Twitter $8 per month for verification is now in testing phase before fully implemented

Twitter blue check mark for $8 a month


Since Elon Musk took control of the twitter platform at an impressive full acquisition of $44 billion, various activities were becoming topics of the tech news. Undeniably the uprising controversial to the change of social network’s verification system is currently being tested in Twitter apps for iOS. Many noticed the iOS app update released over the weekend had introduced the option of paying $7.99 for a blue check mark (shows an account being Twitter verified owned by a person or organisation whom it is claimed to be).

This subscription is sold as part of the Twitter Blue plan, which has previously existed in other countries for $4.99  per month without verification included.

After some users tested out, they found problems with the new plan, and Twitter claimed that this feature is still in the testing phase, which has not yet been implemented officially. The $8 plan would provide verified users a boost in how many people see their tweets, show them half as many ads, and also give them the ability to post longer video and audio clips.

Major question found to verify or not to verify due to cost impact, however Musk decided that this could lessen the impact of bots and spammers, though presumably plenty of bots and spammers could fund $8 a month, still they could reposition their act. Musk tweeted that this intention is to introduce the ability to attach long-form text notes to tweets, which reduces the need to screenshot large blocks of text, while benefits the creators can monetize this content eventually.

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