Top 13 Best Voice Assistant Devices That Answer You Back Accurately.


The smart tech comes from displays to portable smart speakers, ahead of Siri and Alexa, Google’s voice assistant does manufacture in various kinds of shapes and sizes.

Especially when we seek Assistant to answer questions more accurately, coming with a very simple setup process and even able to control the number of smart home devices accordingly.

Most of the devices as following are Google Assistant built-in and are found to be accurate, so asking anything like how you normally want to search on Google or also to ask to control smart home products such as turning on or off the robot vacuums, smart plugs, lights, and TVs.

You could also check out the handy guide here on how to maintain your privacy as much as possible while continuing to enjoy the luxuries of smart assistants.

Below are the best Google Voice Assistant that will work for you in your home like a robot as soon as you give the command of “Okay Google!”

1. Google Nest Mini

The Google Nest Mini is the successor coming from the original Google Home Mini, which has an update added a screw mount on the rear, making the device able to be wall hung. The sound quality gets improved is the main focus here, highlighting the stronger bass and better voice recognition and ability to have the device wall-mountable helps you to save some space in the room. The volume controls will light up as your hand comes close to the Mini and not to mention that this speaker is made with sustainable materials that includes the fabric around the top is 100 percent recycled plastic bottles material and external body enclosure is made with basically near to 35 percent post-consumer recycled plastic material.

This Google Next Mini is a smarter choice yet most affordable to smarten and simplify your home task with its help. Thanks to the affordable price, it suits the best device when you are planning to simply add a new home buttler that helps you in some techy ways.

2. Sonos One (Generation 2)

The generation 2 of Sonos One is known as the best choice for those who desire good audio quality speakers but would want to stay on budget. Sonos One comes with capacitive touch controls on the top, with also a Mute switch easily allows you to ensure privacy anytime by clicking it. Thanks to its high quality speaker, it always generates a pleasant tone when Google Assistant is activated to let you listen to it.

It’s going to be the best way to get multiroom stereo sound by using Sonos One if you have other Sonos speakers, soundbars or larger speakers that can seamlessly connect to them easily.

3. Sonos Arc Soundbar

The Sonos One sounds indeed possess the best audio quality in this list if audio quality is your priority, only if your budget gets extensive, you could up-size your option for sound quality a notch by choosing this Sonos Arc Soundbar. The unique feature comes built-in voice support for Google Assistant, plus Alexa and Siri. Thanks to this impressive Soundbar equipped with four far-field microphones that can even pick up your voice over the TV, and detect you to pause if you tell it to pause or lower the volume. This is not the only soundbar with voice-assistant capabilities, however with the great Arc sounds downright excellent with Dolby Atmos experience, and it will keep receiving latest updates for the next decade.

4. Google Home


If you crave for much more than starter voice assistance, we present you with Google Home that is capable of playing any song you can think of by commanding it.

While Google Home works more than a DJ, it turns out to be a surprisingly intelligent smart home system. To be simple if you want to get to know more about Google Home, it is simply a smart novelty with simplistical access to YouTube Music, built-in Google Cast and featured to save you a trip to the light switch at your command.

Google Home has received numerous huge updates, that comprises using the device to make calls to landlines even in the UK. Other big updates that include the bilingual capabilities, Continued Conversation, Multiple Actions, and Nest Security alarm systems.

5. Google Nest Hub Max


Voice assistance smart speakers are only limited to sound, likewise if equipped smart displays are getting more common. You get to enjoy audio quality plus a screen to monitor things like the weather forecast rather than depending on sound news.

The Google’s 10-inch Nest Hub Max is big enough to show off the use as a screen to watch shows or even YouTube videos while doing dishes.

There is more than a photo frame here, you could show slides of digital photos rotating the images from Google Photos.

Since it is equipped with a camera, you can even make video calls with Google’s video call and yet it is also able to identify people in the household, that will show you a personalized calendar.

You can opt for a version with 7-inch Nest Hub is a nice option, where some find it’s more secure due to the lack of a camera for privacy-friendly machine for the more private space in your home.

6. JBL Link View Smart Display


JBL’s Link View is best equipped with an 8-inch screen, and speakers that sound more than clearer that you might get this one even if it does not come with a screen.

7. Lenovo Smart Clock

This device comes with a smaller display that only focuses on telling the time and because it won’t show you any videos, it provides no camera for video calling.
Best part is it provides you to see albums from Google Photos, and resulting from weather forecasts does provide sufficient info.
It works more like a smart clock where you can just command it to “stop” and the blaring sounds will cease without having to “hey Google”. For a tactile touch located on top of the clock to trigger snooze mode making it the best clock designs you can choose from.

8. Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo’s Smart Display is another impressive option to the Google home, coming in with 7, 8 and 10 inch screen sizes are your desire. Its speakers good quality and a camera for video calls comes with a privacy shutter keeps you home more safe and secure.

9. Sony XB402G Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This smart speaker is huge in its features, being one of the very few battery powered smart speakers which could be used indoors as well as outdoors, coming from a sony speaker quality was decently great. Comparing this to a a nest wifi, and the sound on these is only slightly better than the sound on the nest wifi speaker, to be frank, it’s basically quite similar to Nest mini.

10. JBL Link Portable

JBL Link Portable

JBL always packs with great speakers featuring the 360-degree speaker sounds very impressive despite its small size and able to crank up to about 8 hours of battery life.

Its cradle built for simple chagrin and protection with IPX7 water resistant, gets you actively using this speaker anywhere you want. Connect to Wifi or Bluetooth to play any stream or ask like a normal Google Assistant wherever you want.

11. Bose Portable Home Speaker

The Bose Portable Home Speaker suits those who desire a speaker everywhere going and that prioritizes sound quality. It comes with a 360-degree speakers all directions sound yet also great solid bass response. The portability is as outdoor suitability at best since its battery lasts more than 10 hours on a single charge. Anytime you have connected to a Wi-Fi network, ask or talk to Google Assistant to leave any command for music and sort of various impressive responses.

There is a Mute switch for privacy and it is also built for splashproof but not fully waterproof such as the JBL speaker. You can enjoy its music in the bathroom thanks to its premium packaged.

12. Polk Audio Assist Smart Speaker

Polk Audio Assist Smart Speaker copy

In the event that you see Polk’s Assist speaker for under $150, get it. It’s a standout amongst other midrange Google speakers around, and it’s a stage up from the standard Google Home. It’s ground-breaking enough to play music, and there’s something beguiling about it. I especially like the 10 light-up spheres to show volume a stage up from the four circles on most Google speakers, similar to the Nest Mini. Polk highly esteems ease of use and straightforwardness, and it appears. The Assist isn’t the best-sounding speaker, yet I keep it around in any case.

13. Google Home Max


The Google Home Max was a piece too costly when it increase at $400, however the cost has since lowered down to $299, improving it much worth in case you’re in the market for a speaker with boomy bass. It gets sufficiently uproarious to occupy practically any live with music, with two tweeters for sharp sounds and two woofers for bass. You can lay it down on a level plane or stand it vertically, and it adjusts its sound to your room because of its variety of six mouthpieces. You can even combine it with another Home Max for sound system sound, expecting you need that much more larger space for sound to covered entirely.

Google as of late quit selling this model, and there are gossipy tidbits that a Nest-marked substitution is coming soon, however it probably won’t be as amazing as the Max. You can at present get the Home Max from different retailers.

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