Sony vs samsung galaxy S5 16 mp camera

The New sony vs samsung galaxy S5

Plus: Samsung Galaxy S5 to obtain Plastic Body?

Though everybody is amazed using the new Samsung Note, the Galaxy S5 remains the talk from the town, as evidenced through the rumor mill that simply wont quit, though you will find some pros who are for whatever reason just listening to these “new” rumors… Go figure.

Today were here to let you know the Samsung Galaxy S5 will certainly receive the ISOCELL technology in the camera. We believe its more possible now of computer has ever been since this is not the very first time this unique rumor has appeared, and this time around its from the different source.

Well, whenever we first said concerning the ISOCELL technology, we pointed out that people had heard that it might be supported with Lytro tech too, although that a part of that exact rumor didn’t get this to round..

Do you know the Camera Features?

Based on GSMArena via ETNews, your camera will have a 16 GB sensor, and both Samsung’s own LSI and The new sony are likely to challenge each other for that privileges to create them en masse, calling what will certainly be a fascinating fight a putting in a bid war.

Sony vs samsung galaxy S5

We’re wondering why Samsung LSI and The new sony would need to fight it, since it just appears logical that Samsung LSI would obtain the contract, though The new sony is very well-noted for its very own standalone cameras.

We’ll have to wait and find out, though.  The new sony also offers the benefit of getting formerly provided the tech for that Galaxy 4 camera, so its possible tht Samsung will stick to what its customers know.

For now, just remember that the ISOCELL tech is certainly likely to take part in your camera. Just in case youve forgotten, the ISOCELl technology will offer you customers a little more stabilization when shooting the look, to ensure that you do not obtain the telltale fuzzy effect that allows people realize that you required the photos together with your smartphone.


Will Galaxy S5 Obtain a Plastic body?

Apparently so.  Oddly enough enough, we said concerning the gossips nevertheless the Galaxy S5 could be obtaining a metal casing rather than a plastic one – however this rumor also didnt allow it to be around again. Actually, it appears the gossips have backtracked again, because the Galaxy would really be getting a plastic situation, alleges GalaxyS5info, which particularly states the Galaxy S5 will feature exactly the same awesome leather look alike casing because the Note 3 has.

Regardless, we’ve stated it before and we’ll express it again. We are able to all hope that the majority of these gossips are true, but until Samsung really announces that theres indeed a Galaxy S5 coming, we can’t fully realize anything.

Unless of course, obviously, a Samsung worker having a title attached leaks something. That will certainly blow away all of the nameless and faceless gossips we keep getting.


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