TOP 4 Best Aftermarket Smartphone Insurance Plans Companies with Most Benefits and Great Offer Price!

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There are few famous aftermarket smartphone insurance plan companies’ renowned, called SquareTrade, AKKO, Protect Your Bubble, Geek Squad, and more. These 4 companies have standout the most with best benefits and reliability with good offer price.

Here we bring you the best aftermarket smartphone protection plan for your understand and options to select to protection your phone from accidental damages, loss, theft and more.

TOP 4 Best Aftermarket Smartphone Insurance Plans Companies:

1)  SquareTrade

Square trade insurance protection plan is a renowned insurance company, which covers the majority of damaged phones, and it is 50% cheaper than a carrier plan. You can add an insurance plan at any time without doing it at the time of purchase. The monthly cost is priced about $8.99 (Single Plan) to $19.99 (Family Plan).

SquareTrade also works internationally with Worldwide Coverage no matter which part of the world you are in right now. If you need a repair while abroad, send SquareTrade a valid repair receipt for your digital item and they will quickly reimburse you accordingly.

2)  AKKO

AKKO is Ranked number one from gadget reviews that provides “Phone Only” protection plan, priced ranging from $6-12, deductible capped at $29-$99, that covers to protect any phone, damages and theft protection, accidental damages, parts or battery failure, theft, replacement cost of phone, unlimited claims.

You get another option “Everything Protected”, which is to protect your phone along with more than 25 items for only $12-$15/month with the AKKO protection plan that covers the same protection and is capped at deductible $99 as previously mentioned. Currently, AKKO only provides protection to U.S. or Canadian residents.

3)  Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble is a great mobile phone or gadgets insurance that covers accidental phone drop, worldwide cover for theft, damage & mechanical breakdown, unlimited repairs and up to two (2) theft/loss claims per year for one gadget. You can cover loss which is available on certain items and insure 3 items for £15.99 just per month.

This is especially a great offer for students, because it can get a 15% discount on our Gadget Insurance.

4)  Geek Squad

Geek Squad is from Best Buy, to provide Complete Protection for your smartphone that must be purchased with the product in store or within 60 days by visiting Best Buy store. The covers of three times claims that were included are Loss and Theft coverage, accidentally damage your product while handling it, original in-box accessories are covered as well, battery won’t hold a charge will get one-time replace too, screen with bad pixels or a shadow image will be fixed too, internal part or speaker and failure from normal wear and tear will be repaired.

The monthly cost of 2-years Geek Squad Complete Protection Plan covers from only $10.99 to 12.99 and deductible fee from $199.99 to $249.99 based on the price range of your smartphone.

Other Smartphone Company Insurance Plans

With the common Samsung Care+, Applecare+ and  Oppo Care Protection Plan, you get to enjoy from these specific branded companies with much expertise in repairing their own smartphones. Therefore if you are one of these smartphone brand users, you should worry no more by proceeding with their own offered protection plans.

Any Other Phone Protection Plan Available?

Yes, there are alternative smartphone protection plans available, which consist of smartphone’s  company protection plans, carrier bundle protection plans and credit card insurance plans.


To choose between the best and affordable aftermarket smartphone insurance plan company, it is logical to get the protection plan from SquareTrade and Protect Your Bubble if you are from other countries instead of the US or UK. We recommend going with SquareTrade or AKKO for the best offer currently reviewed if your concern is to look for an affordable and best protection plan for your smartphone or with other gadgets.


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