Notification Bar Android

How to use Androids Notification Bar

What is the notification Bar Android device? The notification bar is usually called status bar so this can some times cause some confusion but in fact it is the same thing. It is always in the same location on your smart phone device and this is always on the top of your home screen or on the bottom right hand side for tablet devices. Below we take a quick look at the smart phone lay out.

Notification Bar Android

This is a screen capture from a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, from the left hand side you able to see your application and message services this is where you will be notified of any new  information on your phone. On the right had side this is where Android will inform you of basic status information on your smartphone

Open and Close Notification Bar Android

How to open and close the Notifications Bar on Android Smartphone

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OK lets take a quick look at how to open and close the notifications Bar Android.  You can pull down the bar like in the photo by sliding your finger from the top of your device to the lower bottom. You will then be able to see all the details about notifications and also more details from selecting the information you need.

For example you have just received an email you can then slide down your notifications bar and select the email icon and you can then select that icon and view the full email.

Dismissing the notification is easy by just selecting the clear button or you may just dismiss each by swiping it right or left.

With the updated Android 4 you can also access the notification from the main locked screen .

Lets take a short look at a few common Status Icons on Android smart phone device

Status icons are an indication of your phones status for example you smartphones battery strength and you network signal. Your network status icon turns white when you do not have a Google account connected to a WiFi network but it will be displayed as green when you have an account with Google added to your device and you are connected to your network internet.

Common Notification Icons on Notification Bar Android

For a full list of detailed information on Android Status Bar Icons and Android Icons Meaning check out those links if we have missed any out please feel free to let us know.

If you want to do more advanced features with your notifications bar like Hiding the Status Bar check out this site for more information in doing this or you can check out more tips on customize android notifications here. Hope this article on Notification Bar Android has help you understand your smartphone a bit more.

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