Oppo Smartphone’s Notification Icons and Status Bar Icons Meaning, Notification Panel What Are the Icons Meaning?


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If you own the Oppo phone recently, but often you could be a little surprised with some changes of the notification and status icons every time Android is enforcing a major update. Don’t worry if you discover some unknown icons here and there, we are about to uncover them for you and we have been there as well.
Did you know that this amazing Oppo smartphone is actually a huge manufacturer having the subsidiary brands of flagship and mid-range phones that are OnePlus and Realme respectively. To stand out and maintain little difference in user interface, Oppo has their own unique user interface, which is the ColorOS.

Oppo (ColorOS) Notification Icons Meanings:

Despite there being only slight differences in user interface with its subsidiary brand of OnePlus and Realme, you could expect near similarity in notification status bar icon and control center icon elements.

oppo manual icon

What Is The Notification Panel/Control Center Icons Meaning in Oppo Smartphones?

If you have been scrolling down the slider from top with many icons, especially the Wi-Fi icon that you are very familiar with, there are few added status bar icon features that could be new to you. Check out below status’s icons meanings so that you will understand what you have turned on:

Clean Storage

clean storage

By clicking this Clean Storage feature, it would assist to analyze your phone’s storage, and then will perform clean-up especially background application of RAM usage. You should not worry, because this function will not delete any important files, since its feature is to help clean up the unused background apps.

Night Shield

night shield

This Eye looking icon, also called as Night Shield feature is a great feature to add a blue filter to keep your eyes convenient during dark environments. The screen itself will adjust to remove blue light spectrum, this helps your eye become easier and more convenient during the darker environment. This is the same as on other android phones that are usually named as Blue Filter & etc.

OPPO Share

oppo share

This OPPO Share button when turned on, then will allow OPPO phone users to share files quickly with other nearby OPPO phone users. This feature will also automatically enable Bluetooth on the OPPO phones to send the files across via bluetooth.

Airplane Mode

airplane mode

When you enable Airplane mode, it means that you are not able to send or receive anything that depends on cellular data, from voice calls to SMS messages to mobile data are not possible to use. This mode is useful when you are boarding an airplane.

Do Not Disturb/ Quiet Time

quite time do not disturb

The feature of Do Not Disturb tends to be useful when you are doing an important task. By enabling Do Not Disturb mode, your phone will turn mutes from all calls, alerts, and notifications. You also can customize which calls, alerts or notifications you wish to be able to go through when the Do Not Disturb option was selected.
When your phone is on Do Not Disturb mode, what happens when someone calls you? It will send incoming calls to voicemail and does not alert you about the calls or text messages or notification. It will mute all notifications so that you are not disturbed by the phone.



NFC feature, also means Near Field Communication, which allows you to perform wireless data transfer on your smartphone to share data when in close proximity. It is a contactless payment that can be made through wallet apps such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and even contactless cards.

Power Saving Mode

power saving mode

Oppo’s power saving mode allows only 6 apps to run and can be configured by users with default apps selected are Phone, Messages and browser apps while users can select the remaining 3 apps at their desire. This feature will also prompt users to switch on this mode when battery level is at 10 and 5%.

Google Assistant

google assistant

When you turn on Google Assistance, you can just summon Google to perform any action for you that is under its capability. You just have to say, “Hi, Google” or “OK, Google”, then will recognize your voice and wait for your questions. The common questions you can ask are how’s the weather, what’s the best restaurant nearby, or what’s the latest movie playing near your location. Firstly, it requires an easy setup to activate this Google Assistance before you can use it.

One Handed Mode

one handed mode

One-Handed Mode reduces the screen size so you can use your phone with one hand easily. This will move the entire screen down to a smaller window at the right hand or left hand at your choice of setting.
Phone users who use this One Handed Mode while they are eating or hanging in train and bus that works seamlessly and found to be a cool feature based on some phone users.


screen cast

When you click on the Screencast feature, it can transfer the phone screen content of OPPO to other display devices such as Smart TV, where the phone’s content gets to be streamed or mirrored.

Dolby Atmos:

dolby atmos

Enjoy the enhancement of charming sound surrounding technology by Dolby Atmos speakers in your OPPO devices. When you turn on this Dolby Atmos feature, your OPPO phone will generate a higher quality audio and to boost your experience while watching videos and playing games.

Orientation Lock/ Auto Rotate:

orientation lock auto rotae

By turning on this Auto Rotate mode, your Vivo phone screen will automatically rotate when you rotate your phone between portrait and landscape. Vice versa, if you have switched to Orientation lock, your phone screen will then lock at the current orientation portrait, or landscape screen mode.

One-Tap Lock Screen

one tap lock screen

One-tap lock screen is a feature to protect your privacy or to prevent mistouch. By clicking this button, you can lock your phone when you are not using your phone.

Switch Input Method

switch input method

Switch input mode will open a pop up menu with all keyboards you have enabled, and you just select/switch to the keyboard you want.

One-tap Search

one tap search

This One-tap search shortcut which will connect phone users to relevant search results, quickly and easily.

Assistive Ball

assistive ball

When you enable the Assistive Ball feature, it provides feature of options to easily access several regular phone feature on the front of the screen. This assistive ball is a great easy to press the navigation key with one finger, to open notification center, take screenshot and more by pressing the ball only.

Start Screen Recording

start screen recording

You can perform video recording on your phone screen without any third party apps. Now you can just record your screen by tap on the Screen Record icon and they you enabled the recordings. You can also adjust the video recording setting for more by long pressing the icon.

Driving Mode

driving mode

When you press the Driving Mode icon, it will block any notification and reminders to reduce disturbance. It will announce incoming calls and messages, and also to simply ask you to answer or end calls via voice control.

Focus Mode

focus mode

By enabling Focus Mode, you are temporarily pausing the apps that you have selected to lessen distraction or interference to better focus your time. You can choose the apps you currently found distracting and can be wasting your time to focus such as social media apps, games and etc. The paused apps will not be able to open until Focus Mode is disabled. This will pause and silent the notification of the apps you have paused.
To enable Focus Mode, just go to Setting > Digital Wellbeing & parental controls > Focus Mode > Select the distracting apps you want to paused > Turn on now.
You can opt to schedule Focus Mode which automatically enabled and disable at a fixed time. You schedule by going to Focus Mode > Set a schedule > Choose Date Days, When Start & End Time > Set done.

Invert Colour

invert color

There are times where you find difficult reading some text, so you can enable this feature, Invert Colour, your device will make easier to read such as by increasing the contrast between text, images and background. Often times the text will invert to white text with black background.

Riding Mode

riding mode

When you are driving a motorcycle or cycling, you can enable this to help you mute incoming calls so that you won’t be tempted to check on your phone while you are focusing on riding or cycling. All notification will be muted by default, and you can also manage who can call you as well inside the setting.



When Grayscale mode is enabled, you are actually turning your screen to black and white, this actually helps you to reduce too much focus on your phone’s apps so that you can reduce the habit of scrolling your phone all the time. This helps to adjust your digital wellbeing towards a healthier habit.

Kid Space

Kid space

With Kid Space enabled, a time limit can be set for how long a child can use the phone. You can adjust the setting of phone usage time and also apps allowed to be access. This is a great feature to take charge in prevention, system modification, and addiction prevention when your kid is using the phone.

Wechat Pay

wechat pay

Wechat Pay is one of the messenger and a payment system available on some countries. You can choose to perform Quick Pay or QR-Code payment. By using Quick Pay, you can scan his/her unique QR code, after which the system charges the required amount. As for QR-Code Payment, you can scan the seller’s QR code, enters the required amount of money, and confirms payment with their password.

Wechat Scan

wechat scan

This feature of Wechat Scan was amazing helpers, which help you to scan and translate. Especially when you can’t ready some language, let’s say in Chinese, this tools will helps you to translate accurately into English seamlessly.

Did you ever see a notification or an icon that you just can’t even figure out the meaning of? Describe the icons it in the comments, and let us know what type of phone you have so that we can help you find out accordingly.

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