There is a Virus in my iPhone Calendar? How to Remove Virus in my iPhone Calendar?

virus in my iphone calender 1

You probably have not intentionally set a messy calendar that looks like above which looks spammy and fishy and kinda like a virus etc. If you face this kind of calendar virus, then you probably are in immediate finding solution for this because you are panicking that this could be a virus or malware.

Is this Calendar Virus and real VIRUS?

To calm you down, this sort of “Calendar Virus” is actually not a virus or malware, it is just a notification sent from your subscription offer you accepted. Simple to say, this Calendar virus is not dangerous yet or at least you have not clicked into the link inside the Calendar, then you probably are safe from Virus or other attacks.

How to REMOVE this Calendar Virus from my iPhone?

To FIX this Calendar Virus issue, quickly pay close attention to the following steps so that you can remove this Calendar Virus right now.

To remove Calendar Virus in iPhone > Settings> Password & Account > Subscribed Calendars > select Calendar that looks suspicious >delete Account > done.

You should repeat the above steps if you saw more fishy calendars that look suspicious.


Why is my iPhone infected with this Calendar Virus?

You could have unintentionally accepted an offer or subscribed to a spam Calendar.

While you are browsing the internet using Safari, you could have encountered a pop up asking whether you would like to subscribe to certain offers and have accepted it like most people do, even myself, which sometimes I didn’t bother reading it and just clicked “Okay” or “Accept” to make it disappear.

It’s very likely that you have accidentally given them permission to access Calendars by accepting permission requests to “send notification”. This is why you saw the messy calendar can be as frequent as they are, which looks like they sent email to the account you are using in Calendars.

Will my Jailbreak iPhone cause this Calendar Virus?

Jailbreak your iPhone may be more prone to Viruses and malwares. However, this Calender Virus is not a virus or malwares, it is just an accepted offer to subscribe for Calendar accidentally. Therefore, whether your iPhone is Jailbroken or not, you could still get this Calendar Virus if you are not very aware of the website browsing. Especially when you are browsing across the unpredicted webpage, what you could do is to install an AVG Internet Security to protect your personal information from being stolen even if your iPhone was Jailbreak or not.

Do my iPhone need Antivirus apps to stop this Calendar Virus?

There is no direct way to prevent this Calendar Virus, however you can prevent yourself from entering into this fishy website or weird offers of subscription that could be a virus by installing an Internet Security app.

Any strong Internet Security app to stop iPhone Virus?

iPhone is very unlikely to get infected with Viruses or Malwares. However when you are browsing the internet, your information could be hijacked by various methods and can be difficult to identify when and how you will be attacked. Therefore, we recommend you to include an AVG Internet Security app to protect your precious information inside your iPhone from being stolen.

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