Realme Smartphone’s Notification Icons and Status Bar Icons Meaning, Notification Panel What Are the Icons Meaning?

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If you own the Realme phone recently, but often you could be a little shocked with some changes of the notification and status icons every time Android is enforcing a major update. Don’t worry if you discover some unknown icons here and there, we are about to uncover them for you and we have been there as well.

Did you know that this amazing Realme smartphone is actually a subsidiary of Oppo smartphone huge manufacturer, which is similar to the OnePlus smartphone. Realme has their own user interface, which is the Realme UI.


Realme (Realme UI) Notification Icons Meanings:

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What Is The Notification Panel/Control Center Icons Meaning?

If you have been scrolling down the slider from top with many icons, especially the Wi-Fi icon that you are very familiar with, there are few added status panel or control center icon features that could be new to you. Check out below status panel’s icons meaning so that you will understand what you have turned on:

Personal Hotspot


When you enable Personal Hotspot, you will share your Realme smartphone’s network connection with your other devices, to allow the devices to connect to the internet anywhere that you. You can configure your personal hotspot with a password for security purposes.


Switch Data Card

switch data card v1

If your Realme phone has two SIM cards with both data plans, you can switch which one the phone uses the data at that time with just a button in the notification panel.


Location Services


When you enable GPS location on your phone, you can get navigation info based on the location that includes commute prediction, nearby restaurants or petrol station, as well provide much accurate local search results. When you notice a GPS  notification icon on top of your screen, it means an app is using your phone’s location through GPS.


Realme Share

realme share v1

Utilizing the Peer-to-peer technology for data transfer between the huge brands of Realme, Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo does not even need the internet connectivity, yet relies on Bluetooth for easy and fast pairing to transfer files at high speed significantly. You might be familiar with this ecosystem used in Apple’s devices called “AirDrop” that is a great feature to be as default in the operating system.

“Realme Share” is the feature used in Realme devices, which is not only capable of sharing multiple file-formats between similar brands of phones, but also allows users to exchange files between other 4 brands in any combination.

Realme Share is only compatible to use with Realme, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo Phones. You can also opt for Xender and ShareIt apps for files transferring between any Android and IOS phones.


Power Saving Mode:

power saving

When you enable Power Saving mode, it helps your Realme phone to reduce screen brightness, lessen the auto screen-off time to 15 seconds, as well disabled the background syncing. For conditions when your battery is still or charged to above 60%, then Power Saver mode will turn off automatically. You can also enable Power Saving mode at any specified battery level.


Data Saver (Waterdrop Icon):


data saver v2

When you enable Data Saver in Realme phone, background apps no longer uses the mobile data. For foreground apps require to decide whether to take data-saving measure such as reducing image resolution. Furthermore, you will not be able to use tethering or hotspot, while status bar will display the data saver icon that looks like waterdrop symbol or icon.


Screen Cast or Multi-Screen

screen cast  or  multiscreen 1

When you want to cast your Realme screen to the TV, you should enable the “Screen Cast”. Screen Cast feature with sharing of Photos, Videos, and Other content from your Realme phone to the TV. You can as well perform screen mirroring by duplicating your current Realme display onto the TV.

You can also set up your Screen Cast first at Settings> Other Wireless Connection > Screen Cast. If your TV or projector does not have screen mirroring or Miracast feature, then you can get one of the Chromecast to let you screen cast from any brand of smartphone.


Boost or Clean Storage

boost or clean storage v1

Boost or Clean Storage feature found in the notification panel of Realme, will work to clean and optimize the speed of your phone by cleaning up the cache and temporary files.


Night Shield

night shield v1

This Night Shield feature consist of 3 different display modes, which comprise of display in color mode with bluelight filter to avoid eye strain, comfortable display suitable for night time reading (black background and white text), and display in black and white (uses the grayscale feature mode).

The combination of these 3 display modes will ensure you to experience a healthy smartphone even during your quiet time. Go to the setting of Night Shield and choose or schedule the mode that best suits your vision.


Eye Care or Eye Comfort Mode

eye care

When you enable the feature of Eye Care or Eye Comfort Mode, they help you to Prevent Eye Strain especially when your eyes are looking at your Realme phone for a long time, that would tire and sore your eyes. This feature will reduce the blue-light by adjusting the screen to warmer colors, relieving eye fatigue and protecting your eyesight.

You can set up Eye Care or Eye Comfort mode at Settings > Display > Eye Comfort.


Mute Notifications

mute notification

When you enable mute notification, it will show the notifications but will not notify with sound or vibration. Sometimes it is known as silent mode. You can also turn off notification by going to Setting> Notification > Select Apps to Disable Notification> Hit OK if you are done and will not be notified by the apps that you have disabled.


Do Not Disturb Mode

do not disturb v1

When you enable Do-Not-Disturb mode, you Realme phone will silence any calls, alerts, and notifications that you get while your phone is locked. However, you can also setup to schedule when to use Do-Not-Disturb mode and allow calls from specific person you choose.


One-Handed Mode

one handed mode

One-handed mode when enabled, it allows taller or larger Realme phone’s display be more able to navigate with single hand. This feawture will shrinks the screen vertically, to bring most part of the phone closer to your right or left handed thumb based on your selecitons.


Kid Space

kid space

You can find the “Kid Space” feature in the Realme phone, which allows you to restrict phone usage time and some apps which should not be accessed by your kids. Main key idea of this “Kid Space” feature is also to prevention of loss of phone’s credit by limiting the the mobile network usage to prevent exesive charges. This feature also prevent modification of system setting and disallow installation and deletion of apps. You can now safety let your kids safely use you smartphone by turning on “Kid Space” while handing to them.


Dolby Atmos

dolby atmos

Realme phones were featured with great sound experience using Dolby Atmosphere, this will naturally bring you into great movie, games and music experience and realistic mobile sound effects.

This feature was set to turned on by default in speaker mode, while it can be disabled when plug-in headphones. In terms of experience with and without the Dolby, it is infact a significant difference you can expect, because the immersion is greatly enhanced with Dolby Atmos feature.


Switch Input Method

swtich input mode v1

You can easily swipe down your notification menu, and choose switch input method, and will be following by pop-up with all keyboards you’ve enabled. If you did not see the keyboard you desire, you need to download it by tap Set-up input methods to go directly to the setting menu. Such as switching Original keyboard, Go Keyboard or etc if you have more.


Assistive Ball

assistive ball

The Assistive Ball is a shortcut feature that allows you to access of the phone’s feature by click on the ball icon on the screen. This assistive ball can be used to replace from using the tactile physical buttons to take screenshot, access notification centre, and more to discover as a shortcut inside.


Modes icon:

modes icon

When you pressed this Modes icon, it allows you to select 3 modes, that includes the “Standard Mode”, “Driving Mode” or “Focus Mode”.


Driving Mode or Smart Driving

driving mode or smart driving

This driving mode, is also known or named as smart driving mode. This feature helps to provide distraction free informative while driving. WHen you enable this mode in Realme phone, all unecessary notification will be muted, except incoming calls, and whatever you can also categorize in the settings, including auto text message reply the callers that you are driving which lets you focus on the road either for car.

This Realme’s “Smart Driving mode” is a great optional method if your vehicle was not equiped with Android auto enabled car. Since its function is similar to you vehicle’s Android system by hiding all notification except calls and texts from support message apps while and distraction while you are driving.

You can turn on “Smart Driving” on your Realme Phone at:

Open the Settings > Smart Services > Smart Driving > in the next screen, turn on the Smart Driving toggle.


Riding Mode:

riding mode

If you are motorcyclist, then you can comfortably use the “Riding Mode”.

You can turn on “Riding Mode” on your Realme Phone at:

Open the Settings > Smart Services > Riding Mode> in the next screen, turn on the Riding mode toggle.


Focus Mode

focus mode

Focus Mode, when enabled on your Realme phone, will stop notifications from specific apps that you choose to, as well as block apps so that you cannot use it while mode is active. This even disallows when you accidentally or on purpose open the distracting apps when you are busy at some work while in this Focus Mode.


Quiet Time

quiet time

With Quiet Time feature enabled on Realme smartphone, it will silence the phone for privacy whereby you will not be notified about any calls, messages, mails, upcoming events, except those you have permitted, and will appear in the status bar. You can set this feature with a schedule that allows only specific people can reach you.

This feature will not mute the alarm clock and countdown timer.


Screen Recording

screen recording

Most brands of phone does installed with this important apps, especially when you want to record videos on your screen. With Realme smartphone, you can use the feature called “Screen Recording”. Especially if you want to recording when you are gaming, you can utilize fully with this feature and even possible to record with front camera when enabled in Realme smartphone.


Dark Mode

dark mode

Dark mode focus to help you reduce eye strain when you are staring the screen for a long time, commonly cause by the bright light from the screen during night time. You can go to Setting > Display and Brigthness > Dark mode to enable this feature, you can set the Sunset to Sunrise or scheduled time to turn on Dark mode automatically at your specified time.


Bedtime Mode:

bedtime mode v1

With Bedtime mode enabled, you are entering the Digital Wellbeing setting, this means that your Realme phone can know rest and remain silent while you sleep. When Bedtime mode is turned on, it uses Do-Not-Disturb to help silence any calls, texts, and other notifications that disturb your good sleep. Grayscale mode also involve to help fades the colour on your phone to black and white in order to reduce the tempting colour that keeps your awake.

A dark, quiet environment can help with falling and staying asleep. With Bedtime mode, formerly known as Wind Down in the Digital Wellbeing settings, your Android phone can stay dark and quiet while you sleep. While Bedtime mode is on, it uses Do Not Disturb to silence calls, texts and other notifications that might disturb your sleep. Grayscale fades the colors on your phone to black and white to reduce the draw from enticing colors that keep you up.

You can as well schedule your bedtime mode, if you choose to turn on automatically after you plugged in to charge your phone. You can also manually tap the bedtime mode icon in the notification panel to turn on bedtime mode. There are also options where you can pause bedtime mode if you need few more minutes without needing to adjust your schedule.


OSIE Vision Effect

OSIE vision effect

This OSIE effect stands for Object & Semantic Images & Eye-tracking, mean this feature uses aritificial inteligence to enhace viewing experience in supported apps such as currently, the  TikTok, Vmate, Likee, and Vigo video . By default this effect is turned off, so you have to enable it manually. Keep in mind that this feature will increase power consumptions, but the consumptions is not really noticeable.



grayscale v1

This grayscale mode will turn you screen to the elements of GPU renders only in these two colors (greyscale or black and white) instead of 32-bit color, which automatically consumes less power.


WeChat Scan

wechat scan v1

WeChat Scan icon will helps to scan the wechat ID in one go.


WeChat Pay

wechat pay v1

WeChat Pay capable to provide payment shortcut.


Auto Shazam:

auto shazam v1

A button that amazingly helps you to identify any song by listening to songs and let you know what song name is playing in your background or environment.


Did you ever see a notification or an icon that you just can’t even figure out the meaning of? Describe the icons it in the comments, and let us know what type of phone you have so that we can help you find out accordingly.


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