Triangle Icon In Notification Bar is URGENT, What does it really mean and FIX it now?

triangle icon thumbs

The triangle icon has appeared in the status or notification bar of your android phone and you would want to know what it actually means? As we couldn’t simply just ignore some of the icons because it is telling us that something is going on with the phone. So this android Triangle Icon in the status/notification bar with white border and transparent background actually would comes and gone after a few seconds. Probably every Android phone has this icons and what it really means?

Triangle Icon in the Notification Bar Looks Like

triangle icon sample

This triangle icon actually means the “Roaming” feature was enabled on your phone.

When does this roaming icon come out?

If your actual phone’s telco network does not have any signal, therefore this roaming icon will scan for the signal and utilize the roaming services.

Should I worry if this roaming icon appears?

Yes, in most cases, because if you do not turn on roaming services, normally it was disabled by default. For instance, if you are traveling in another country with no signal, where the phone’s roaming feature was enabled by accident or on purpose, it will scan for roaming service from another network and CHARGE (quite expensive) you based on your network’s service subscription terms. The roaming charge can be expensive if your network’s subscription does not bundle with it, therefore turning them off immediately was recommended if you don’t need roaming services. This icon may have changed to other notification icon as follows for different brands of phones.

triangle icon sample1 triangle icon sample2

How to disable roaming features on my phone?

You can disable or turn off your Android phone’s roaming as follows:

Android Phone Roaming Setting:

Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Data roaming > toggle left to disable or turn off.

iPhone Roaming Setting:

Settings > General > Cellular > Data Roaming > toggle off/white.

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