Samsung Phone’s Notification Icons On Top of the Screen, What Do They Means?

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Notification Icon of Samsung (One UI) Smartphone

Are you wondering what some of those weird icons appeared on your Samsung smartphone? We are here to help you out by providing you the latest Samsung (One UI) Smartphone’s user manual with a list of symbols that you are clueless about at the notification bar on top of your screen next to the time, date, signal bar and battery indicator.

The icons of the notification bar are what you often see and are quite familiar such as signal bars (2G, 3G, 4G, H, H+, 4G, 4G LTE, 5G and 5G LTE), missed calls, new messages, downloads in progress, GPS, or app updates.

But, there are some common notification icons or symbols you may want to know more about, so you can refer to below to understand what it really means.



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Here are some other weird icons you could have noticed which rarely showed up, and even the younger generation would sometimes not understand what it really means. You could be asking, “What does the lightning bolt with the arrow icon mean?”, “What does the circle with plus sign icon means?” or “What does the ‘N’ shape icon mean?”


Data Saver (circle with plus sign in middle) icon

circle with plus icon

This circle plus sign could be pretty unfamiliar, but if you accidentally turned it on, this is Samsung’s Data Saver feature to restrict the data usage by disallowing some apps from sending and receiving data in the background if any. If you are seeing a Facebook page’s photo is not loading, that is due to this Data Saver function restricting it.

To turn off this Data Saver feature, you can go to Settings > Connections > Data usage > Data Saver > and select to turn it off. As you turn it off, this little icon will disappear. You should be aware that this feature is to disallow your phone from consuming more data than before, so take note of your monthly data plan and usage.


NFC (‘N’ shape) icon

nfc N icons

Since this ‘N’ shape icon is not often seen in various phones, you probably are confused about what it is. This ‘N’ shape icon is actually a NFC, Near Field Communication feature, that is usually used by apps or services using the NFC feature to quickly pair bluetooth accessories like speakers. Also you can use NFC on your mobile phone to make payments with Samsung Pay or Google play.

GPS navigation (bull’s-eye shape) icon

bullseye gps navigation icon

If you see a bull’s-eye shape on your notification bar, you should worry less, because it just means GPS is turned on whereby your apps such as Google maps or navigation is using the GPS currently.


Roaming (‘R’ letter) signal icon

Roaming R signal bar

This ‘R’ sign shown on your signal bar means your phone is currently getting no signal from your network provider, however it found services from another network provider, so the Roaming is connected there. Please take note that Roaming service always incurred charges that can get pretty expensive, so be alert if and you should know when you see this ‘R’ in your signal bar.


Airplane Mode (Airplane shape) icon:

airplane mode icons

This airplane mode icon means when you turn it on, you will have no more signal, WIFI or Bluetooth connection when you see this icon appear on top of your signal bar. This airplane mode is often used when you are in the flight.


Do-Not-Disturb mode (Circle with line in middle) icon:

do not disturb icons

As for what this Do-Not-Disturb icon means when it is turned on, you will not get any notification whether it is from apps or messages, and other notifications.

You can easily turn Do-Not-Disturb mode by pulling down the notification bar, and find the symbol to tap it once to turn off.


Download Booster (lightning bolt with arrow) icon:

ligthning bolt icons

We often asked about what this lightning bolt icon or symbol means in the Samsung phones. This lightning bolt with an arrow icon indicates a feature known as a Download Booster.

When turned on this Download Booster feature, you get a combination of 4G LTE and WIFI for the fastest available speed while downloading a file. This special feature was basically combined your phone’s connection and home’s WIFI for faster download speed experience. If you accidentally turned it on, you can turn it off by going to Settings > Connections > More Connection Settings > and uncheck the Download Booster.


I did not found the weird notifications icons here and what should I do?

If there are some notification icons that we have not shown here, probably they are other brand of smartphones. However if you are having difficulty to find the meanings of notification icons appearing, you can screenshot your smartphone and crop the notification icon in the comment bar below to seek our help. We will help you to find out what is the weird notification icons you found on your phone.


How To Limit The Notification Bar Icons?

To limit the notification bar icons, you probably dislike the messy crowded looking of the icons appearing and even couldn’t keep track what is behind now. You can limit the notification icons by going to Settings > Display > Status Bar > and select to “show recent notification only”. The latest setting can be adjust from Settings > Notification > Status Bar > select “3 most recent”.

Are you now the expert of Samsung smartphone about notification icons? Pretty so because you perhaps has already understand all the notification icons list here and you can share this post to let others to know more too. We would like to nourish your knowledge if you are using a Samsung smartphone, by checking out the Top 10 Samsung Smartphone Tricks and Secret revealed here.

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