VIVO Notification Icons Meanings, Status Bar and Control Centre Panel Icons Meaning

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If you have just owned a Vivo Smartphone, but you have discovered a significant difference in the notification panel and status bar icons, or you just noticed the difference after every time Android is implementing a major update.

We duel with this alot of time, so don’t be anxious about it can if you discovered some unknown icons here and there, we are about to uncover for you especially for Vivo smartphone here

Did you know that VIVO is BBK Electronics Corporation markets smartphones under the Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme (a former sub brand of Oppo) and iQOO (which is a former sub-brand of Vivo) brands. You are now getting the Vivo user interface of Funtouch OS. Despite the similarity, we are about to reveal all the Vivo smartphone’s notification icons and status panel as follows.


Vivo (Funtouch OS) Smartphone Notification Icons Meanings:

vivo icon manual v1


What Is The Notification Panel Icons Meaning in VIVO Smartphone?

If you have been scrolling down the slider from top with many icons, especially the Wi-Fi icon that you are very familiar with, there are some added notification panel icons feature that could be new to you. Check out below notification panel icons meanings so that you would understand what you have turned on:

Low Power Mode:

low power mode

When you enable Low Power Mode in Vivo smartphone, the CPU & GPU frequency or speed is set to low, screen brightness set at low, auto screen lock time reduced, and also disables the hotspot, bluetooth, GPS and haptic feedback. Portrait screen lock is set to restrict energy usage of electronic proximity sensor.

If you are wondering if Low Power mode can damage your phone in the long term, vivo have answered that there is no impact to your phone, and rest assured to use this Low Power mode anytime necessary.


Eye Protection

eye protection

Are you spending most of your time in front of your Vivo smartphone screen? If so, you should consider enabling the eye saver mode to reduce emission of blue light from the phone screen, and this helps lower eye straining after long use, especially important to have protection during the evening time when you are still using your phone.


Dark Mode

dark mode

When dark mode is enabled in Vivo phone, you are getting a true, classic dark mode with black background and white text. The benefits of dark mode is that it helps your Vivo phone to save more power, extend battery life, avoid insomnia and eye strain, and also to help you to see clearer, especially in the evening or during low light situations. You are getting options to schedule the screen going into dark mode automatically at a certain time of day or night at your preference.



s capture

When the S-Capture icon at notification panel was pressed, your Vivo phone will initiate pop-up of options to let you choose to perform various type of screenshot type, such as standard screen screenshot photo, scrolling screenshots, or the funny screenshot where you can edit with interesting text, funny images, and emojis to be in the screen shot. Not to forget the other impressive option, which is the ability to do screen recording of video on what is happening on your screen with audio internal or external.


Record Screen Mode

recording screen

It’s a function that allows you to capture what is displayed on your screen


Orientation Lock/ Auto Rotate:

orientation lock

When you enable this accessibility setting to Auto Rotate, your Vivo phone screen will automatically rotate when you move your device between portrait and landscape. Likewise, if you switch to Orientation lock, your phone screen will lock at the current orientation portrait, or landscape.


Vibration Mode

vibration mode

Vibrate vibration mode when enabled, the Phone calls and notifications you receive will have no sound while they will only vibrate, since you are now in vibration mode.


Super Saver:

super power saver mode

Under the Super Saver mode in vivo smartphone, the function enabled will be only Contacts, Phone, Messages, and Clock.

Since software running behind the background is power consuming, upon detection, the Super saver power mode will close those apps in the background. You may also allow the important High Background Power Consumption, as allowing them always running behind the background unless you close them manually.

You can turn on/off the high background power consumption at Settings > Battery > High Background Power Consumption > allow or disallow the apps to run in the background even if they consume much power.



do not disturb mode

You can turn on Do-Not-Disturb to silence your Vivo phone. Specifically, this mode will mute sound, stop vibration, and block visual disturbances, also you can opt what to block and what you allow.

So, do phone calls still come through even if we enable Do-Not-Disturb? This mode will allow certain notifications to go through after a number of attempts, but if the phone is set for no allowances, which means it should not ring or notify.


Personal Hotspot

personal hotspot

When you turn on a personal hotspot you are sharing your phone data network wirelessly. So if you have another device that can connect and use this hotspot as normal Wi-Fi. The only thing to be aware of is how much quota your phone data network would be used after that.


Speed Up Feature

speed up feature

When you tap on this Speed Up icon in notification panel, it will close all your unused apps. By closing all the apps could help you save more memory free from usage so that can be utilized by other apps to make it operate faster.


Ultra Gaming Mode

ultra gaming mode v1

When you enable Ultra Game Mode on your Vivo phone, you can customize and tweak the settings to check individual games to improve overall gaming experience with no interruption and allow more battery life. When enabled, you will get the ability to selectively block calls, hide notifications, and more. The best feature of the Ultra Game Mode is the mode of Esports/Competitive.

When you enable this particular mode, the following will take action:

  • Background notifications are disabled,
  • Smart management of system resources enabled,
  • Lessen the notification bar control area to avoid accidental touches while in game,
  • Adjust suitable balance of phone temperature and game performance for the purpose to ensure smoother game


Split Screen

split screen

Smart Split can help you check messages, emails, and other things without interrupting your current app. It splits the screen into two with each app utilizing its own screen space and there you can further interact with both of them at the same time.

This feature can be turned on by sliding 3 fingers upward and current apps will be placed at top, while you are asked to select other apps you would like to open for side by side usage.


Multiple Task Mode

split screen

This Multiple Task mode is similar to the Split Screen feature, since this naming is on older Vivo phones.


Scan feature:

scan feature

To scan using your camera to snap a photo you are curious, and google search will initiate relating to the photo you took.


Nearby Share

nearby share v1

If you know about Apple’s AirDrop feature, then this Nearby Share feature is the same. It is a system app that allows users to easily share their files to a friend or nearby android smartphone through an easy process while it is safe and secure for privacy, which often we are using 3rd party apps.

Eg: To share a photo or document via Nearby Share, click share, then select Nearby Share to scan for phones that are currently visible (the other side must turn on Nearby Share), then you select the person to send to and other side require accepting what you share, and “File Sent”.


Smart Mirroring

smart mirroring

Screen Mirroring is a feature you can find to mirror your screen to your TV screen or projector, provided that the TV or project must have a feature of Miracast or chrome cast.




Vivo Share is a fast sharing app with the platform of Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo using peer-to-peer file transfer feature. The feature was named differently with respect to  ‘Mi Share’ / ‘Oppo Share’ / ‘Vivo Share’ from the control center and selecting ‘Send’ or ‘Receive’.


Motorbike Mode

motorbike mode

When you turn on Motorbike Mode, it means you are now riding a motorbike. So, whenever you receive a call, they will be automatically rejected and you can set an SMS to follow up to send to their phone, informing them “Hello, I am riding a motorbike now, will get back to you soon”. You can type the SMS on your own in your preferred language.


Easy Touch

easy touch

Easy Touch will enable a pointer on your Vivo’s home screen that works like a fast shortcut with various simple functions such as taking a screenshot, turn on flashlight, and much more you can set.


Auto Shazam

auto shazam

To have Shazam automatically identify what’s the song or music playing around your background on your phone, turn on the Auto Shazam icon.


Data-Saving Mode

data saver1  or data saver2

Data saver mode will limit your vivo phone data consumption by stopping some apps from sending or receiving data in the background. Apps that you are currently using would consume very less data, because the the images will not be shown only after you tap them.

To enable Data Saving mode, you can go to Settings > (Dual SIM cards and) Mobile network>scroll down>find and turn off Data-saving mode to check if it disappears.


Have you ever seen a notification or an icon that you just can’t figure out the meaning of? Describe it in the comment, and let us know what type of phone you have so that we can help you.

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