New Galaxy S5 Phone Features

What to Expect from Galaxy S5 Phone Features

The Galaxy S5 Phone Features has yet to be released into the market and that we idolized it, as you will see through our in-depth review. Its light, slim and powerful, and has the simplest screen we have seen on a smartphone.

But we all know what you are like. you are already puzzling over the Galaxy S5 Phone Features. you are looking at the S4 and wondering: You apprehend what, may Samsung have done higher in some areas? Like build it FLY?

Well, clearly you are insane if you are inquiring for that, however your purpose is valid: there is invariably quite is done to form the last word smartphone. thereto finish, we have a tendency tove place our thinking caps on and done the work for the South Korean firm here are the items that we merely should wear the Galaxy S5 to form it a hit and beat the new HTC One:

List of Possible Galaxy S5 Phone Features

A Flexible Style


Anyone victimization an HTC One can apprehend that the reaction it evokes extremely is immense.

Its no exaggeration to mention that a lot of usually than not, individuals can say: Wow, what is that?. The unhappy reality is that we have a tendency to simply do not get identical reaction from the S4, with the general public simply truly thinking it is the Galaxy S3.

One of its predecessors main criticisms was that the use of plastic created it look and feel low cost (that even applies to the Galaxy S2 from some years back – tho not the Galaxy S, since few individuals took any real notice of the primary iteration.)

When the S4 was proclaimed, it did not even got to be felt – individuals instantly criticised however low cost that all-plastic façade goes to feel.

Galaxy S5 Phone Features and New Developments.

Sure, it keeps the phone lightweight (in fairness, the HTC One weighs a good bit within the hand, by comparison) however Apples managed to tug off glass and metal and lightness with the iPhone 5 thus sure as shooting Samsung will manage identical. If solely to bother Apple even more!

The other ideal would be to use its versatile show technology Youm to bring some new techology to the new style. Were not talking a totally bendy phone (that would truly be rubbish right now) however however concerning the styles shown off at trade shows recently? that will be superb.

Bigger Battery

bigger battery on Galaxy S5 Phone

We invariably provoke these and therefore the S4 has graced U.S.A. with a bigger power pack than the S3 – its up from 2,100 to 2,600mAh. it is a fairly tight jump – however still possible to only provides a day of moderate use because of that vast, sharp screen.

Just check up on the HTC One – that incorporates a two,300mAh power pack nevertheless struggles to exceed the one,440mAh battery of the iPhone five in daily usage. the actual fact of the matter is that the OS incorporates a vast half to play – thus upping the mAh count does not essentially mean a revolution in terms of endurance.

Galaxy S5 Phone Features hope to be a bigger and longer lasting baterry. The Motorola RAZR Max has been around from last summer and manages to pack in a very three,300mAh battery, that genuinely puts the hours in.

Since Samsung is such a technologically advanced company, if it were to return up with one thing vast sort of a 4,000mAh pack that is slim besides, itd nail the android market (even a lot of.) return on boys – you have got a year to try and do this.

Stereo speakers


Again were drawing a comparison with the HTC One here however that is to be expected; particularly since said device are its main android challenger (along with the Sony Xperia Z, of course, that we have a tendency to mustnt forget.) however theres one thing distinctive here.

See, HTC has raised the bar here – the sound bar, that is. Some assumed itd be a gimmick, golf shot 2 speakers on the front of the phone and career it BoomSound. however heres the thing: it will sound superb. To the extent that we frequently leave calls ringing longer than wed like to in order that we are able to relish the ringtone.

The Galaxy S4 does not choose something thus lavish – providing a mere grill on the rear with alittle speaker we have a tendency to totally expect to be loud, yet tinny. Sure, there could also be restricted entail deep surround sound or something as elaborate, however why stint on options once together with most in different areas?

We imagine cluster Play are Samsungs answer – however considering that needs different Galaxy S5 Phone Features, it is a little bit of a faff.

Samsung may extremely pull one thing distinctive out the bag here – particularly considering its got a evidenced relationship with audio extradordinaires Bang and Olufsen. Even the iPhone five speaker is fairly tight – thus return on Sammy.. finger out, please.

FM Radio

Odd one this, however the S4 is that the 1st Galaxy device to not ship with an FM radio. it is a little bit of an add-on that several do not use, however others (especially commuters) are terribly hooked up to their FM radio feature on their phones.

Samsungs already declared that it left the S4 FM radio out not through any technical issue, however as a result of a lot of individuals ar currently streaming their music through YouTube and on-line services. that is true. Apps like TuneIn Radio do provide a good service.

The problem is that you are dependent on a decent net association for this at the terribly least, 3G, and even then, there is issues with buffering. the bulk of journeys can go through totally different signal strengths and kinds and this simply means youll need to prevent taking note of the radio whether or not you would like to or not.

Sure, we all know that firm choices result in progress (look at Steve Jobs refusing to suit a floppy drive on the first iMac) however this simply smacks of silliness since itd have created completely no distinction to Samsung. Were even thinking of writing to our native MP concerning it.

Beam it up, Sammy Projector!

A really cool idea with this Galaxy S5 Phone Features a projector ! will this work not sure. Well lay this on the road before we have a tendency to start: this is often one amongst our more fanciful desires, given the technology (and want from several consumers) could be a great distance away. however wed like to see a projector engineered into the S5. Samsung managed it already with the Galaxy Beam last year, although that was somewhat of a niche device. however it makes good sense.

Forget AllShare (or perhaps not forget however a minimum of run it alongside) and switch the S5 into one thing that everyone will relish. the matter is currently that if you would like to share your photos/videos etc, you either have to be compelled to obtain a dongle or have a sensible TV. its extremely niche.

Apple has managed to try and do well with selling its AirPlay thus youll stream YouTube etc to Apple TV however once more, you have got to pass on for an Apple TV to try and do it, then flip the thing on, modification your TV input supply so forth.

Wouldnt or not its nice if you may simply stream everything employing a projector to a wall? clearly, there ar problems with lightweight interference, however were certain Samsung may invent one thing that overcomes that downside.

Galaxy S5 Phone Features and with those superb stereo speakers were lobbying for, itd conjointly mapped out the audio downside. Hey, it may even result in a lot of uptake of things like WatchON, with individuals shopping for movies and so streaming them straight to the wall once friends ar spherical. there is a incentive for you .

Streamlined TouchWiz

Streamlined TouchWiz

Were all for freedom – however after you have each Google and Samsung making an attempt to sell you songs, movies, books, apps and magazines at identical time, through competitory apps, it gets alittle wearying.Speaking of WatchON, this might be one thing wed wish to see sorted on the Galaxy S5 Phone Features: a real partnership with Google. Sure, we have a tendency to realise that hell is a lot of possible to ascertain temperatures drop below state change before then, however the problem is that theres simply an excessive amount of selection.

The app drawer is affected by a lot of choices than youll shake a stick at and for people who are not utterly au-fait with smartphone tech, it is a very little confusing and discouraging.

Apple makes most of the complete indisputable fact that its only one company providing everything – future smartest thing would be for Samsung to figure out with Google a typical strategy for sharing revenue here and a minimum of streamlining it for the patron.

We know it is not getting to happen as a result of Google will not wish to favour Samsung – and conjointly theres the matter of Samsung needing to finish its dependence on Google (hence the Tizen revolution were not extremely expecting), however its nice to dream of 1, unified store.

3D screen


Weve left this one to last as this in all probability sounds the foremost ridiculous – however its price giving it a moments thought. See, screen resolutions have hit the ceiling currently. Back once Nokia unreal the 7650 with its little color palette, we cooed.

When the 7210 came in conjunction with a sq. screen rocking 4096 hues, we gasped. And once the iPhone four launched with the noted retina branding, it extremely was revolutionary.

But phones just like the S4 and HTC One currently have PPIs that destroy home flatscreen TVs. theres not any purpose in creating them chiseler, as a result of the attention cannot pick out any distinction. We have, just about, reached a highland.

3Ds not started out still because it may have with TVs. Yeah, its nice to play with, however its hardly creating the waves that the HD revolution did. And its been tried before with LG. keep in mind the Optimus 3D?

We solely gave it three.5 stars once it came out the best a part of 2 years past and there was a reason: Galaxy S5 Phone Features possible glasses in free 3D simply wasnt there. As you can see with Nintendo 3DS, it tired the eyes terribly quickly, it had to be viewed at precisely the right angle and was just about simply a rage.

Bearing in mind what proportion Samsung extremely desires to induce one over on LG here (only recently, we have a tendency to checked out the extraordinary competition between the 2 corporations in Seoul), simply suppose what proportion this might encourage Samsung to tug out a extremely tight resolution.

Theres a glimmer of hope here: Samsung has already proprietary the thought to use twin camera to trace your eye direction, which might mean the 3D image would follow your eyes and would utterly negate the necessity to stay your head within the sweet spot.

App manufacturers are a lot of possible to form 3D apps for the Galaxy vary as a result of its not AN contestant android line however (at least some would say) the android Galaxy S5 Phone Features iteration to travel for. And Samsung may sponsor these apps to induce them within the Google Play store (or Samsungs own). Movies, the camera, games, even the OS, may well be reworked with the correct technique.

And there concludes our listing. Sure, its elaborate. And well be stunned if the less obvious points higher than build the ultimate build of the S5. however theres little doubt that Samsung can already be exhausting at work on designing the S4s successor – and wed like to see some really unusual options introduced.

Final thoughts Galaxy S5 Phone Features

A years an extended time in mobile life. And we have seen simply what proportion a corporation will go from HTC Hero to zero (OK, HTC wasnt quite at all-time low level – however do not ruin our analogy). HTC was the android maker for a time and has been taken by Samsung.

It may get on the up with the HTC One once more – it definitely stands an opportunity – however the competition is fiercer than its ever been. and it will get uglier before it gets higher. Samsung can got to putting your all into to stay its android crown. Personaly i love the HTC one ! but this could be a fantastic smartphone the Galaxy S5 Phone Features are looking amazing keep an eye out for it!

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