Samsung Galaxy s5 rumors with 2k resolution display and 4gb ram

Samsung Galaxy s5 rumors with 2K resolution display and 4GB RAM

Just day or two ago, Samsung said on its future 2014 products and also the early discharge of SGS5 in Jan 2014 signifies, Samsung has planned and eager its next animal. Samsung is focusing on 64-bit chipset Exynos processor and you will find very less chances that it might be built-into the SGS5, but Samsung has said SG Note 4 would carry its 64-bit effective chips. On other hands no here comes the rumor of generation x display for S5.

Samsung Galaxy s5 rumors

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Earlier weve stated, Ultra Hd resolution display for next Samsung might be possible and merely couple of days ago, among the Chinese manufacturer managed to get possible and released the world’s fires Ultra Hd 2k Resolution display smartphone and today here comes this news, Samsung might bring the native 2K resolution display in S5.

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The entire HD 1920 x 1080 pixels standard began this past year 12 , and today on the market there is available quantity of smartphone with native full HD resolution display. And when Samsung will opt 2K display in GS5 then your new revolution will begin within the smartphone industry and within two several weeks we will have other mobile phones with 2K resolution from The new sony, HTC along with other producers too.

Samsung Galaxy s5 rumors


The brand new top end options that come with GS5 wouldnt be restricted to just display, we may see true Octa-core processor and together with that, for the first time a smartphone will be the marketplace with 4GB RAM. Isn’t amazing?

Yes, alreadyGalaxy Note 3 is selling like hotcakes and today Samsung need another jump and then change is originating soon in Samsung cinemas, the GS5 in 2014 Jan, stay updated for additional out on another forget a subscription us.

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