Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is going to get HUGE upgrade in night time photography

Upgrades of main sensor, zoom quality, and night photography

gs23ultra leak1

The latest Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the top list best camera was available everywhere by Samsung. On top of that, year on years of improvements of Samsung Note to S line was a huge fusion of improvements especially highlights placing on the main camera sensor, telephoto quality, and great low light shots.

Hyping up this impressing new Galaxy S23 Ultra from insider who leak this tweets. The information is leaks about great improvements especially compared with current Galaxy S22 Ultra in the aspect of photography performances. It is said that this is by far the biggest improvement that Samsung’s flagship mobile phone was in the five years road.

The technology used is by taking 200MP photo with pixel binning with impressive 50MP sensor. Being the main focus of software and hardware combination of improvements, you are expecting to get the most impressive camera phone in 2023 just like the S22 Ultra in this year. Despite the rest of the hardware such as chipset, battery, screen size is yet to release with firmer leaks, but we truly belief the 2023 Galaxy S23 Ultra is going to be the top of the line fast and great camera phone.

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