Should We Buy A Refurbished Phone? I Discovered That It Was Better Than A New Smartphone!


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You may discover various gadgets with fairly cheaper prices named with Refurbished words behind them. However, is it safe to use refurbished phones?

Yes, it was totally safe to use refurbished phones. However, due to the reason that many have misconception that refurbished phones are damaged phones. Although refurbished phones are procured varies differently from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are some who may sell defective phones that have been returned and repaired. Some manufacturers get used phones when they trade in exchange for new ones. Most of the cases for manufacturer refurbishment, the phone was thoroughly checked and tested for defects, fixed defects, minor cosmetic parts such as screen panels replaced, packed in boxes, and sold as refurbished phones.

There are those refurbished phone sellers who are not reliable. However you can’t go wrong with manufacturer’s refurbished phones, which are commonly paired with a long 3 to 6 month warranty and some do offer some warranty extension fee. With a tighter budget, you can go with flagship refurbished phones at a lower price. You should just ensure that the manufacturer refurbished phone comes with a warranty or buy from trusted refurbished sellers.

Here are Advantages of buying refurbished phones.

  1. You get great offer of discount on such products with 50% or more sometime
  2. Most trusted refurbished devices come with warranty and similar technical support just like a new one.
  3. Reliable easy return policy provided if you don’t like the items
  4. Similar to new ones since they were checked by the manufacturer for functionality and fixed issues.

Disadvantages of Buying Refurbished Electronics

  1. Limited warranty period from 15-180 days.
  2. Did not know what parts were fixed or reconditioned
  3. Minor dents on the products usually on the physical body.
  4. Seller’s warranty may post difficulty in return for repair.


Refurbished phones are one of those that I’m curious about and have bought a few. All of the refurbished phones that I have bought were good or excellent choices. You usually get the option to choose the quality of the refurbished phone sold. So usually i would go with excellent quality option to avoid any dented parts. The one I received only got a very minor dent on the side of the body which I don’t mind much. I have done a comparison with a newly bought smartphone, some of the parts even a new phone was less perfect than the refurbished one, except the very minor dented part which is unavoidable in most cases. In my case the very minor dent was nothing to me because with a phone case would keep that hidden without notice. In my point of view, if you face budget constraints but would want a flagship premium phone, you should get a refurbished phone from a trusted refurbished seller which is a good option to go with.

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