Saturn Or Planet With A Ring Around It And Tilted At An Angle In Notification Bar, What Does That Icon Means?

planet icon smasung icon thumb

Notification icon that looks like Saturn (Planet with a ring around it and tilted at an angle), then it is the Samsung apps called, “Samsung Internet” (Samsung’s Browser). Maybe you could have noticed this notification icon is similar to the Samsung Internet Browser icon.

planet icon samsung internet

How to enable/disable the Samsung Internet Browser’s Notification Icon, you need to go to the setting as follows:

Settings > Notifications > Scroll down and tap “See All” > Tap drop down to select “ALL” > Scroll down and tap on “Samsung Internet” > Toggle left to disable notification icon.

SamsungInternetnotification1 SamsungInternetnotification2 SamsungInternetnotification3 SamsungInternetnotification4 SamsungInternetnotification5


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