OnePlus Smartphone’s Notification Icons and Status Bar Icons Meaning, Notification Panel What Are the Icons Meaning?

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If you own the OnePlus phone recently, but often you could be a little shock with some changes of the notification and status icons every time Android is enforcing a major updates. Don’t worry if you discovered some unknown icons here and there, we are about to uncover for you and we have been there as well.

Did you know that this amazing OnePlus smartphone is actually a subsidiary of Oppo smartphone huge manufacturer, which is similar to Realme smartphone. OnePlus has their own user interface, which is the OxygenOS.


OnePlus (OxygenOS) Notification Icons Meanings:

one plus manual notification icons


The Rare Notification Icons Frequently Ask:

Portrait/Auto Rotate Mode (Rectangle Telephone) icon:

Portrait mode copy

Though this is pretty easy to identify, other brands of Android smartphones do not display this in notification icons, unlike OnePlus. This rectangle telephone icon looks alike just beside your signal bar, this means your display is now locked in Portrait mode, while Auto rotate is off. If you rotate the phone, the screen will not auto rotate. You can change it by pressing the Portrait mode icon in the notification panel which will then appear as Auto Rotate mode now.


VoWiFi icon:

vowifi red

VoWi-Fi icon or mode means, Voice Over Wi-Fi. Literally saying, it means you are using your Wi-Fi to make or receive voice call, even if you have limited or no network coverage.

You can disable the VoWi-Fi icon by going to the Settings -> Display -> Status Bar -> Symbol Manager ->disable VoWiFi. Since this setting will only hide the VoWifi icon and it does not disable it, thus you can enable or disable VoWifi in the SIM card setting.


VoLTE icon:

VoLTE red copy

VoLTE, known as Voice over LTE that means it is an IP-based technology of data transmission that makes and receives calls, as well as being able to send and receive data services over a 4G network. When you enable VoLTE, you can make calls while accessing the Internet via 4G network. You will also see the “HD Voice Call” on the calling screen when you are making a call.


VPN (Key Icon) Mode:

VPN key icon

This VPN (virtual private network) mode when in use in your connection, you will be seeing a ‘key’ like icon at your notification bar. The VPN you are using benefits by concealing internet data traveling to and from your android smartphone. This VPN serves you by providing protections with encryption especially when you are using your smartphone at Public Wi-Fi to send or receive on task such as, emails comprise of sensitive content, social media identifications and messages, banking inputs such as credit card numbers and account numbers, passwords you have keyed in on your phone.

Of course, if you have bought a VPN account already, then you can use this VPN mode accordingly by going to the VPN setting and setup accordingly. You can check the cheapest and best VPN service available here.


What Is The Notification Panel Icons Meaning?

If you have been scrolling down the slider from top with many icons, especially the Wi-Fi icon that you are very familiar with, there are few added status bar icon features that could be new to you. Check out below status’s icons meanings so that you will understand what you have turned on:

Battery Saver Mode:

battery saver

When you enable Battery Saver mode in an OnePlus phone, it will turn off or restrict background activity and enabled Dark Theme mode, as well limit some visual effects and other high-power demanding features in order to extend the battery life.

The best part is you can opt to Manually Turn On “Battery Saver”, or choose to Automatically Turn On “Battery Saver” when the remaining battery is lower than your pre-set value, and also you can include Automatically Turn Off “Battery Saver” when your OnePlus Phone is fully charged.


Night Mode:

night mode

To protect your eyes from the bright screen especially during dark time, you can enable this “Night Mode” in the notification panel that you will get warmer display to reduce the overlay brightness of blue light of the screen. You can also preset this sunrise-to-sunset schedule to turned on automatically, or add schedule mode with any set time to keep your eye’s well-being protected.


Switch Data Card icon:

switchdatacard icon

It is pretty convenient when your OnePlus phone is occupied with two SIM-cards with data, especially when switching to use one SIM-card’s data plan, you can just tap on this “Switch Data Card” icon to change the SIM 1’s data plan to SIM 2’s data plan, or vice versa.


Screen Cast Mode:

screen cast mode

This Cast icon when enabled on your OnePlus phone, it will then display a projection device (such as TV or projector) to cast to, and the user can display the content of the phone on the projection device. Make sure your phone and projection device is connected under the similar Wi-Fi network.


NFC Mode:

nfc mode

When enabled the NFC (Near Field Communication) in your OnePlus phone, you can transferring data with other devices with distances over around 10cm. NFC features from task including, sending photos, videos and files to other devices easily, or make a payment which is safe and easy to do so without having to carry tones of payment cards in your wallet.


Reading Mode:

reading mode

When you enabled this Reading Mode on your OnePlus phone, you will get 2 effect of reading mode to choose for, which is Chromatic and Monochrome. For the Chromatic (some colour still remain) mode tones down the colours and make it simpler to use your phone at night and protect your eye as well, the actual screen still shows some colour, that is suitable for reading use.

Whereas if you select the Monochrome mode, the screen at best has turns into an e-reader (black and white display), with a monochrome palette which technically improve the reading experience. I prefer a lot the the Mono mode, however Chromatic (with some color) mode offers a nice balance if you don’t want to mute all the color.


Do-Not-Disturb Mode:

do not disturb mode

This Do-Not-Disturb mode when enabled, you phone will be mute sound, will not vibration, and block screen from displaying light or wakes up when received messages or calls. You can also choose what you block and what you allow it to block.


Gaming Mode:

gaming mode

Gaming Mode, also known previously as ‘Fnatic Mode’, which lately has been renamed as ‘Pro Gaming Mode’.  Basically when Gaming mode is turned on in OnePlus phones, notifications are blocked to ensure you won’t be bothered unnecessarily. It also improves Apps launch speed and network data, increasing performance and reducing latency, while in-game.

You can also configure this in Game Space app, and it will recognize added game in the Game Space you can also add other apps manually into Game Space. As you start playing your set favourite games or added games inside the Game Space, this Gaming mode will turned on automatically.


Data Saver Mode:

data saver mode 1 or

Data Saver mode restrict the installed apps and services from sending and receiving data in the background in order to control the available data volume to save your data plan. This feature also restrict the automatic download of pictures or videos through Whatsapp or any social media apps, while some depending on the app, which the content must first be tapped before it can be displayed.

If you can choose to exclude some apps such as Messenger or Whatsapp, because messages could be delay in loading, which depends when you want to save data but would not want to miss the notification of messages.

You can set the Data Saver mode in the Settings > Wi-Fi & network > SIM & network > Data Saver > Enable or disable Use Data Saver.


OTG Mode:

OTG turn on

You could be surprise why would there an OTG icon available in the notification panel, right? Well the reason you find this OTG icon in the notification panel is because it allows you to turn it on to allow USB OTG to be able to accessed when you connect an USB thumb drive or hard disk on your phone via an OTG cable type-C. You can then access the data from your phone when OTG is turned on.

Once you enable USB OTG mode in your OnePlus phone, the function will automatically turned off in 10 minutes in the case of inactivity for safety reason to avoid false use if your phone is stolen. You can as well turn off the USB OTG manually in the Settings -> System -> OTG storage.


VPN (Key icon) Mode:

vpn mode

This VPN (virtual private network) mode when in use in your connection, you will be seeing a ‘key’ like icon at your notification bar. The VPN you are using benefits by concealing internet data traveling to and from your android smartphone. This VPN serves you by providing protections with encryption especially when you are using your smartphone at Public Wi-Fi to send or receive on task such as, emails comprise of sensitive content, social media identifications and messages, banking inputs such as credit card numbers and account numbers, passwords you have keyed in on your phone.


Invert Colour Mode:

invert colou

This awesome yet many have not yet know its actual purpose, known to be Invert Colour mode. You can turn on this to invert the colour on your OnePlus phone, to allow easier reading for some format of small text files, by enabling the colour inversion setting. This will increase the contract between text, images, and background while the text will become white text over a black background.

Other than that, this Invert Colour mode can also use in a way to rescue your panel from getting burnt mark due to the static display elements such as on-screen navigation button, or the status bar that constantly displayed. This invert colour mode helps to reverse or rescue this condition as it totally reverse the colour of these static elements which cannot be done in many phones.


Dark Theme Mode:

dark theme mode

This dark theme mode will changes your OnePlus phone into dark theme when enabled, tap again to return to default theme mode.


Bedtime Mode:

bedtime mode icon moon & star

With Bedtime mode enabled, you are entering the Digital Wellbeing setting, this means that your OnePlus phone can know rest and remain silent while you sleep. When Bedtime mode is turned on, it uses Do-Not-Disturb to help silence any calls, texts, and other notifications that disturb your good sleep. Grayscale mode also involve to help fades the colour on your phone to black and white in order to reduce the tempting colour that keeps your awake.

A dark, quiet environment can help with falling and staying asleep. With Bedtime mode, formerly known as Wind Down in the Digital Wellbeing settings, your Android phone can stay dark and quiet while you sleep. While Bedtime mode is on, it uses Do Not Disturb to silence calls, texts and other notifications that might disturb your sleep. Grayscale fades the colors on your phone to black and white to reduce the draw from enticing colors that keep you up.

You can as well schedule your bedtime mode, if you choose to turn on automatically after you plugged in to charge your phone. You can also manually tap the bedtime mode icon in the notification panel to turn on bedtime mode. There are also options where you can pause bedtime mode if you need few more minutes without needing to adjust your schedule.


Zen Mode:

zen mode

Zen Mode, version of digital detox solution for OnePlus  phone that limits the functions of your phone for 20 minutes. When Zen Mode is enabled, it will cutting down notifications and also you will not be able to access to apps and messages, just like the feature from Google’s Digital Wellbeing.  The only things you can with your OnePlus phone is by making and receiving phone calls and taking photos, while other than that the rest of the functions will only be available for the next 20 minutes.


Focus Mode:

focus mode

Focus Mode is just a simplified version of Do-Not-Disturb mode, as when focus mode was enabled, it will stops notifications from specific apps and as well blocking app that you set so that you cannot use it while the focus mode is still active. This helps you to not able even accidentally open a tempting or distracting app (Facebook in my case) whenever you busy at some work that require focus.


Reverse Charge Mode:

reverse charging mode

Reverse charge mode is turned off by default. When reverse charge mode was enabled, you can charge the other wireless charging devices such as wireless earbuds, Galaxy buds, and other supported devices wirelessly using your OnePlus phone.

In case when turned on and detected no device is connected, it will automatically turn off after one minute time. Reverse charging mode will also turned off automatically when the battery level drops to 15%.


If you have noticed a notification or an icon that you just couldn’t figure out the meaning is via any where? You may describe it in the comments and let us know what type of phone you are using, so that we can answer your question swiftly!

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