Should We Get Smartphone’s Protection Plans When Buying A New Phone? Samsung Care+, AppleCare+, Oppo Care, Or Aftermarket Plan?


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There are few smartphone branded companies that provide the options to add an important protection plan when buying a new phone. The most commonly heard protection plans from smartphone companies are Samsung Care+, AppleCare+, Oppo Care, and more.

To understand what their individual protection plan’s differences are, we have reviewed and will share with you what their differences are in the following detailed elaborations.

1)  Samsung Care+

Samsung has their own insurance company, named as Asurion insurance company. They provide protection plans called Samsung Care+, which provides protection when buying a new Samsung phone with Samsung Care+ Protection and Support at around $11/month depending on the phone’s model price. If you wish to cancel anytime without a contract it is possible. At least get covered from any possible self caused or accidental damages when the phone is new for about 6 months.

Samsung phones protected with Samsung Care+, will cover accidental & liquid breakage repairs, multiple services requests throughout the protection period, repairs for mechanical and electrical defects, replace your device when it cannot be repaired, and pickup & delivery services. Contact Samsung Care+ if your phone is damaged and need to get customer care service by calling their center contact number at their website, they will send you a new similar model of smartphone to you in about 48 hours. Then you need to return your damaged phone back within 2 weeks.

Samsung Care+ also provides protection for after purchasers of Samsung phones, by utilizing the Samsung Members to check if your device was eligible for Samsung Care+.

2)  AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss

You are required to purchase AppleCare+ protection plan with your new iPhone purchase or buy it within 60 days of your iPhone purchase in the Settings > General > About > AppleCare+ Coverage available for more.

The main AppleCare+ service fees and deductibles at a glance provide incidents that covered screen or back glass damage at a one time repair cost of $29, and other accidental damages at one time repair fee at $99. The coverage of AppleCare+ gets up to two (2) incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months and battery service coverage.

Enjoy peace of mind when you buy AppleCare+ for your Apple iPhone device which includes additional essential 24/7 priority technical support.

AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss covers the same as AppleCare+, but it also includes up to two (2) incidents of theft or loss coverage every 12 months. The service fees and deductibles at a glance cost one time fee at $149. The monthly coverage protection fee costs around $8 to $15 depending on the type of plan you choose for.

You should not be afraid of not having a phone during the repair period, because with the new Apple’s Express Replacement, they will go ahead and send you a new device immediately, and mail back your broken device once you receive the replacement one.

3)  Oppo Care

OPPO Care offers the Protection Plans option of Accidental Damage Protection Plan or Screen Protection Plan separately. You get the benefits of free accidental damage repair or free screen replacement respectively to the mentioned 2 options available.

The protection was only available for a 12 month period with 1 time service of accidental damage protection and also additionally comes with 1 year extended warranty after your 1st year warranty expired. The accidental damage protection plan allows free replacement of damaged parts of the phone within maximum repair fee for damages caused by accident drop, crack, breakage, or liquid damage within the 12 month period. If it is over the limitation cost of maximum repair fee, the customer has to pay the extra fee.

The accidental damage protection plan is only available to be purchased one-time at My OPPO Space, Online OPPO Store, OPPO Authorized Service Center and any official OPPO Brand Store which must be done within 7 days after the manufacturer E-warranty is activated on the new device.

Although it may not sound as great as Samsung or Apple’s protection plans since it only offers a 12 months protection plan period, you get the 1 year extended warranty with the purchase of accidental damage protection plan. Moreover, if you look for a longer protection plan, an aftermarket smartphone insurance plan would be an excellent choice for you here.

4)  Other Smartphone Protection Care

Do other branded phones that come with an option for insurance protection plan when buying a new phone? Yes, there are few famous aftermarket smartphone insurance protection plans companies with reputable reviews here. The famous aftermarket smartphone insurance plan companies called SquareTrade, AKKO, Protect Your Bubble, Geek Squad, and more.

So, Should We Get A Smartphone Protection Plan?

It is safe to say that a protection plan is important in most cases to avoid unpredictable accidental damage or losses done to the phone or devices. However, with the added cost of protection plan, the decision was rough to make one.

Commonly there are 2 scenarios to explain this, most people who bought the phone or devices with one time cash, normally can avoid this protection plan since you can afford to pay the repair cost since it is an affordable phone for you. However, if you wish to get more protection on your phone and you can afford it, it is going to be a great benefit to have since accidental kinds of things happen unpredictably.

On the other hand, if you bought the phone or devices via installment plan, pairing with protection care can be wise too. The reason being that a protection plan keeps your phone replaceable easily whenever accidental damages happen. This will not leave you with no phone at all if it happens without the protection plan.


To ensure the right decision is taken, you should calculate the monthly cost whether you can afford it or not along with the phone’s installment plan. This ensures a wiser financial decision without ending with too many debts down the road. However, you should check out the aftermarket insurance protection plan here which provides great options as well when compared to the bigger brand’s option.


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