned on and connected for your internet access. The Wi-Fi signal bar filled informs you about how strong your Wi-Fi connection is, ranging from the weakest signal at one bar to the three bar as the strongest signal.

Wi-Fi Symbol2

Data Type – 5G, LTE or 4G Symbol

If you are not connected or out of range to Wi-Fi, you would notice that the Wi-Fi icon would change to 5G, LTE or any type of signal depending on availability of signal at your current location.

The data type icon shown will also tell you your iPhone’s carrier network is available and you are connected to the mobile-data internet. As you are much away from the town or city, you might experience seeing 3G or 4G, which 4G signal has faster speeds than 3G signal.

Data Type - 5G, LTE or 4G Symbol2

Signal Bar or Cellular Network Strength

This commonly seen icon, the four bars signal icon located at top of the screen that represents your cellular network signal strength. With all bars filled white, this shows you are getting a very strong signal. However with only one white bar, your will be getting an extremely slow signal.

Signal Bar or Cellular Network Strength2

Carrier Name On Your IPhone

Your network carrier’s name will show the full carrier name or an abbreviation of that name at top left of your screen located between the signal bar and data type icons for iPhone 8 and older versions. For iPhone X or newer iPhone, the carrier name will be showing at notification centre.

Carrier Name On Your IPhone2

Battery Level Bar Icon

At the top right corner of your screen, you’ll notice the battery level bar icon. This battery icon when is full, it tells that more battery life your iPhone currently has. Many iPhone users wonder why their battery icon shows yellow or other colors. Here are different color of battery level bar icon mean:

  • White/Black battery icon: shows the battery level status when your iPhone is not charging. The white or black battery color will be changed automatically depending on your iPhone’s background color for better visibility.
  • Yellow battery icon: Shows up when Low Power Mode is turned on.
  • Red battery icon: tells you that your battery has less than a 20% level.
  • Green battery icon: If you see a green battery icon and with a white lightning bolt, this shows that your iPhone is currently charging.

Battery Level Bar Icon2

Headphones Icon

If you have connected to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, or a speaker, you will notice a headphones icon appear on the left side of the battery icon. Similarly when using a headphone icon, you will notice a small little vertical battery level icon that shows you the battery level of your headset, earbuds or speaker.

Headphones Icon2

Hotspot Icon

The hotspot icon looks like two links in a chain, it tells you that your iPhone is connected to the internet via the Personal Hotspot of other iOS device.

If your hotspot has turned on, you will notice your Wi-Fi icon will turn to Data Type (5G,LTE, or 4G). Once other devices have connected to your personal hotspot, you will see a blue bubble box with two links in a chain at the top left of your iPhone screen.

hotspot icons2

Alarm Icon

Next to the battery life bar and Location Services symbol (when turned on), you will notice a small clock icon. That actually tells you that an alarm clock was set in the Clock app. Otherwise no Alarm icon means that your alarm is turned off. Thus, you should quickly be able to find out if your alarm was set for the next morning.

Alarm Icon2

Location Services Icon

When location is used by your phone’s app, this icon of “an arrow pointing up at a diagonal” will appear at the top right of your screen. The Location Services icon shows an app or website is now using or tracking where your location is using Location Services. Icon with hollow means that your location could be shared in some conditions. The Location Services often used by apps such as Maps to tell you correct directions, or could be used by Browser Safari when searching for location nearby.

Location Services Icon2

How To Access iPad & iPhone’s Control Center and the Meaning of the Icons

You can access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your screen if you are using iPhone 8 or earlier, or swiping down from the upper right corner of your screen if you have the iPhone without a Home button. Though it looks simple to identify what icon’s feature by looking at it since the Control Center is the same for every iPhone, however the icons at the bottom of the Control Center are in fact based on how you choose to customize your Control Center.

Customizing it can be just add or remove the Low Power Mode, the Flashlight, the Calculator, Voice Memos, Sound Recognition (Sound wave icon), Sleep Mode (bed icon) and much more.

Airplane Mode Icon

The Control Center which defaultly comes with Airplane Mode Icon located at the upper left (in the network settings card) of the Control Center, when pressed and highlighted in orange colour, that means your cellular connection is turned off, thus that also means no calls and texts can be received. This Airplane Icon functioned as intended for exactly what the icon shows whenever you are inside an airplane. If you desire to save battery life especially when your iPhone is running at very low battery life. Take note that you will not able to receive any cellular calls or messages while in this mode turned on, but you can still turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or both off or turn on by tapping them in the same network settings card.

airplane mode2

Cellular Data Icon

Beside the Airplane Mode icon is the Cellular Data icon which shows in green colour, that tells you can use cellular data.

cellular icon mode2

Wi-Fi Icon

Just below the Airplane Mode, you get the typical familiar Wi-Fi icon, which is indicated in blue when your Wi-Fi is turned on.

wifi group icons2

Bluetooth Icon

Bluetooth icon located at the right of the Wi-Fi icon and it turns on when it is in blue color.

bluetooth package group icon2

Do Not Disturb Icon

The moon icon located below the bluetooth icon in Control Center means “Do Not Disturb mode”. When turned on, the background will change white and the crescent moon is purple that indicated the “Do Not Disturb” is turned on. What the “Do Not Disturb icon” will do is to silences your iPhone and turns off vibrate. However, you will still receive calls, messages, and notifications, just you will not be “disturbed” by them.

network sleep mode icons2

Orientation Lock Icon

Below the Wi-Fi icon is a lock icon with a circle around it. It can be turned on when the background turns white and the lock and arrow turn red, that tells you the Portrait Orientation Lock on. This will not allow your screen to change from Portrait Orientation to Landscape orientation. When you turned it off, your phone will automatically change to portrait or landscape orientation mode depending on how you hold your phone.

network setting icons2

Orientation Lock Icon

Below the Wi-Fi icon is a lock icon with a circle around it. It can be turned on when the background turns white and the lock and arrow turn red, that tells you the Portrait Orientation Lock on. This will not allow your screen to change from Portrait Orientation to Landscape orientation. When you turned it off, your phone will automatically change to portrait or landscape orientation mode depending on how you hold your phone.

Bonus Controls Tips on the Network Settings Icons.

By touch and hold on any of the four icons in the network settings card in the Control Center, a pops up menu that allows you to turn off or on for the icons of Airplane Mode, Cellular Data, Wi-Fi, AirDrop, Bluetooth, and the Personal Hotspot.

control centre network group icon

Check out below with full notification icons for iPhone.

iphone-icons-status-bar1 iphone-icons-status-bar2

This official iPhone User guide release by Apple in PDF file, that are alot detail and useful addition to iBooks on any iOS device if you want to save the pdf file locally to your phone for future reference.

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