Samsung Galaxy S5 no OIS

Samsung Galaxy S5 no OIS? Note 4 promising. Lots of visitors are searching ahead to next year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 and also the camera set-up will become important to a lot of. Lately Samsung confirmed that 16-megapixel cameras were in order to its flagship products the coming year, but in those days there is no news on optical Samsung Galaxy S5 no OIS

Within our recent set of 16-megapixel ISO CELL camera sensors for that Galaxy S5 and also the low light abilities this can bring we pointed out that lots of clients would be also wishing for optical image stabilization. However, news from Korea indicates this may not be.

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What is OIS? Samsung Galaxy S5 no OIS watch video below

Yesterday we told how ETNews had reported the Galaxy S5 would start mass production in The month of january as well as stated that two types of the telephone were in route, reasonably limited metal build along with the usual plastic design.

The same source states that OIS might not arrived at the Galaxy S5 because providers wont have the ability to provide an adequate amount of the required OIS AF actuator hardware components. However, through the other half of the coming year OIS is searching more likely for that Samsung Galaxy Note4, which sounds more promising.

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Other rumored specs from the Galaxy S5 in the same Korean source really are a 64-bit Snapdragon or Exynos processor, 3GB of RAM, along with a 4000 mAh battery, so we also have lately heard about some software and eye scanner options. However we have to stress these specs are unconfirmed to date.


Samsung Galaxy S5 no OIS

We’ll be keeping an eye on that one as you may know that many people searching toward the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be wishing for OIS. Sadly at this time the twelve signs arent searching favorable.

Are you currently a possible customer for that Samsung Galaxy S5? May be the camera set-up vital that you you, and when same with Samsung Galaxy S5 no OIS an offer breaker? Tell us together with your comments.


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