Samsung Galaxy to block galaxy s5 from 3rd party accessories

Regrettably, that’s the rumor we must serve your decision today, thanks to – although the report doesn’t mention the origin providing them with the data, they are doing create a credible argument why Samsung would make a move such as this – aside from the fact the organization will make a lot of money.

Galaxy S3 Explodes in Girls Pocket

In This summer 2013, a couple of Samsung device customers – various products, not just mobile phones – experienced the worst possible manufacturer malfunction. Their products skyrocketed for which they thought wasnt any particular reason. Samsung Galaxy to block galaxy s5 from 3rd party accessories uncovered and credited the reason for the small group of explosions towards the different 3rd party add-ons the customers had attached to the device.

As the add-ons were intended as compatible, there is an apparent trouble with the compatibility, as well as with the standard from the manufacturing, which triggered the products to smolder, smoke and burn to some crisp. Toast, we’re suggesting.


Actually, based on this report, an 18-year-old teen were built with a Galaxy S3 explode in her own pocket – well, not quite. It ignited first and hurt her badly that they continues to be recuperating from second and 3rd degree burns over her right leg.

The teenager stated the flames arrived at her shoulder these were excessive, and she or he wasn’t hurt a lot more than she was because her boss (she was working at that time it happened) could help rapidly enough.


Valid Reason, Bad Decision for Samsung Galaxy S5

Although this is certainly a very good reason to create 3rd party add-ons incompatible using the new Samsung Galaxy S5 when its launched, as well as all Samsung products, we don’t believe that Samsung must do that at this time for 2 reasons.

First, Samsung customers would need to re-purchase all of the add-ons they have, as would really customers of Samsung products.

This isnt something which covers well with customers – trust us, Microsoft attempted this using their new Xbox 360 One. Not just did Microsoft reverse the choice to make customers purchase brand new add-ons within 2 days of announcing the switch, but Microsoft also required a raging from fans and also the media.

Another factor to consider that people think Samsung shouldn’t (and won’t) make 3rd party add-ons incompatible using the GS5 happens because there simply aren’t enough accidents like the one pointed out above for this to become an problem for Samsung. While every incident of overflowing products is really a bad one, this can be a amounts game and even though it is a positive thing for Samsung if customers need to buy brand new add-ons, fans will not be happy, also it could reduce sales overall of products.

Samsung Galaxy to block galaxy s5 from 3rd party accessories

For individuals along with other reasons – as well as the report doesn’t mention just one source to look into the information and whether its credible or otherwise – we believe it is highly unlikely for Samsung to think about securing the GS5 t Samsung made add-ons only.

Do you consider Samsung will block use of 3rd party add-ons for  GS5? Tell us below!

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