LG’s new stretchable high-res display in 2022 is making Samsung’s illogical design came real

A leap to the future of display technology evolution


Samsung display is major sourcing their display from LG display and recently a ground-breaking display technology has been released by LG on display announcement.

LG display is the panel manufacturing company to LG Electronics, which have announced the world’s first 12 inch high resolution stretchable display which can be deformed up to 20% of its original size and shape without leaving any damage to the screen.

Although this is micro-LED instead of OLED, it’s capable of extended, folded, and twisted the same way a bendy high school ruler, which maintains its RGB full color properties at 100ppi sharpness resolution.

Due to the LG new display is thin, light, and can be easily attachable to curved display surfaces proudly on any surface such as skin, clothing, furniture, automobiles, and even aircraft. There is wider prove that its potential can be useful in many industries that includes fashion, wearable, mobility and gaming too.

The LG’s latest stretchable panel sample up to 14 inch (image credit: LG display)

This display’s flexible material is designed and built from a high resilient film type substrate that is made similar to how special silicon is used in contact lenses. The impressive result of the 14 inches display is rollable and foldable technology cutting edge solution.

To date, the top best foldable phones have often suffered from fragile display and bulky design limitations that lead to unconfident customer attraction. Therefore with LG’s new stretchable display, we could foresee more adventurous and creative handhelds that could be produced based on real-world practicality.

Competitively Samsung’s display team has debuted an OLED-based stretchable sample in 2017 and announced the earliest coolest sample yet is deemed impractical stretchable display in 2021, while no progression in the years since. This is why LG in contracts highlights their clear ambitions for stunning new display technology.

Anyhow, the stretchable display can be cool and would be near the future implementation, though history has shown that slow invention could get exciting, but could be missing due to uncertain factors that are yet to be seen. However, we hope to see real implementation of these prototypes on real world practicality that would help major industries to achieve new innovation and more to come.

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