Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone Features

The Galaxy S5 phone Features has recently hit the shelves worldwide and a focus is already turning towards the Samsung Galaxy S5 and what the phone can supply. several of youd little question prefer to have some input into what you\re thinking that Samsung ought to waken the Galaxy S5 and you currently have a chance to mention what you’d prefer to see in a very dream version of the device.

Galaxy S5 phone Features

Some of you will bear in mind that last year designer Bob Freking issued a video asking folks what they might prefer to see for the Galaxy S4 and once lots of input from enthusiasts he then came up with a trailer thought for the Galaxy S4 that amalgamated all of those concepts. it had been a good experiment and Freking has currently determined provides it another go, now for the Galaxy S5 phone Features.

Freking feels that Samsung didn’t fulfill a number of the opportunities for the Galaxy S4 that little question many of us would love to examine on the Galaxy S5 and conjointly desires some new concepts for the dream Galaxy S5 thought. He’s come back up with a tantalizing image asking what you’d prefer to see for the Galaxy S5 in 2014 and desires your participation with suggestions of specs and options similarly because the style.

If an equivalent happens like Freking’s Galaxy S4 thought, concepts for the S5 can get, then Freking can produce the dream Galaxy S5 to tease United States whereas we tend to watch for the $64000 deal. Freking feels that several would have likable Associate in Nursing aluminium build for the Galaxy S4, similarly as an improved camera for low-light conditions and conjointly suggests that perhaps there have been too several gimmicks, thus what would you wish to examine for the S5?


Take a glance at Freking’s new YouTube video below this story wherever he asks directly for input for his Samsung Galaxy S5 dream phone. We’d like to hear your concepts too. perhaps you’d like a lot of RAM, camera bureau or maybe a lot of internal storage? allow us to recognize what you’d like for the Galaxy S5 within the manner of style, specs and options by causing United States your comments as this can be one thing we’re extremely interested to listen to. Keep an eye for our updates on Galaxy S5 phone Features.

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