Samsung Phone Problem With Low Audio During Voice Calls, Here Are Best Solutions To Increase/Boost Voice Call Volume Louder.

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Have you ever called someone and couldn’t hear the voice of others with your new Samsung phone? You probably think that a lousy new phone is worse than the previous one when voice calling someone and can’t hear them well.

Do not be disappointed with your new Samsung smartphone, there are few reasons that the Voice Call volume could be so low that you would be surprised with the reason that we had to uncover the following. This will also uncover you with the solution to increase or boost voice call volume that would definitely satisfy your new Samsung smartphone.

Before proceeding to the troubleshooting steps, you should also check the following possibilities about whether the phone’s volume has been accidentally set to a lower level or not. You can try to press the Volume Up key during voice call with someone. 

1) voice call volume increase 2

However if you are still facing the same low voice call volume when listening to it, then try following the setting to eliminate possible related issues to solve this issue.

Here Are A Number of Solution To FIX Your Samsung Phone Voice Call Low Volume Problem.

1. Restart Your Samsung Phone.

There are times when everything on your phone, especially the phone call sound was normal as usual, but suddenly you are having trouble hearing the phone call audio, then it is probably just a random glitch transpiring on the phone’s audio system which can be fixed by just doing a simple Restart on your Samsung phone. 

This simple restart sometime can assist to fix various types of software system issues happening in the background, thereby clearing out any associated random audio system issues that could be leading to the issue of low voice call audio during phone calls.

You can restart your phone by > Pressing and holding down the Power/Side button > press the Restart Icon to restart your phone to fix this issue.

1) restart phone

2. Turn OFF & ON the Sound Mode Icon.

There are times where the random sound issues that happen to Samsung smartphones can be fixed by just turning OFF and ON the Sound Mode to give the sound system a quick refresh. The actual Sound Mode can be found inside the sound setting or at the notification panel by sliding down from the top notification. 

You can turn off the sound mode from the notification panel, but it will change from Sound Mode To Vibration Mode with a single tap on the Sound Icon, then will change from Vibration Mode to Mute Mode when tapped another time. After a few seconds, just tap again the Mute Mode and it will change to Sound Mode which considers that you have turned OFF and ON the Sound mode successfully.

sound setting option

Or you can also switch above option are at Settings > Sounds and vibration > Sound Modes.

3. Adjust the Sound Setting options.

There are few Sound setting options on the Samsung phone which might not be properly configured which can be the result of low audio voice. You can perform the checking on the sound control setting as follows.

Go to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Volume > Adjust the sound level for ringtone, media, notifications, and system.

To adjust the sound level, just drag to the right to increase volume while dragging to the left will decrease the volume.

volume setting mode

4.Disable “Media Volume Limit”.

You should disable the Media Volume limit if it was previous enabled on your Samsung phone. You can find this setting at:

Go to Settings > Sounds and vibration > Volume > Three dots (at right top corner) > Media Volume Limit > Toggle left to disable. 

If this media volume limit is turned on, it will enable custom volume limit to lower sound level when using headphones and Bluetooth audio devices to protect your ear. However, in this case we would want to disable it to ensure the voice call was louder.

media volume limit off

5. Turn OFF Bluetooth.

If your Samsung phone was connected to a Bluetooth audio device such as a bluetooth earphone, then sound would be paired to the earphone which in fact you wouldn’t hear from your phone’s built-in speaker. 

To disable your phone’s Bluetooth, following the setting as below:

Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Toggle left to Turn Off Bluetooth. 

As soon as you have disable your Bluetooth, devices connected to your phone will be disconnected, therefore sound output will only come out of your phone’s built-in speaker.

bluetooth disable

6. Update your Samsung phone to the latest firmware updates.

You probably experience some bugs and errors in current firmware updates, therefore by installing the latest firmware update would perhaps be the fix for this low voice call audio. The software update would install the proper patches to address system problems that were caused by stubborn bugs or errors existing in the system. 

If you have not yet update your Samsung phone to the latest firmware, following is the steps to proceed:

Settings > Software update > Download and Install > Wait till your phone checks for updates and downloads the latest firmware version available and installation will prompt you.

To perform firmware update should only be performed when you have sufficient battery life and have a good internet connection. After the installation, your phone will restart automatically and patiently wait till it finishes rebooting.

Make sure that your phone is sufficiently charged and has a stable internet connection. When the update is completely downloaded, tap the Install Now button. Doing so will prompt the device to install the new update.

7. Customizing the Adapt Sounds on my Galaxy Phone

Use Adapt sounds to create a better listening experience when you have paired your Bluetooth earphones or wired headphones to your Galaxy phone. Simply listen to a series of beeps at different frequencies to create your very own personalized sound. Follow the below guide for more information.

Launch your Settings > Sounds and vibration > Sound quality and effects > Adapt sound > Choose any of the sound profiles that suits your ages, or you can also create one profile that is specific for you.

You can also choose the sound profiles to be performed for between both Media and call sound, Only media sound or Only call sound depending on your requirements.

adapt sound to boost voice call volume


To ensure the voice call audio is fixed, you should test calling with your phone and notice how much louder the phone call will be this time.

However if none of the above given solutions are capable of fixing the low voice call sound during phone call, then this is the point where you should proceed to take your phone for Samsung warranty or to the service center. Other than software elimination, the next possible issue could be due to hardware related problems that need to be replaced or repaired physically based on warranty or phone’s condition. 


If there are some rare cases whereby you couldn’t solve the low voice call volume issue, then you can try to use the following Bluetooth headphone or wired headphone that we use for a simple yet fast solution for this low voice call volume issue.

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