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When is Galaxy S5 Mini Coming out

So when is Galaxy S5 Mini coming out ? SG S5 is the hottest smartphone on the market to day and we have just received confirmation from a viable source close to Samsung company that there will be a new release for the expected SG S5 Mini in the fast approaching month of August, …

Samsung Omnia Wallpaper

Samsung Omnia Wallpaper *Galaxy S5 Dustproof & Waterproof new concept *HD Wallpaper for samsung Galaxy S3 , S5 *Wallpaper for samsung S3 and S5 New Samsung Omnia Wallpaper

Galaxy S5 release date in greece

Galaxy S5 release date in greece Weve got to understand in the internal sources that Samsung is spending so much time on the introduction of approaching products, it may be GS5. Title from the approaching products are not revealed through the sources. Koreans wish to announce news associated …