Samsung Phones In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor is Not Working with Screen Protector (Solutions and Fixes Instantly NOW!)


My Samsung phone’s fingerprint sensor has failed to recognize my fingerprint and it frustrates me even more when I fail at many attempts. I often even feel like to blame the Samsung’s hardware’s fault being not sensitive enough.

With the ever advancing security method of unlocking our smartphone, the fingerprint sensor with in-display type gets more difficult while unlocking it compared to the finger print sensor on the side or back of the phone. Though it often happens to our Samsung Galaxy Note series, S series, A series etc, which we shall not ditch this functionality due to this fixable issue because there are easy and fast solutions to it.

Here are the Solutions and Fixes For Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor Not Working with Screen Protectors.

1. Samsung’s Touch Sensitivity Increase

Before you go and remove your screen protector on your Samsung Phone, you should perform these tweaks in settings in order to boost the touch sensitivity of your Samsung phone. By increasing the screen’s sensitivity, it will perform more accurately and unlock quicker when you need the under screen fingerprint sensor to react to each of our fingerprint touch. In these Samsung devices, it provides the touch sensitivity setting to increase so that the under screen sensor can respond more quicker than usual when we unlock the phone in a quick time.

You can find the Samsung Touch Sensitivity setting as follows:

Settings > Display > scroll down and look for ‘Touch Sensitivity’ > toggle right to increase touch sensitivity higher.

2. Setup two or more fingerprints on your similar thumb

To increase the chances of correctly sensing our fingerprint, we can add more fingerprints with our similar thumb. This method would also improve the fingerprint sensor’s probability to successfully unlock your phone.

Even Though by adding more fingerprints is to cater our unlocking habit with any of our desired left or right fingers (up to 3 maximum). But with this method 2, we add more fingerprints of example one of our same right thumb 3 times,  thus this ensure to correctly unlock and faster unlocking more effectively with no fail to unlock issue.

So, here is how you should set your fingerprints setting if you often use your right thumb.

Settings > Biometrics and security > Fingerprint scanner > Add fingerprint.

After you have finished setting up your fingerprint with your right thumb, you will see a Fingerprint 1. Then you proceed with ‘Add Fingerprint’ setting to add another Fingerprint 2 with your right thumb. Repeat again with your right thumb for Fingerprint 3 if you like it. This will help to increase the probability of unlocking your Samsung phone with a fingerprint sensor every time easily.

3. Disable Animation When Unlocking:

Animation of unlocking your phone is slowing down the unlocking process, therefore you should disable the unlocking animation to improve the fingerprint scanner to unlock the screen quicker.

Here is how you disable the unlocking animation as follows.

Setting > Biometric and security > Show animation when unlocking > toggle left to disable.

4. Turn Off Battery Optimizing for Biometrics Usage.

Battery optimizing for Biometric usage can lower the biometric fingerprint sensor unlocking speed, therefore you should disable it to speed up fingerprint sensor. Follow the steps below to disable Battery Optimization for Biometric Usage.

Settings > Search and tap “Optimize Battery Usage” > tap on “ALL” in the drop down box> look for “” > disable it.

5. Tempered Glass Protector To Avoid.

You have been using your Samsung Galaxy phone with fingerprint in-display not working properly, because the screen protector is reducing the sensitivity of the scanner on the front, especially the tempered glass type. The reason being a factor affecting the sensitivity of this fingerprint sensor is due to the different thickness level causing difficulty for the sensor to check the physical lines of your finger accurately or correctly. This is why we must opt for an official Samsung Galaxy screen protector that suits the device accordingly without using the third party tempered glass having thicker protection but blocking fingerprint sensor from sensing. You should also understand more about every different types of screen protectors here so that you could identify which suitable screen protector to buy and apply in future easily and protect your beloved phones every time.

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